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3 Dec 2018,  

New appointments bolster The Stax Trade Centres sales teams

5 Dec 2018,  Well done Richard, Hope all goes well.
3 Aug 2017,  George Bullivant

HTA warns garden centres on deadline for expired gift vouchers

30 Nov 2018,  It is incomprehensible to me why in periods of inflation such as we have had for the last 80...
12 Nov 2018,  George Bullivant

Westland expresses confidence in Gardman sales team UPDATED

18 Nov 2018,  We have just taken delivery of our first Gardman order in 15 or 16 months. Frankly we had...
17 Oct 2018,  Gardenforum

Westland acquires Gardman Group

29 Oct 2018,  “The industry will survive this”? God it’s like someone has passed away....
19 Oct 2018,  George Bullivant

Gardman agents draw confidence from Westland meeting

28 Oct 2018,  Looking at the availability on Gardmans website its a struggle to make up an order with the...
10 Oct 2018,  Jan

B2B tagging systems - has anyone else experienced problems, if so any comments, or any recommendations on other systems.

19 Oct 2018,  Hello, I am sorry to hear you have had problems. We here at GCS are specialist in providing...
8 Oct 2018,  David

B & Q night time replenishment staff to be made redundant.

B & Q night time replenishment staff to be made redundant will not "improve customer shopping experience" this is just a cost cutting exercise. These people must think we are stupid! Why can they not just tell the truth? B & Q previously have said that they do night time replenishment for safety reasons as fork trucks and Joe Public do not mix and that various accidents and deaths had happen in store involving fork trucks!
2 Oct 2018,  George Bullivant

Hillier claims to be the first to grow in Taupe pots

4 Oct 2018,  Come on - get the facts right. “Carbon black pigment free”?? Just stick to Carbon...
1 Oct 2018,  George Bullivant

Burford dispels rumours of closure

4 Oct 2018,  Great News as you are one of the best garden centres in the country . I always visit your...
19 Sep 2018,  Sarah Daniel

We are looking at replacing our epos system, who would you recommend?

21 Sep 2018,  Hi Sarah Will you need nursery production software as well?
14 Sep 2018,  Nigel

What was your experience at Glee?

1 Oct 2018,  We had a great show, very busy particularly on the first two days. Rob is right, the lighting...
7 Sep 2018,  

2018 CIH Conference: Island Horticulture - ‘Life after Brexit’

8 Sep 2018,  Northern Ireland is a proud part of The United Kingdom. It does not need to be listed...
20 Jul 2017,  

Do you like your own coffee?

26 Jul 2018,  And don't forget the old adage: dirty toilets = dirty kitchen !
11 Jul 2017,  George Bullivant

Bonnett promises innovative ideas that will be new to garden centres

23 Jul 2018,  1000 of negative reviews this year, G.E customers turning up to collect their refunds at the...
5 Jul 2018,  Neil

Any advice with companies that recondition and repair oil tanks?

I have a metal bunded heating oil tank, seems solid, no leaks. Has been left unused so some surface rust and dusty rust inside. Small quantity of oil left inside when garden centre closed several years ago. Can anybody help with companies that recondition and repair oil tanks.
12 Jun 2018,  George Bullivant

Steve Millington joins Tom Chambers

12 Jun 2018,  Congratulations Steve, glad to see you have stayed in the industry. Catch up soon I am sure.
1 Mar 2018,  George Bullivant

Ascential puts its exhibitions up for sale

12 Jun 2018,  We have asked and asked and asked for Autumn Fair and GLEE to be merged for one decent sized...
11 Jun 2018,  Neil Gow

If there is a supplier out there with outdoor furniture stock available or another retailer who has bought too much who wants to share with us?

