Coffee Shop

7 Jun 2024,  

Ascalon announces appointment of new senior sales manager

12 Jun 2024,  Congratulations to both Luke and Ascalon.
30 May 2024,  andrew

A very sad day

A very sad day for the indusrtry with the news of the passing of Brian Taylor of Allensmore Nurseries, Brian was a true gentleman and supported the industry through many channels. I've known Brian for many year's and he will be truly missed my many.
23 May 2024,  Chris Adam

Himalayan Balsam

Quite a lot of publicity at the moment for a biological control of the above using the rust disease Puccinia komarovii. No one seems willing to discuss whether this disease will also destroy other members of the Impatiens family as they are of some significance to gardeners.

17 May 2024,  

Royal Warrant for Melcourt

17 May 2024,  Congratulations!!!
2 Apr 2024,  

Fond Farewell to Rod Austin after 24 years at British Garden Centres

4 Apr 2024,  Rod is the most brilliant and knowledgeable plant hunter I have ever worked with. His...
15 Mar 2024,  George Bullivant

How being more environmentally sound grew Christmas sales

15 Mar 2024,  Well done Mike, Louise and the teams - it is not easy to do all this in a commercially viable...
22 Feb 2024,  

Haskins Ferndown celebrates team leader’s 40 years of service

25 Feb 2024,  Congratulations Kevin! You're positive approach and support to all the changes over the last...
29 Jan 2021,  George Bullivant

Why can’t garden centres in NI buy plants & seeds from GB?

15 Feb 2024,  Perhaps if people had been told the truth about Brexit they might have voted differently....
14 Feb 2024,  Gardenforum

Flowerpot merger announced

15 Feb 2024,  Great news. Many congratulations Simon, exciting times ahead for you and British Flowerpots....
6 Feb 2024,  

James Hitchmough receives SGD Lifetime Achievement Award

6 Feb 2024,  He deserves this recognition. His work on planting peat free in the Olympic park was...
19 Jan 2024,  Jack

Garden furniture a massive problem for suppliers and garden centres

22 Jan 2024,  The most difficult time ever for Garden Furniture suppliers to Garden Centres. At Solex in...
6 Dec 2023,  George Bullivant

Christmas in Numbers by British Garden Centres

13 Dec 2023,  Thanks Cassie, fantastic figures showing move towards more sustainable pot grown trees. Our...
28 Nov 2023,  George Bullivant

Hyve responds to pressure and changes Glee dates

30 Nov 2023,  Refreshing common sense! (At last)
10 Nov 2023,  George Bullivant

A new chapter at Hillier Nurseries

20 Nov 2023,  It's time you spent more time on the golf course. Thanks for the great contributions you have...
10 Nov 2023,  Colin B

What Growing Media are you using for 2024?

For the last 2 years , we have been using Growmoor better growing , the consumers absolutely love the quality of the peat based and peat free mixes ( best peat free we have tried and we have had numerous brands previously ). We have now listed it in all 3 centres and moved away from our previous supplier whom we had for a number of years but because the quality was deteriorating, no where near as good as it use to be and the complaints were more frequent from consumers over the past 18 months....
10 Oct 2023,  George Bullivant

New role for Scott Williams at SBM

10 Nov 2023,  Congrats Scott. Well done on the achievement and I look forward to working together going...
18 Sep 2023,  Andy Whelan

Petersham Nurseries has warned it could face closure

26 Sep 2023,  I am so sorry to hear that Petersham Nursery may have to close. It is such an interesting and...
18 Aug 2023,  George Bullivant

Darran Oakley is to retire from Squire’s

25 Sep 2023,  Darran, I must admit I was very shocked to hear this news of your retirement! You honestly...
19 Sep 2023,  

HTA and RHS collaborate to support growers transition to peat-free

25 Sep 2023,  This is all well and good. Nurseries must know how to grow plants in a variety of peat free...
25 Jun 2021,  George Bullivant

Dobbies and Evergreen trial compost bag recycling

23 Sep 2023,  I commend Dobbies and Evergreen for their innovative compost bag recycling scheme. It's...
12 Sep 2023,  George Bullivant

Wyevale Garden Centres dissolved

20 Sep 2023,  It was a disaster from start to finish after Jim Hodgkinson arrived should never have stopped...
7 Sep 2023,  George Bullivant

Frustrated exhibitors protest in the aisles at Autumn Fair

15 Sep 2023,  I had to email them in the end and and tell that thier emails were verging on cyber bullying...
30 Jun 2023,  Nick Madgin

Glee timing

8 Aug 2023,  Definitely, Sept. We have seen a big decrease in the number of independents attending, and...
9 Jun 2023,  Neil

Why are the newer safer Slug Pellets blue?

