Bona floorcare centre is the perfect ‘Choice’

Wood floor experts, Bona, have kickstarted their expansion into the UK garden centre sector after a third of all Choice Marketing members ordered a Bona one-stop floorcare centre at their recent Trade Show! Read more

The Bona Floor Care Centre at Ducks Hill Garden Centre Ruislip - a Choice member.

Vote now to recognise Gardening’s best buyers

Believing that good buyers have not been given the recognition they deserve, Glee is asking you to nominate people or teams that might qualify as the country’s best buyers for awards being introduced at the show. Read more


Mum finds razor blade in child’s present from garden centre

Manchester Evening News reports how a horrified mother found a razor blade in a present given to her daughter by a garden centre’s Santa.  Read more

The Green Olive Firewood Company becomes South East distributor for Bracketts

Another addition to The Green Olive Firewood Eco home fuels is a recent star of the BBC Countryfile TV programme Bracketts from the award winning West Country Brackenburn company. Read more

GCA names best garden centres for plants and furniture

Sunshine Garden Centre and Van Hage are the best GCA outdoor living retailers.  Cowell’s and Bents are the best for plants. Read more


December was the biggest month of the year for GCA members

The latest figures from the GCA show 2014 was the best year for 4 years with December beating May as the biggest sales month of the year. Read more


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