5 Jul 2018,  Give us a ring we have stock of one of the best Garden Furniture products in the country. Ask...
23 May 2018,  George Bullivant

At the end of April garden centres were -10% down for the year

25 May 2018,  Some are now ahead of last year.. just 😜 with record breaking plant sales thanks to great...
24 Apr 2018,  George Bullivant

Steve Millington leaves Tildenet

18 May 2018,  Steve, all the very best and look forward to seeing you soon
18 Nov 2011,  George Bullivant

HTA Garden Gift Card goes on sale

18 May 2018,  We always found it important to keep it local and sold our own with an extra incentive. We add...
2 May 2018,  

Durstons’ Dan takes up a position on GIMA Council

18 May 2018,  Good luck and we look forward to developments within GIMA!
9 Mar 2018,  Gardenforum

British Plant Fair closes the door

16 May 2018,  I agree this is a great shame as we always looked forward to seeing what was new.
14 May 2018,  Neil

Has anyone looked at the retail prices of Scheurich pots in your local Wilkinsons store recently?

Have any garden centre retailers looked at the retail prices of Scheurich pots in your local Wilkinsons store recently? If not I suggest you do, you are in for a bit of a surprise as we were. If you want to contact me via a non public forum then please do.
23 Mar 2018,  George Bullivant

Blue Diamond opens East Bridgford with more sites in the pipeline

12 Apr 2018,  Thank you for your comments on the above article. We wanted to take this opportunity to...
18 Mar 2018,  The Garden Centre Association

Statement from The Garden Centre Association regarding Gardman

18 Mar 2018,  Following the devastating arson attack on the new Gardman Warehouse  facility earlier...
12 Mar 2018,  

Hozelock announce their saleperson of the year

14 Mar 2018,  Passion for his customers passion for his company...leads to increased sales.
12 Mar 2018,  New Log Supplier

Any recommendations for companies that other garden centres use for their logs.

18 May 2018,  We've used Green Olive for a couple of years now and have to say the quality and range is...
8 Feb 2018,  George Bullivant

Dobbies insists Marshall is still their chief executive

1 Mar 2018,  Has he actually gone? What is happening?
23 Feb 2018,  George Bullivant

Gardman says service levels will be restored before Easter

24 Feb 2018,  Sorry Gardman, but I think the damage has been done. We're still waiting for a top up order...
7 Jun 2017,  George Bullivant

BGC wins permission for a massive new garden centre at East Durham

21 Feb 2018,  Sad day for British countryside! The British countryside and the wildlife it supports is being...
16 Jan 2018,  George Bullivant

Garden industry mourns Paul Dye (Updated)

12 Feb 2018,  A truly great man, and I feel privileged to have been his friend. Will be greatly missed.
7 Feb 2018,  Rob

Full colour plant label printers contact details.

Full colour plant label printers Does anyone have contact details for the company marketing the new full colour plant labels where you can print garden centre name and price on them. Gedney Bulb co have just started to use them, and I'm very impressed
2 Feb 2018,  Mark

HTA Gift cards - any advice on selling without an epos system

2 Feb 2018,  Mark, We having been using Cardspot for a few months now and finding it pretty easy, and...
18 Jan 2018,  George Bullivant

Service pushes Woodlodge sales over £20m

20 Jan 2018,  Woodlodge would certainly be in the handful of names at the top of our best supplier list. We...
19 Jan 2018,  Chris

Gardman failing to deliver

23 Feb 2018,  In reply to Terry's' post. We were a loyal Gardman stockist for many years but have been...
13 Jan 2018,  Neil

Adding Value to your trip to the GCA Conference.

Adding Value to your trip to the GCA Conference. If you are heading off to the GCA Conference at Stratford upon Avon next weekend 21st January why not pop into Fresh @ Burcot Garden Centre on your way. We are less than 30 minutes drive from Stratford, in rural Worcestershire, nestling near where the M5 and M42 join. Postcode for your sat nav B60 1PW. Pick us up on your way home if it suits you better. Hope we may see some of you. Nicci, Neil and the team at Fresh.
16 Nov 2017,  

T&M's most experienced new product development team EVER!