Slug Pellets, why are the newer safer Slug Pellets blue like the older Metaldehyde ones. This causes so many customers to shy away from them wrongly thinking they are poisonous ones. However much we try to assure customers they are safe to use. With many people looking at the environment maybe a different colour would encourage more people to use them.
31 May 2023,  George Bullivant

Andy Whelan joins Gardenforum

31 May 2023,  Well done Andy, You will be a valuable addition to the Gardenforum team
23 May 2023,  

Sunshine brings record visitors to BBC Gardeners’ World Spring Fair at Beaulieu

23 May 2023,  The BBC doesn't seem to like the North. Well, since they effectively sacked Steve Wright and...
10 Mar 2017,  Peter Dawson

Garden retailing loses one of its innovators

5 May 2023,  Belated condolences to the family. So sad. Woodcote was marvellous. Have heard Dobbies have...
17 Feb 2023,  George Bullivant

Huge challenge for garden centres as nurseries go peat-free

25 Mar 2023,  Do the changes to peat free compost in nursery stock apply to imported plants?
14 Feb 2023,  

GIMA bids farewell as Colin Wetherley-Mein retires

21 Feb 2023,  Wishing Colin all the best on his retirement along with sincere thanks for his support and...
7 Nov 2022,  George Bullivant

New owners for Adrian Hall Garden Centres

2 Feb 2023,  Hi Sue, The new owners for the Feltham branch will be able to help you with the gardening club...
30 Dec 2022,  

Alastair Jackson – General Manager – Poplars Garden Centre

11 Jan 2023,  We are blessed with some lovely people in this industry and Alastair was one of the best....
20 Dec 2022,  George Bullivant

Gavin Cooper of Prior Park has died, suddenly

8 Jan 2023,  We've just heard the news - such a shock - I'm so SO sorry Vee & all the family! He was...
30 Dec 2022,  George Bullivant

Paul Cooling dies

6 Jan 2023,  I'm so sad to hear of Paul's passing. He used to live next door to us and was such a lovely...
30 Dec 2022,  Andy Whelan

Paul Cooling

20 Mar 2023,  I am shocked to hear of this and sad , what a nice person he was, will miss him greatly...
21 Dec 2022,  George Bullivant

Christmas sales down -14% in November

27 Dec 2022,  The warmer weather excuse completely bypasses the actual cause of the drop which is the...
29 Nov 2022,  George Bullivant

Peter Burks to become GCA Chief Executive

1 Dec 2022,  All the very best in your new role Peter.
14 Nov 2022,  Richard

Chris Pugh of Pugh's Cacti has passed away

30 Dec 2023,  I'm so sad to read this, he was a wonderful man and I loved hearing his plant expedition...
11 Nov 2022,  Andy Smith, RSSGM Scheme Administrator and Steve Harper, CEO of Southern Trident.

The Responsible Sourcing Scheme for scoring growing media

11 Nov 2022,  I can't help thinking that this sort of thing should be done by the government, or at least by...
21 Sep 2022,  

Cliff Bowers has passed away

6 Oct 2022,  Çliff was such a great guy and was always fun to be around as a fellow former agent in...
21 Sep 2022,  Fran

Barnsdale Gardens opposing planned solar panel farm

Barnsdale Gardens have been at the forefront of peat-free and chemical-free growing since Geoff Hamilton, the much loved BBC Gardeners World presenter, founded them in 1983.

6 Mar 2019,  George Bullivant

Garden centre pioneer Michael Cooling has died

28 Aug 2022,  I sm so sorry that Michael has passed away. I did know him very well when I lived on...
22 Jul 2022,  Anon

what's the future for suppliers to our industry?

9 Nov 2022,  With todays surprise news about 3 Centres in the Rosebourne group sold to Hilliers and the 3...
12 Jul 2022,  

Group Plant Buyer retires from Haskins

12 Jul 2022,  All the very best in your retirement Colin! Well deserved
27 Jun 2022,  

Sunflower seeds grow charity funds

27 Jun 2022,  Beautiful, positive and lovely. A true win, win, win situation. well done.
7 Jun 2022,  George Bullivant

All-In-One garden centre to close

25 Jun 2022,  Very very sad and I agree all the hard work that David and his team achieved wiped away. If...
8 May 2022,  Andrew

Bulbs....Selling disappointment!

