Japanese Award for T&M’s Sunflower SunBelievable™ ‘Brown Eyed Girl’

Thompson & Morgan is pleased to announce another international award for its innovative Sunflower SunBelievable™ ‘Brown Eyed Girl’. Initial trials of the long-flowering sunflower in Japan have proven hugely successful prior to its launch in the early summer of 2019. Read more

Sunflower SunBelievable™ ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ with Flower Trial Japan 2018’s Outstanding Perfor

In search of berried treasure, plus a focus on pet friendly houseplants in October

Berry-bearing trees and shrubs come into their own in autumn, creating colourful displays that last well into winter, which is why they have been chosen as one of our Plants of the Moment for October. Read more


Exciting new plant varieties for 2019

Ball Colegrave are delighted to introduce you to their 2019 Plant catalogue, Vegetable catalogue, Perennial catalogue and Seed Introductions brochure, full of exciting new and advanced genetics. Read more

Garvinea Sweet Sunset wins award for Best bedding or pot plant at Four Oaks

The Garvinea® Sweet Sunset won the award for Best plant introduction bedding or pot plant at Four Oaks Trade Show. We’re very proud to receive this award for the bright bi-color Garden Gerbera. Read more

HTA Plant of the Moment for September - Fashionably late perennials and on-trend terrariums

Add fresh excitement to your autumn displays by including a selection of seasonal stunners to flower beds and patio pots. Several hardy perennials have been patiently growing all year, waiting for their turn to take centre stage. And now their time has come to burst into bloom, filling our gardens with vibrant colour. Read more

Japanese Anemones (Anemone japonica)

Buddleja Rocketstar™ Indigo® – Best Novelty of Plantarium 2018!

Buddleja Rocketstar™ Indigo®, a new introduction from Proven Winners®, available exclusively in the UK from The Bransford Webbs Plant Company has picked up the award for Best Novelty at Plantarium 2018. Read more

Buddleja Rocketstar Indigo

Plant proud & primed for 'Four Oaks'

The Hawkesmill team excel in growing a wide range of plants including, perennials, wildflowers, ornamental grasses, ferns, vegetables and strawberries and there will be plenty of varieties of each on show at 'Four Oaks'. Read more

Garden palms: September Garden Plants of the Month

Garden palms bring the right vibe to September to help you carry on enjoying the outdoor life a little longer. The selection includes a True Date Palm (Phoenix caneriensis) with green feathered leaves and a distinctive trunk. The Chinese Windmill Palm (Trachicarpus) with its typical fan-shaped leaves. Read more

Autumn Fair approaches!

Groen-Direkt will shortly hold its Autumn Fair. Their range of late summer and autumn plant material is unique to Europe.  At the same fair last August, 70% of the customers came from outside the Netherlands, from other European countries and those even further afield. Read more

Get creative with ornamental grasses and Devil’s Ivy (Scindapsus) - HTA Plant of the Moment for August

From dainty blue fescue grass to majestic miscanthus, ornamental grasses provide texture, character and form unmatched by many other hardy perennials. Their presence develops through the seasons as bright and colourful foliage is joined by graceful swaying flower heads that last well into winter. Read more

Ornamental grass - Pennisetum setaceum 'Summer Samba'

Replacing the black plastic pot at Bransford Webbs

As an industry leader, The Bransford Webbs Plant Company are proud to have been at the forefront of the current industry initiative to replace black plastic pots with a kerbside recyclable alternative and to have chaired the recent meeting to push this movement forward. Read more

Hebe in black plastic pots in the glasshouse

Hebe: August Garden Plant of the Month

Hebe is the classic late starter in the summer garden: it starts flowering when most plants are past their peak, and carries on until late autumn. That makes it the ideal plant for people who want a cheerful boost for their garden when they return from holiday. Read more

Plant area managers and buyers reminded to sign up for Plant Area Forum

Plant area managers and buyers are being reminded to book their places at the Garden Centre Association's (GCA) third annual Plant Area Forum at Ball Colegrave this month (July, 2018). Read more

The showground at Ball Colegrave

Buddleja Rocketstar™ – NEW!