11 Jan 2018,  Well done T & M, keep up the good work, produce & value, EXCELLENT!
10 Jan 2018,  Paul

Luton body vans that take Danish Trolleys

11 Jan 2018,  Hi we use Renault master van manufactured by Trucksmith in Devon. We use a ramp to keep...
4 Jan 2018,  Steve

How many in the horti trade have suffered break in's in the last couple of months?

How many in the horti. trade have suffered break in's in the last couple of months? Should we be talking to each other as a way of raising awareness?
3 Jan 2018,  Jamie

Where can I buy Tree Fern in containers?

4 Jan 2018,  I believe Allensmore Nurseries does these. Tel 01981570221
1 Jan 2018,  George Bullivant

New Year OBE’s for Colin Squire and John Athwal

3 Jan 2018,  Congratulations to both Colin and John. Two very worthy recipients, true businessmen who still...
6 Dec 2017,  David Hedges-Gower

Why Are Lawn Care Product Sales Down?

6 Mar 2018,  We have been using Greenkey for our lawn care for over 4 years now and never had trouble...
29 Nov 2017,  Neil

Can any garden retailer out there suggest a good distributor of appropriate magazine titles

10 Dec 2017,  Neil, we got that fed up with WWMD's replacement that we have given up with magazines. Not...
16 Nov 2017,  Andy

Ron Strachan

1 Dec 2017,  Andy, Have only just seen this - So sorry to here of Ron's Passing, I first met him in the...
9 Nov 2017,  Paolo Arrigo

Antonio Carluccio

As you may know, I have personally been working closely with Antonio the last couple of years promoting his book on Italian vegetables in the framework of our Italian seed brand, he supported us both at the Chelsea Flower show and at our stand at Borough Market with his presence this year and I met with him at his house just recently, with my accordion!

4 Nov 2017,  Neil Gow

Colin Petty and wife Nina pass on their best wishes

We had a visit from Colin Petty and wife Nina earlier in the week. It was great to show him around Fresh @ Burcot Garden Centre, and to serve him lunch. A name possibly better known in the DIY sector more than the garden retail one, but after many years as Editor and Publisher of a trade magazine in that sector, it was great to see him and catch up on news and views. He asked me to pass on his best wishes to all in the industry.
31 Oct 2017,  

LBS Horticulture in administration

3 Nov 2017,  Been left not knowing if I will receive my order which is paid for, phoned on Wednesday to ask...
27 Oct 2017,  soft fruit grower

Is LBS going into administration

31 Oct 2017,  The company is in administration. This is confirmed on their website -...
23 Oct 2017,  George Bullivant

MEP’s call for complete ban on household use of glyphosate

24 Oct 2017,  It sounds like it may be good that we look like coming out of the EU so we can keep a garden...
5 Oct 2017,  

Boyd Douglas-Davies awarded the HTA Pearson Medal

6 Oct 2017,  Well deserved Boyd, well done!
21 Sep 2017,  

Tony Dedman, garden product stalwart retires after 48 years in trade

28 Sep 2017,  Have a happy one Tony. We have many good memories over the last 40 years,and it was a pleasure...
18 Sep 2017,  Neil

The weirdest things customers have asked us!

On a wet afternoon in September, while we have our cuppa, we are having a conversation about the weirdest things customers have asked us in the last week. We thought it might make a not too serious item for you to run on your coffee shop, even if it is our tea shop!
1. Do you sell wine glasses?
2. Do you sell ping pong balls?
3. Do you sell fox urine?
4. Do plants get constipation?
Oh and by the way, the answer on fox urine was "we are still training them to aim...
14 Aug 2017,  Stephen Pickering

Stephen Pickering Rest in Peace

17 Aug 2017,  A real gentleman of the garden industry who I dealt with for many years with S&J. RIP...
7 Aug 2017,  Chris

The Garden Expert series

13 Nov 2017,  They are now under the Penguin brand at Random House publishers, not sure how they distribute...
1 Aug 2017,  Michele

Town & Country Sale

4 Sep 2017,  T & C was a lovely company to deal with. This disruption is likely to spoil things in the...
21 Jun 2017,  George Bullivant