Bulbs....Selling disappointment! In the industry in one form or another since 1979..I was always told sell the sizzle not the sausage. How disappointed our customers must be with bulb and tuber purchses, fantastic packaging selling such a promise, each year the quality of blue especially tulips, dahlia tubers and lilies seems to be going downhill. Daffodils generally ok, tulips barely 7 out 10 flowering, dahlia lucky to get a green shoot let alone a it me?
22 Apr 2022,  

Peter Long

29 Apr 2022,  Peter's contribution to his Community and Industry was just amazing. His hard work and...
21 May 2021,  Peter Dawson

Nursery sector loses a well-known figure with Renato Canale’s death

14 Apr 2022,  so sad to hear the news of Renato very lovely person and his wife as well first knew him at...
16 Jan 2022,  George Bullivant

Peter Seabrook has died, suddenly

14 Apr 2022,  i will always remember his enthusiasm, and kindness given. A gentlemen who we will all...
14 Feb 2022,  George Bullivant

Timmermans makes it 59 for British Garden Centres UPDATED

24 Feb 2022,  Dear Rosalind Rest assured, we are passionate about plants - both house and garden. We are,...
4 Feb 2022,  George Bullivant

“You are going to be the saviours of the horticulture industry”

4 Feb 2022,  How refreshing. A long term view with investment in people and the future. So much nicer than...
13 Jan 2022,  

Big changes at MorePeople

17 Jan 2022,  Happy retirement Peter and best wishes to the team. A great group of people!
12 Jan 2022,  Kim

Where do Garden Centres get their plant pictures from?

25 Jan 2022,  It is a proper source that I am looking for. Has anyone got any ideas of where to look?
30 Nov 2021,  Chris

Recommendation for a 2-tier shopping trolley

3 Dec 2021,  Partington engineering trolleys are great for garden centres. We have just had some of the 2...
22 Nov 2021,  Alan

'Bumbles' owner Jeremy Homewood has died

Have just seen via their FB page that 'Bumbles' owner Jeremy Homewood has died - the centre is now run by his son Will-Jeremy was a great man with a vast horticultural knowledge.
5 Oct 2021,  

The RHS call on the public to go green this Halloween

26 Oct 2021,  I am not so sure that you ( Real World Man) have this exactly right in this instance . The RHS...
21 Oct 2021,  Rafe

Brexit has been most unkind!

25 Nov 2021,  With regard to the recent post by A P "I agree a great shame for many businesses....
16 Jan 2018,  George Bullivant

Garden industry mourns Paul Dye (Updated)

5 Oct 2021,  It's so lovely to hear these wonderful comments, thank you all, I still look back at these and...
27 Sep 2021,  George Bullivant

Growers will need help if Government trebles tree planting

30 Sep 2021,  How are more trees going to be produced when nursery land being used for housing?! Government...
23 Sep 2021,  Steve

Copyright Infringement

20 Nov 2021,  In the end the bill was paid as it is such a grey area, the company behind this money making...
2 Dec 2020,  

BBC Essex sacks Ken Crowther

19 Sep 2021,  So sad what BBC Essex have done to Ken ,he and I were on different radio stations but Ken was...
17 Sep 2021,  Leoni Thompson

Best approach to showcasing a new product for garden centres?

23 Sep 2021,  Thank you for the feedback and suggestions Sid, it's much appreciated!
10 Sep 2021,  Barton Grange

Eddie Topping UPDATED

15 Sep 2021,  So sad to hear about Mr Toppings passing but what a legacy he leaves. He was such a...
11 Sep 2021,  Lee

Log importe

We are trying to import kiln dried logs in from Bulgaria does any body have any other contacts some deals seem to good to be true.
2 Sep 2021,  George Bullivant

Four Oaks announces death of Pat Coutts

6 Sep 2021,  Pat was so passionate - and a truly wonderful person. She will be missed by many...
23 Aug 2021,  Adam

Pot pricing!

Please be aware of the mess the pot pricing is in at present! We have had deliveries from 2 of the bigger suppliers and we have seen from one of them the same pot with a newer barcode on and at a higher price - what price have we been charged - probably a new higher price!? And from the other supplier a set of 4 pots where the biggest is at £5.99 and the smallest & medium sized pots are ALL at the same AND higher price of £9.99! We have had to remove the pots and hope the...
16 Aug 2021,  Kris

Has Brexit been a great opportunity?