Buddleja Rocketstar™ is a new introduction from Proven Winners®, available exclusively in the UK from The Bransford Webbs Plant Company. Read more

New Hydrangea varieties from Proven Winners

The Annabelle range of Hydrangea arborescens, from Proven Winners®, is now available from The Bransford Webbs Plant Company. These are a wonderful collection of Hydrangea with strong branches and big flowers making them ideal garden plants. Read more

Begonias top RHS People’s Choice Awards

Begonias have been voted a plant favourite in the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) annual People’s Choice Awards. Visitors to RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey were asked to vote for their favourite from 84 new varieties trialled over the summer, with the basket and bedding classic securing the top two spots. Read more

Tagetes patula 'Alumia Vanilla Cream' (Alumia Series) CREDIT - RHS Joanna Kossak

Pyracantha: October Garden Plant of the Month

Pyracantha (also known as firethorn) is a shrub with flaming berries in the autumn and green leaves in the winter and early spring. In May and June the plant blooms with a host of cream flowers, so that the shrub provides beauty in the garden all year round. Read more

Hort Science Live – practical showcase of latest science

Hort Science Live 2018, the highly practical event showcasing the latest scientific developments in ornamental horticulture, is to be held at Palmstead Nursery in Kent (4 October) and at Stockbridge Technology Centre in Yorkshire (17 October).  Read more

Nursery showcases largest ever range in 2019 catalogue

Leading horticultural nursery Johnsons of Whixley will launch its 2019 catalogue this week, featuring its largest ever range. The new catalogue features a wide selection of hardy plants grown and nurtured in the Vale of York, on which the 200-acre Johnsons nursery is located. Read more


Florist Holland and HilverdaKooij are merging

Florist Holland and HilverdaKooij are going to merge. Both companies from De Kwakel have individually been active in the field of breeding and propagation of flowers and plants for more than 40 years. Read more

Royal patronage for Rhododendron Camellia and Magnolia Group

The Rhododendron Camellia and Magnolia Group has announced that HRH The Prince of Wales has agreed to become the charity’s first Patron. Read more

Group members on tour in Yunnan, China

Bransford Webbs reaches a decade of environmental accreditation

The Bransford Webbs Plant Company is very proud that they have achieved the BS8555 accreditation for environmental management for the tenth consecutive year, having first achieved this important certification back in 2008. Read more

Aerial view of the nursery

Hillier to phase in taupe recyclable plant pots

Looking for alternatives to single use plastic within its business, Hillier Nurseries will be phasing in the new taupe kerbside recyclable plant pot, replacing the old black plastic pot. Read more

The Garden Centre Association (GCA) held a successful Plant Area Forum at Ball Colegrave this summer (July, 2018).

The event was the GCA's third and was attended by more than 50 delegates, including plant area managers, buyers and supervisors and was facilitated by GCA inspector, Roger Crookes with assistance from Michael Cole. Read more

GCA Planteria Forum at Ball Colegrave 2018

LATEST Looking Good and Availability lists

Check out the Looking Good and Availability Lists for 5 Nurseries including Agrumi, Country Herbs & Plants, Chichester Trees and Shrubs, Hawkesmill and Seiont Nurseries. Read more

Summer season review so far ...

The award winning family run business, Hawkesmill Nurseries, have had a very busy summer season so far, with shows, new varieties and a new glasshouse build well underway! Read more

Houseplants of the Month for 2019 announced

Thejoyofplants.co.uk will be putting a selected houseplant, or group of houseplants, in the spotlight every month again in 2019. The specially produced photography will also take into account of the style trends for 2019.  Read more

In the pink with varieties for August delivery

Hawkesmill Nurseries, the award winning family run business, are in the pink for August deliveries with a stunning selection of Anemones and Asters ....take a peek at their rosy hue of a selection below. Read more

Bring in the butterflies and succulents, HTA Plant of the Moment for July

Add a new dimension to your garden displays by not only planting colourful flowers you can enjoy throughout the year, but ones that will bring in the butterflies too. A wide range of bedding plants, perennials, flowering shrubs and bulbs produce the simple, open blooms that butterflies love. Read more


Syngenta launches mildew resistant Busy Lizzie through B&Q

A new, downy mildew resistant Busy Lizzie bred by Syngenta is to be unveiled by B&Q. The Busy Lizzie is back, said Tim Clapp, “This is the biggest thing I have been involved in over my 20 years in horticulture.” Read more

Tim Clapp with Imara Bizzie Lizzie

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