Steve Pitcher joins Homebase / Bunnings

27 Jul 2017,  Great to hear Steve, looking forward to meeting up again in the near future ..
17 Jul 2017,  George Bullivant

Wayfair becomes an important route to market for Solex exhibitors

20 Jul 2017,  4 Seasons Outdoor can confirm that SOLEX 2017 is the best platform for us to build...
11 Jul 2017,  Mark yates

HTA Regional Business for Yorkshire & North East

12 Jul 2017,  Hi Contact me on 07850 721429 if you want to discuss.

Andy Whelan, HTA

12 Jun 2017,  

Grange strengthens marketing team with two new appointments

5 Jul 2017,  Well done Rob !
29 Jun 2017,  George Bullivant

Steve Guy hopes to remain within the garden industry

5 Jul 2017,  Good luck Steve on your next venture , I am sure you will be back soon ..kind regards as...
26 Jun 2017,  George Bullivant

Alistair Lorimer loses his fight against cancer - Updated

5 Jul 2017,  A great loss to the industry. Alistair was extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, supportive...
26 Jun 2017,  George Bullivant

Garden centres are still significantly ahead in 2017, despite a lull in May

28 Jun 2017,  No houseplant boom? Maybe that's because the vast majority of garden centres devote so little...
18 Jan 2017,  George Bullivant

UK growers scoff at Dutch views of Brexit

27 Jun 2017,  Brexit will be a disaster for our industry which was predominantly for remain. So much seed...
27 Jun 2017,  Andy

No evidence of houseplant boom...

No evidence of houseplant boom... 2 things might help explain this: 1) The growth in houseplant sales is amongst younger customers, often buying online. This demographic aren't natural garden centre shoppers. 2) The most popular plants are cactus, succulents and novelty plants. These are under-represented in many centres. As are some of the more innovative added value products that are associated with them. Is there more you can do to attract these customers?
25 Jun 2017,  Annie

Flopro damaged stock - do Crest have a quality control issue?

28 Jun 2017,  I have been the stockist of Flopro for the past two years and I can say that I have had very...
19 Jun 2017,  Lizzie

Advice on plant returns policies?

20 Jun 2017,  I've worked at a number of Garden Centres in the past, and their plants returns policies have...
7 Jun 2017,  George Bullivant

Wesfarmers says further investment in Homebase depends on successful pilots

13 Jun 2017,  After speaking to some floor staff at Homebase, it is very obvious that they are completely...
5 Jun 2017,  Terry

Where are Crest?

5 Jun 2017,  Alive and kicking! We have deliveries every week and regular contact from the team there....
27 May 2017,  Chris

Is anybody else experiencing difficulties with compost deliveries from Westland Compost?

5 Jun 2017,  I have also heard of lots of companies being let down on their compost deliveries, some garden...
13 May 2017,  George Bullivant

Mail says ‘insect-friendly’ plants are laced with pesticides that poison bees

15 May 2017,  Hi Nick, while we agree that news sites should check sources, the story here is the...
6 Mar 2017,  George Bullivant

South African herb specialist Margaret Roberts has died

2 Apr 2017,  Moms passing is an enormous loss for South Africa, gardeners worldwide and especially our...
10 Mar 2017,  Peter Dawson

Garden retailing loses one of its innovators

16 Mar 2017,  Sincere condolences to the family, a real gentleman and a huge loss to the whole industry,
10 Mar 2017,  Alan

Nicholas Marshall is back in the industry - great news!

31 Mar 2017,  I am not so sure as I think the industry is changing and the challenge to take Dobbies...
6 Mar 2017,  Sam

Does anyone have a 'Mini' Snowglobe for sale?

We have used a snowglobe as our visitor attraction over the last three years, but it is now due for replacement. Does anyone either have one they are looking to sell off, or know anyone selling one? Ideally we would be looking at a 'Mini' Snowglobe, which is just over 3m in height. Sam Bosworth Bosworth's Garden Centre
24 Feb 2017,  Anne

What are people's opinions of epos systems and what do people recommend?