I seen to remember back last Autumn the controversial subject of Brexit and the Industry ( as a whole) was raised . I recall that there were few so named “remainers” who contributed to the thread that was very much populated by eager and supportive EU leavers . These contributors seemed to think that the Horticultural Industry would not be too adversely affected and that Brexit was a great opportunity . I was wondering what the feeling is now ( Industry- wise) , what brilliant Brexit...
30 Jul 2021,  DE Gardeners

Looking to partner a nursery with an online presence

21 Aug 2021,  interested to know more Thanks Steve Elwis
26 Jul 2021,  David

What is the impact of peat-free composts in less developed countries?

What is the Carbon footprint of substrates used in the production of peat-free composts and what effect does the use of these materials when harvested in less developed countries have on the cost and availability to local peoples who traditionally use these as household fuel? With the huge volume required is there a possibility of local deforestation?
21 Jul 2021,  Neil Bedford

Neil Bedford says thank you

27 Aug 2021,  Have a great enjoyable stress free time Neil .. we will now do our best to fill all the gaps...
15 Jul 2021,  George Bullivant

Masks or no Masks?

15 Jul 2021,  Our Franchi Seeds Store is open Saturdays only for personal callers to come and buy seeds...
30 Aug 2019,  George Bullivant

What is next for Dobbies? The CEO reveals his plans

20 Jun 2021,  I have been a loyal customer of my local Dobbies since opened i. I have been in the habit of...
16 Jun 2021,  

LOFA warns that freight problems are escalating

17 Jun 2021,  Of course it has been very difficult all year and we had hoped it would have started to get...
11 Nov 2020,  George Bullivant

Thompson and Morgan buys Suttons Seeds

11 Jun 2021,  I absolutely agree with other comments on the poor quality of Suttons plants (and Thompson and...
23 Nov 2012,  

Tribute to rose grower and breeder Robert Harkness

5 Jun 2021,  I remember Robert well the one year he shared with us at Westtown School...his wonderful...
13 Jan 2020,  George Bullivant

Further expansion planned for Thetford Garden Centre

15 May 2021,  Excellent centre all the staff are our favourites Restaurant is first class it’s our...
8 Mar 2021,  George Bullivant

Innovations at GPE show gardening is greener

11 May 2021,  While browsing for peat-free alternatives I came across QGS which has a great selection of...
23 Apr 2021,  

Promotion for Haskins Garden Centre’s catering manager

10 May 2021,  Wonderful manager we all love him
23 Apr 2021,  

Swedish success story for Highfield Garden World protégé

27 Apr 2021,  Excellent news, well done Al. The Gloucestershire boy has done well.
8 Mar 2021,  

BBC Gardeners’ World Spring Fair announces partnership with Hillier

24 Apr 2021,  I fail to see how under current restrictions this will happen. Its not widely advertised did I...
20 Apr 2021,  Dylan

What are peoples thoughts about Glee 2021

What are peoples thoughts about Glee 2021? Are you planning on Exhibiting? Will you attend as a buyer?
26 Mar 2021,  

Cherry Lane acquires Langford Garden Centre

20 Apr 2021,  Just returned from Langford g c i am impressed as always good quality most of my garden has...
12 Apr 2021,  Anna

So Homebase are setting up small garden centres in Next stores...

So Homebase are setting up small garden centres in Next stores. These seem to be the Next stores that tried to have their own "garden centres" in the past - an experiment that was shut down quite quickly.
9 Apr 2021,  George Bullivant

Nicholas Marshall looks set to return

9 Apr 2021,  That's great news! the Garden Centre industry has been a poorer place without his influence.
26 Mar 2021,  George Bullivant

Blocked Suez will mean extra delays in Bank Holiday supplies

8 Apr 2021,  It deeply saddens me that I'm prompted to respond to a negative and jingoistic message,...
1 Apr 2021,  George Bullivant

British Association of Landscape Industries rebrands

1 Apr 2021,  I was very involved at the very start of BALI. I worked as a design and build garden...
20 Mar 2021,  

Eddie Topping retires after career spanning 7 decades

22 Mar 2021,  Eddie was one of the first GC owners I met in 1972 when I joined Fisons,he made me very...
11 Mar 2021,  George Bullivant

Lawn Association differs with Monty Don over the perfect lawn

15 Mar 2021,  Lawns Was only thinking yesterday how sterile a lawn with no weeds in looked but a lawn with...
12 Mar 2021,  Neil

Great news for Welsh Garden Centres

Great news for Welsh Garden Centres, so pleased you can open on the 22nd March! About time!!!! Good luck all, hope it is a great season for you
4 Mar 2021,  Nicky

Any contacts to recover a polytunnel in Buckinghamshire?

8 Mar 2021,  Hi. You can call 01282 873333 and ask for your area managers details - called Rob. Can call...
17 Feb 2021,  

James Parr Joins Smart Board

26 Feb 2021,  Congratulations James
11 Feb 2021,  Old rosie

Any suggestions for other premium rose growers?

25 Feb 2021,  David Austin Roses have really annoyed me. We got sent the 'we need to re-evaluate who we sell...
2 Feb 2021,  George Bullivant

Mr Fothergill’s forms Greenregis for direct consumer sales

3 Feb 2021,  Not good news for bricks and mortar Garden Centres, especially considering the amount of...
2 Feb 2021,  Old Lag

Should Sales Representatives still be visiting?

19 Feb 2021,  I hear what you are saying. However, 2 things come to mind here. I asked a Garden Centre if it...
1 Feb 2021,  George Bullivant

Garden centres should plan ahead as importers face perfect storm

1 Feb 2021,  Spending on homecare may slow because of the looming economic downturn; but as a 'share of...
22 Jan 2021,  Claire Shaddick

Former editor of the Grower, Peter Rogers, has died

25 Jan 2021,  I remember Peter signing a song in the Jameson Distillery in Dublin. We were in Ireland at an...
15 Jan 2021,  Rosie

Recommendations for good grower/supplier of fruit trees and ornamental trees

27 Jan 2021,  Hi, If you are on the west side of M25 come to see us at Tendercare. We are 16acres of...
4 Jan 2021,  George Bullivant

English GC’s permitted to open during 3rd lockdown

8 Jan 2021,  I think that garden centres provide an environment which tends to be safer than most other...
9 Jun 2014,  

Sisters clock up 25 years in Mr Fothergill's despatch

8 Jan 2021,  How lovely to have people working for you all that time, you must be a very good company to...
31 Oct 2020,  George Bullivant

Garden Centres to stay open during 2nd English lockdown

4 Jan 2021,  I work in as a plant advisor in a garden center. Before and since christmas I have been...

We are looking for a new till system, does anyone have any recommendations?

7 Jan 2021,  I stumbled across the huge problem of managing stock for sale on a new website and at our...
22 Dec 2020,  George Bullivant

Coronavirus closes Scottish, Welsh and NI garden centres from Boxing Day

26 Dec 2020,  Mr Clark quoted here may be an expert in horticulture but he has possibly not had to work...
14 Dec 2020,  George Bullivant

Government plans crackdown on sale of peat

15 Dec 2020,  Peat was banned as a garden aid many years ago in UK. It is seen as a protected natural earth...
25 Nov 2020,  LOFA

LOFA warns that container issues at UK ports are escalating

11 Dec 2020,  Brexit could turn the tide for UK companies With so much uncertainty surrounding Brexit and...
10 Dec 2020,  George Bullivant

Nova and LOFA in membership row

10 Dec 2020,  Comment on this article have been switched off.
7 Dec 2020,  Steve

UK houseplant supplier recommendations please

13 Dec 2020,  Thanks for comment, we have a wholesale market nearby but range is limited :(
18 Nov 2020,

Giant Hogweed is spreading, WhatShed offer and fund a resource page for showing and recording any sightings

The UK has an invasive species of Giant Hogweed that is currently spreading. The spread of this was formally getting recorded for the general public via the Environment Agency funded site Unfortunately, funding cuts stopped the site from actively working with the public to record any further sightings. This is not in the publics best interest, as such WhatShed have decided to offer and fund a resource page for showing and recording any sightings...
4 Nov 2020,  George Bullivant

HTA updates lockdown advice for garden centres

14 Nov 2020,  Bad idea for this time of year! As much as I want to see garden centres do well this is...
4 Nov 2020,  P S Billingham

Recommendations please for contractors to recover / refurbish polytunnels

4 Nov 2020,  Try CLM Keder Greenhouses in Evesham. They may well look at a recover, depending on the size...
9 May 2015,  George Bullivant

New owners promise dramatic growth for Tong Garden Centre

7 Oct 2020,  As a frequent visitor to Tong Garden Centre, I can sincerely say, I’m never, ever bored...
5 Oct 2020,  Neil Sharpe