6 May 2017,  Anne, what did you go with in the end?? I am looking to replace our manual tills with EPOS -...
8 Dec 2016,  

Crest continues to grow

18 Jan 2017,  Great to see Crest growing. Best of luck to them, many good people there and personally old...
18 Jan 2017,  George Bullivant

Wyevale’s new website is central to its multi-channel plans

18 Jan 2017,  Funnily enough it appears to have crashed so cant log on for any help or advice .
4 Nov 2016,  George Bullivant

Bunnings to pilot 10 warehouse stores

3 Jan 2017,  Great news! As a long time user of Bunnings when I was living in Australia (Geelong, Vic) it...
13 Dec 2016,  George Bullivant

Wilko want to create more of an open door policy

19 Dec 2016,  Not just Wilko that ignore you, all Garden Centre Buyers/ Mangers also totally ignore you as...
8 Dec 2016,  Mike

Any Pre Smart era Chapelwood stockists having problems with Chapelwood stock selling at crazy prices? Smart responds...

18 Jan 2017,  I won't be buying Chapelwood again. Simple as that, as a buyer - I'm simply sick of the...
2 Dec 2016,  George Bullivant

Hare Hatch Sheeplands looks set for a long fight with Wokingham

2 Dec 2016,  We have always had a good relationship with WBC. Maybe that's because we applied for planning...
18 Nov 2016,  

Glencrest Seatex and Katie Blake expansion

21 Nov 2016,  Another one? Congrats.
10 Nov 2016,  Hannah Cooke

What price would you put on a new barrier product for slugs and snails?

14 Nov 2016,  It all depends on the actual product and what items you will be competing with. Have a look at...
10 Nov 2016,  John Peters

Gardman continue to clear stock to its in house amazon store.

6 Mar 2017,  Gardman are continuing to sell almost 4,000! Current stock lines on their amazon store over...
4 Nov 2016,  George Bullivant

Obama flatworm found in Oxfordshire garden centre

10 Nov 2016,  Trump flatworm?
8 Nov 2016,  Mark Yates

Has anyone else been told they are no longer allowed to sell Calor Gas?

10 Nov 2016,  We have now resolved the issue with calor.
17 Oct 2016,  George Bullivant

Who pays for the cost of Brexit?

20 Oct 2016,  Nothing to discuss here. The end user will pay.
27 Sep 2016,  Nurseryman

Are you ready for the National Minimum Wage increase this weekend?

Apparently the National Minimum Wage for under 25's rises this weekend 1st October, from £6.70 to £6.95 per hour, for those aged under 25 who were not increased by last April's National Living Wage. This has been badly advertised and communicated, and we have only just found out from our Labour Agency and a quick Google search here Especially important for all seasonal apple, pumpkin and...
19 Sep 2016,  George Bullivant

Innovation and trends at Glee

20 Sep 2016,  Condense the show to two days maybe. I would agree that the exhibition has been firmly on the...
16 Sep 2016,  Steve

How was Glee for you?

23 Sep 2016,  GLEE is still not the show it could be. Garden centres are not well served by shows which only...
19 Aug 2016,  

Stuart Gooden leaves Planters Garden Centres and moves to pastures new

24 Aug 2016,  Good Luck Stuart, not so sure the South West will be "easier"!!!
29 Jul 2016,  George Bullivant

How Perennial helped over 1200 people last year

29 Jul 2016,  Many thanks for running this article. One of my main concerns as Chairman of Perennial is the...
22 Jul 2016,  Neil

Hanging Basket Hotel?

25 Jul 2016,  I'd not heard of hanging basket hotels, so at the very least it provides a great PR story ;)
21 Jul 2016,  Robbie

How are you making the most of the Pokemon craze? Does your centre happen to be a Pokestop or a Gym? Do you or your staff use the app yourself?

16 Aug 2016,  Garden Centres are missing a trick if they don't engage with the Pokemon craze. This game is...
7 Jul 2016,  George Bullivant

Will prices rise with a volatile exchange rate?

11 Jul 2016,  We will almost certainly be increasing our RRP in the near future for mail order and may have...
24 Jun 2016,  Gardenforum

What will be the impact of the vote to leave the EU. Will prices rise? Will UK growers benefit? How will your business be affected?

30 Jun 2016,  If all the scaremongers stopped stirring and got on with looking after their customers and...
9 Jun 2016,  

Durstons announce National Sales Manager

11 Jun 2016,  Hope it goes well Jerry!
12 Feb 2014,  

Award nomination for HTA apprentice

31 May 2016,  Nice to known about HTA. Please I will like to known about the HTA Apprentice programme.
24 May 2016,  George Bullivant

News from the aisles of Chelsea

24 May 2016,  My wholehearted congratulations to Peter Seabrook for pulling off an exhibit at Chelsea...
15 Jan 2016,  George Bullivant

Business as usual as Wyevale buys Woodcote Green

19 May 2016,  We have used Woodcote Nurseries for at least 50 years, from the days when there was just one...
17 May 2016,  GC Advice Centre

Plantarea changes

The days of vast ranges of A-Z plants seems to be gone, plantarea's have changed into promotion beds and hot spots, selling seasonal looking good plants of a limited range in large volumes.

4 Feb 2016,  George Bullivant

Poundland launches £1 gardening range by Charlie Dimmock

15 May 2016,  I have bought two clear Charlie bulbs and they are brilliant. Good value for money and I...
12 Apr 2016,  George Bullivant

Dobbies sale speculation mounts - UPDATED

3 May 2016,  What price Dobbies? With overseas interest and several Billionaires probably prepared to...
15 Apr 2016,  George Bullivant

Why didn’t someone ring me to sort it out?

26 Apr 2016,  I also have 40 years in horticulture and worked for Derek many years ago here is a man who...
13 Apr 2016,  

Blue Diamond’s Stuart Whalley is promoted to Head of Product Development

13 Apr 2016,  Well deserved promotion. I worked with Stuart for a number of years in Country Gardens and...
1 Apr 2016,  George Bullivant

The National Living Wage comes into force

3 Apr 2016,  We should pay people decent wages or close down. No wonder nobody wants to join our industry.
29 Mar 2016,  Ben

Has anyone noticed that the Gardman website has all of their trade pricing for consumers to see!!

25 Apr 2016,  There are still trade prices showing on some product categories even without the trade login -...
15 Mar 2016,  George Bullivant

Garden Centre Retail decides not to repeat Future Lines again next year

17 Mar 2016,  Not surprised. You have to ask yourself - do we really need another trade show?!! I love the...
4 Mar 2016,  Neil Gow

Phil Kimberley - funeral details announced

11 Mar 2016,  Sad news .I worked with Phil for about 15 years and it was a pleasure and a privilege he was a...
9 Mar 2016,  George Bullivant

Parliament votes against changes to Sunday Trading regulations

9 Mar 2016,  Yipee! While change to trading laws is definitely needed I am so glad to see Parliament does...
10 Feb 2016,  George Bullivant

Sunday Trading to be debated in parliament in the next fortnight

8 Mar 2016,  As someone who lives near a busy retail park I am not in favour of longer opening hours where...
22 Feb 2016,  

An outbreak of Xylella would mean a 5 year ban on plant movements

23 Feb 2016,  I sounds to me that there should be an immediate ban on ALL imports from Europe.
22 Feb 2016,  

Long Service Award celebrations at Forest Garden

22 Feb 2016,  Poor old staff don't even get a name check!
8 Feb 2016,  George Bullivant

Government bureaucracy could lead to nurseries dumping trees says HTA

8 Feb 2016,  If there is a shortage of plants we import them, so why don't British growers export their...
3 Feb 2016,  

Delamore Gear charity 10k run

3 Feb 2016,  I think it is brilliant that the staff at this company are doing something which is so worth...
22 Dec 2015,  

Alyson takes on GCA inspector’s role

24 Dec 2015,  What about the time changing Tong Garden Centre?
17 Dec 2015,  Christmas Sales

Are the mild temperatures affecting Christmas sales?