It is with a heavy heart I have to inform you of the passing of Peter Clark

6 Oct 2020,  I knew Peter first as the T&M rep first in opposition then as a colleague- such a sad loss...
11 Jul 2017,  George Bullivant

Bonnett promises innovative ideas that will be new to garden centres

14 Sep 2020,  This thread is now closed and no new comments will be added.
25 Aug 2020,  Nige

HMRC asking for the self employed grant back

9 Sep 2020,  "If you made a claim in error as you were not eligible for a grant"...
6 Aug 2020,  George Bullivant

Hyve unveils a virtual Glee Gathering

14 Aug 2020,  We have shown ourselves to be incredibly resilient and adaptable and, in truth, we have...
22 Jul 2020,  George Bullivant

Masks or No masks for garden centre staff?

13 Aug 2020,  if it is law, then masks should be worn. You might not like driving at 20mph outside schools...
16 May 2015,  George Bullivant

Scotts calls time on Yeoman, Joseph Bentley and other Solus brands

9 Aug 2020,  Only just found out why I can no longer fing Joseph Bentley secuteurs.... real pity theh are...
7 Aug 2020,  Sam

Any advice on locating a seed display stand and seeds.

13 Aug 2020,  Hi there - Franchi are the oldest family run seed brand on the planet specialising in...
23 Jul 2020,  Andrew

Edward Cook passes away.

28 Jul 2020,  So sad to hear Ted was such a character always had a smile on his face
25 Feb 2020,  George Bullivant

Adrian Bloom pays tribute to Laurence Flatman

22 Jul 2020,  I met Laurence a few times and at one stage he met Alan for coffee once a week along with...
10 Jul 2020,  Steve

How has the re-opening of your Coffee Shops or Restaurants gone?

Would like to know from those that have opened their Coffee Shops or Restaurants recently how it has worked so far, have you put on a smaller menu? What is the reaction from the customer, especially in the smaller venues? How has a one way system worked? How much are takings up/down compared to last year? Is it cost effective?
3 Jun 2020,  George Bullivant

Is there an appetite for Glee 2020?

7 Jul 2020,  I’d like to extend my congratulations and thanks to the organisers of Glee for finally...
2 Jul 2020,  George Bullivant

Glee 2020 has been cancelled

7 Jul 2020,  I’d like to extend my congratulations and thanks to the organisers of Glee for finally...
22 Jun 2020,  George Bullivant

Immediate action saved Blue Diamond from a very serious financial problem

3 Jul 2020,  It's all very well making a payment plan that differs from the terms you originally agreed....
25 Jun 2020,  George Bullivant

HTA calls for support for UK growers as imports grow

26 Jun 2020,  I have to say it's as much about attitude as it is any help. UK suppliers of plants or any...
18 Jun 2020,  George Bullivant

spoga+gafa 2020 forges ahead

25 Jun 2020,  It looks like the Glee organizers are waiting for the government to tell them they can't go...
23 Jun 2020,  George Bullivant

Restaurants allowed to re-open in England with 1m+ rule

24 Jun 2020,  Valid questions. Suspended screens, table screens, floor screens - we have large quantities in...
16 Jun 2020,  Lizzie

So who are Evergreen delivering their compost to?

23 Jun 2020,  We all know that relations between retailer and supplier, no matter what channel, are going to...
12 Jun 2020,  Stuart

Looking for a supplier/grower of cactus.

23 Jun 2020,  Pugh's Cacti
9 Jun 2020,  Proprietor

What is everyone doing for PPE for staff?

12 Jun 2020,  We are pleased to be able to supply our garden centre customers with daily disposable face...
6 Nov 2019,  George Bullivant

The Internet Gardener to enter liquidation

1 Jun 2020,  So sad to hear the sad news - we have bought some wonderful garden furniture and other related...
28 May 2020,  George Bullivant

Scottish Garden Centres may open from Friday 29th

28 May 2020,  Unfortunately Scottish centres have missed out on two amazing weeks of sales, and are now...
14 May 2020,  George Bullivant

Covid-19 summary - Comments from reopening day

14 May 2020,  Good luck to all those Garden Centres opening this week. All of us at Treadstone hope the...
7 May 2020,  George Bullivant

HTA eases its safe trading guidance for garden centres

13 May 2020,  Hi, please can you make it clearer your guidelines for reopening, as I have several customers...
29 Apr 2020,  George Bullivant

Can garden centres afford to re-open?