22 Dec 2015,  Our trees have sold well again this year, nearly 600 gone (2 left at the mo!), with only 7...
4 Dec 2015,  George Bullivant

Wyevale starts 25% off Christmas sale

11 Dec 2015,  On a similar matter is anyone else puzzled by the Wyevale statement on GTN Extra that the peak...
2 Dec 2015,  Adrian

Has anyone else been told by Weber that they are far too busy to take on any new accounts?

6 Jan 2016,  We were told exactly the same thing so at least they are consistent with their story...
29 Nov 2015,  Steve

Have Wyevale revealed their true colours?

Well it looks like Wyevale have finally revealed their true colours...they cannot make the garden centres profitable but the huge and very valuable land bank they have is the quick way to make big profits!!!
24 Sep 2015,  

Which independent garden centres are expanding?

13 Nov 2015,  We specialise in offering different retail products to attract customer interest. As they say...
13 Nov 2015,  Nick Cash Agencies

Why are more garden centres not changing to LED lighting?

With garden centres saving the best part of £30,000 per year by installing LED lighting why are so few changing over?
24 Oct 2015,  Robert

Should gardening have more coverage on TV.

With Gardeners world ending for the winter and Alan Titchmarsh bemoaning the lack of good gardening coverage on TV is it not time that the industry became involved in persuading the powers that be in television that gardening is still a very popular pastime and should have more air time.Giving Beechgrove a better time slot would be a start.
20 Oct 2015,  Robbie

Does your company have a business plan?

27 Oct 2015,  I agree with Rob, all businesses should have a plan but in experience many don't. Not...
8 Sep 2015,  George Bullivant

Westland explains what Sinclair brings to the group

11 Sep 2015,  I totally agree with Suzanne, well said.....about time it was explained a bit more than what...
3 Sep 2015,  Chris

Gardman clearance website?

28 Sep 2015,  Recent forum discussion on selling direct to consumers, primarily manufacturers selling...
20 May 2015,  Frustrated trade supplier

Have you tried telephoning the new Percy Thrower centre?

Have you tried telephoning the new Percy Thrower centre and asking for Customer Service?  “I am unable to place your call. Please check the number you dialled”... makes you weep.
2 Apr 2015,  George Bullivant

Garden centres will lose £12 million on Easter Sunday

8 Apr 2015,  We have lost thousands of pounds by having to close easter sunday, a combination of sunny warm...
12 Mar 2015,  Pat Manning

Bayer loses libel action over pesticide harm to bees claim (Updated)

16 Mar 2015,  The key point to understand about this judgement is that relates purely to freedom of speech....
15 Mar 2015,  Susan

Does anyone use walkie talkies in their garden centre?

We have been using Motorola walkie talkies for some years now but the downside is that the customer can hear the conversation and the staff leave them lying around.......any ideas of the make or name of the earphone/microphone devices that you wear?
5 Mar 2015,  Richard

What are your views here about the "Zero Hours Contract "being essential within the seasonal Garden Centre Industry".

This week saw an article published in the Horticulture Week quoting both Iain Wylie of the GCA and Boyd Douglas Davies from the Hilltop Garden Centre on their views about the use of "Zero Hours Contracts" . While Iain Wylie projected a very neutral , non-committed viewpoint , Boyd Douglas Davis of Hilltop Garden Centre said when interviewed that Zero Hour Contracts , "are essential for the seasonal business". What I wonder, are the views here about the "Zero Hours Contract "being essential...
4 Mar 2015,  LED TREES

Does anybody know where I can get hold of LED trees that light up the trunk and branches?

9 Mar 2015,  Any more suggestions please??
2 Mar 2015,  Suzanne Walker

What do you think of Wyevale's early season Spring offer?