13 May 2020,  All the best to those reopening today , hope it goes well for you!
18 Nov 2011,  George Bullivant

HTA Garden Gift Card goes on sale

11 May 2020,  @Bee: It does sound like you have a gift card from a specific garden centre as all National...
1 May 2020,  George Bullivant

Safe Trading rules for when garden centres re-open

8 May 2020,  Firstly, there are very good reasons why the "recommendation of best practise" have been...
6 May 2020,  

Covid-19 roundup 6th May

6 May 2020,  Are we still man-bashing in 2020? Imagine if someone had said this about women... "basic...
28 Apr 2020,  Anonymous

Bedding plant availability - what is the expectation of Garden Centre buyers after lockdown?

30 Apr 2020,  It's started.......Retailers expressing surprise that their 'orders' aren't ready. One even...
18 Apr 2020,  George Bullivant

Hopes fade of garden centres opening before the May bank holiday

28 Apr 2020,  The situation where B&Q etc are allowed to be open and selling plants and gardening...
21 Apr 2020,  Liz

Loyalty works both ways and we'll be looking for alternative suppliers when this is all over.

25 Apr 2020,  Yes I can relate to this! Decco for example now suddenly increased their MOV to £1k!?...
20 Apr 2020,  Gary Gardens

Who are the real Gardening Champions?

20 Apr 2020,  It's never been Monty Don! Alan T has always been great for the industry. I have always...
15 Apr 2020,  David

Any thoughts on christmas events and santa visits with social distancing?

any thoughts on christmas events and santa visits with such social distance ,how to control and make people safe in enclosed areas,plus the normal crowds of shoppers at that time of year,
6 Apr 2020,  Industry Supplier

Will GLEE be cancelled this year?

18 May 2020,  We have all loved the Glee show for the past few years. Should it go ahead this year? Would...
31 Mar 2020,  Andrew

Can garden centres legally open?

18 Apr 2020,  I asked our accountant about this, some Garden Centres seem to be doing really well out of...
30 Mar 2020,  David

Payment for pre season orders /supplies

16 Apr 2020,  At times like this we need our suppliers to be as supportive as ever to retailers. I placed an...
27 Mar 2020,  Neil

Well done

Well done to all the Garden Centre owners and staff that have changed their business profile in these difficult times by selling on line, I applaud  you.
24 Mar 2020,  George Bullivant

Blue Diamond closes its stores but Dobbies remains open

25 Mar 2020,  I can't believe that all garden centres are still open they are putting the staff at risk...
23 Mar 2020,  George Bullivant

HTA calls for signatures to save UK ornamental horticulture

24 Mar 2020,  Good evening Chris I think your comment comes from a lack of industry understanding - I don't...
24 Mar 2020,  Peter

This is a time when people should be encouraged to grow their own food. Is it permissable?

25 Mar 2020,  We have closed but are selling via e-mail orders and kerbside deliveries, we are so busy that...
15 Mar 2020,  Paul

Over 70's isolation - bad for business?

16 Mar 2020,  It could also be an opportunity. National office space provider requested last...
9 Mar 2020,  Hannah Powell

Call for stories for Greenfingers book

Hannah Powell, Director at Perrywood Garden Centres, is writing a book and all money from it will go to GREENFINGERS. But she needs your help. The book will be a collection of funny tales from garden centres. Think about the amusing things customers say, silly things said over the radio, customer complaints and anything else comical, emotional or just plain ridiculous. All contributions will be anonymous – names of people and garden centres will be changed or taken out. They may be a list...
5 Mar 2020,  George Bullivant

BGC shows depth of Stubbs family involvement

6 Mar 2020,  In response to the suggestion.... Westland do not hold a stake in British Garden Centres and...
25 Feb 2020,  Andrew

Laurence Flatman

4 Mar 2020,  Geranium Laurence Flatman a lasting tribute to a wonderful horticulturalist.
20 Feb 2020,  George Bullivant

Immigration proposals are a grave worry says leading grower

20 Feb 2020,  The new proposals are a disaster for horti and HoReCa alike and create more uncertainty. The...
17 Feb 2020,  George Bullivant

Floods close Winnersh garden centre

18 Feb 2020,  Used to live round there. The owner of the original privately owned Centre used to put all his...
16 Feb 2020,  Steve

Does anyone know of a company that re-furb's polytunnels?