Wyevale - these guys haven't really excited me for many years, however when visiting a local Garden Centre at the weekend their early season spring offer was looking fabulous especially the young plant offer in store and linked sales, it actually made sense if you were a consumer shopping and it appeared that the team had actually put some TLC into their display work.....could this be a watch this space....or is it just a one off...
24 Feb 2015,  

Scotts to spend £7.5m on four TV adverts

2 Mar 2015,  This is great to see, great investment, shouting the gardening cause, hitting a wide and...
2 Feb 2015,  Geoff Hodge

Gardenforum - New look website

2 Mar 2015,  I agree it looks fabulous easy to read great adverts, it makes me wonder why you wouldn't...
29 Jan 2015,  Ben

Gardman stock issues

29 Jan 2015,  Hello Ben, Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Gardman have seen unprecedented volumes...
26 Jan 2015,  

Hagedorn axes Martin Breddy

28 Jan 2015,  I always liked Martin it will be a shame that he is no longer around
7 Jan 2015,  Gardenforum

Are you affected by slow payment in the Garden Industry?

2 Apr 2015,  Slow paying is something that many suppliers allow to happen.They give in to being told their...
22 Dec 2014,  Neil Gow

How have other garden centres found their sales of fresh cut Christmas trees this season?

5 Jan 2015,  Why begrudge other types of retailer some of the market, keeping prices competitive, when gcs...
20 Nov 2014,  

Bosmere celebrate Debbie’s 25 years

12 Dec 2014,  Congratulations Debbie.
9 Dec 2014,  Gardenforum

Chelsea Fringe goes worldwide

10 Dec 2014,  Good to see that the Fringe is spreading.
8 Dec 2014,  George Bullivant

Wyevale buys one of the first garden centres

9 Dec 2014,  What a shame, another interesting and slightly quirky garden centre gets swallowed by...
1 Dec 2014,  George Bullivant

Contact 2015 looks at Growing Opportunities

2 Dec 2014,  Love the idea of the workshops run by Tim Clapp. Should be an interesting event to attend.
21 Nov 2014,  Sue Lefley

Do agricultural/horticultural fabric/fleeces work?

24 Nov 2014,  If it works or not is irrelevant if it is not fireproof.
6 Nov 2014,  John Allen

Does anyone have experience with Access databases?

6 Nov 2014,  Hi John yes we do at Real Rewards Ltd. Speak to Andy 01342 311515
20 Oct 2014,  Gardenforum

What do you think the future of garden furniture retailing will be?

15 Dec 2014,  Garden centres have the option to share in the success of the internet without even needing a...
8 Oct 2014,  George Bullivant

Hands confirms Wyevale is moving away from Plants

8 Oct 2014,  It seems to be a trend with Bents and Blue Diamond following a similar path. At least they are...
2 Oct 2014,  Bill Faulding

Are there any examples of port-a-cabins as café's you are aware of?

14 Oct 2014,  If you are looking for original ideas on a cafe there is an excellent example in Ribchester,...
18 Sep 2014,  Andrew Royce

Which days work best for Glee?

19 Sep 2014,  Keep Sunday, its so much easier to see people on stands and place orders. Travel was easier...
10 Sep 2014,  Robert

is it a good thing that Scotts has bought Solus

18 May 2015,  Suprise, Suprise!!!! So Scotts will discontinue Yeoman etc. All they wanted was to recover...
28 Aug 2014,  Steve A

Are trade shows still winning support?

How was Solex? Would like to hear other peoples views on the show. Was it well attended did you find new products for 2015 or was it much the same?... I didnt attend the show as it isnt relevant to me as I work in the Horticultural side of the trade these days... I was just interested to see if the trade shows are being supported with Four Oaks and Glee coming up soon.
21 Aug 2014,  

James Alexander-Sinclair announced as after dinner speaker at HTA Garden Futures

21 Aug 2014,  He's a great guy. He should be entertaining.
26 Mar 2014,  

It’s Gold all round for The Apple Tree

26 Mar 2014,  Congratulations on your awards