17 Feb 2020,  Thanks Andy
12 Nov 2019,  George Bullivant

B&M continues store openings

15 Feb 2020,  As Garden centres we need to promote the things we are good at, price is not everything!
5 Feb 2020,  George Bullivant

Fears that Coronavirus will impact supplies from China

14 Feb 2020,  I totally understand the situation as a large percentage of the trades`s supplies come from...
20 Jan 2020,  Mark

Any recommendations or contacts for a self employed Amazon Consultant.

27 Jan 2020,  Hi Mark - if you are still looking for expertise to manage Amazon, our business does exactly...
10 Jan 2020,  

Tributes pour in for much-loved Theresa Swann

10 Jan 2020,  I heard before Christmas that Theresa was quite unwell but this is still a shock Theresa was a...
6 Dec 2019,  Tricia

Lack of trained Plantaria Staff

7 Feb 2020,  This is very true. There has been a lot of talk from the industry and the RHS to get young...
4 Dec 2019,  Lynne

Dogs in a garden centre

22 Dec 2019,  So, I’ve noticed an increase in Centres allowing, and even encouraging, owners to bring...
3 Dec 2019,  P S Billingham

Cost of rebuilding a glasshouse?

7 Dec 2019,  Try theses guys
3 Dec 2019,  STEVE

Plant Passports

24 Dec 2019,  It comes down to if PP's or the lack of them become a criminal offence, which has been touted...
25 Nov 2019,  George Bullivant

Decco Mills is Hillier’s garden shop supplier of the year

26 Nov 2019,  Well done Keith and the Decco Mills team...great to see your excellent service recognised...
15 Nov 2019,  Independent Garden Centre

Supplier recommendations for 1 litre Herbaceous please.

20 Nov 2019,  Try Bridge Nurseries or West Kington.
31 Oct 2019,  Louis

Has Internet Gardener Ceased Trading?

8 Nov 2019,  Does anyone know what company has been appointed to handle this?
14 Oct 2019,  

Landmann Barbecues appoint new Key Account Manager

24 Oct 2019,  Congratulations Luke, well deserved and a great move for you and Landmann.
24 Jul 2019,  David Strange

Founder of Keydell Nurseries dies unexpectedly

16 Oct 2019,  Have only just heard of the passing, such a sad loss, he was a man of such kindness and never...
14 Oct 2019,  Rick, Plant Manager

Any UK suppliers still with 2L English lavenders available for 2020?

Anyone know of any UK suppliers still with 2L English lavenders available for 2020? Stock appears short and we need a few more. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.
9 Oct 2019,  Andy

I'm not retiring!

News of my impending retirement are not true. Liesuregrow are recruiting a sales person for the south east, but it is to replace Emmi Moules who left the business a few weeks ago. There's at least another 3 years in this old dog yet. Cheers to all. Andy.
24 Sep 2019,  George Bullivant

What next for Wyevale? 

25 Sep 2019,  The business model of a large group of garden centre trying to run each garden centre the same...
19 Sep 2019,  Simon Quinton Smith

The Wyevale Effect

I do not think many people would have imagined that Terra Firma would offer the Wyevale Garden Centre Group to the market with their garden centres on an individual basis and achieve such a success.

9 Sep 2019,  George Bullivant

Germany likely to ban Glyphosate

16 Sep 2019,  I think this might be as good a time as any to stop selling / run down products with...
16 Sep 2019,  Tania

Having visited Glee again for 15years, as a GC Manager....

Hi George, just thought would share some feedback, having visited Glee again for 15years, as a GC Manager.... positive feedback particularly important I think in these challenging times, and I can honestly say how proud I was to see all making such an effort, at such cost at the show!! Particularly proud of the Big Boys for not letting us down and sitting back on their laurels, which they could easily do, so a big congratulations to Westland, Smart Solar, Woodlodge, Hozelock,  Kaemingk and...
6 Sep 2019,  Keith

Thoughts on the local Wyvale garden which is closing down.

12 Sep 2019,  And this is why we were all shocked when they folded. Not!!
12 Aug 2019,  John King

How to find agents for Europe?

“Riffelmacher have had great success hiring our UK and Irish based sales agents with Gardenforum. Now we need agents in other countries, namely France and Spain and Portugal and Scandinavia. Have you any contacts for companies you may partner with who could possibly help us? Any advice would be appreciated.”
10 Jul 2019,  Plant Buyer Rick

Can anyone help me with alternative UK rose suppliers?

16 Jul 2019,  Where in the UK are you based Rick?
23 Apr 2019,  George Bullivant

Bicester – “It seems we may have unleashed a beast”

17 Jun 2019,  Blue Diamond are clearly the leaders in their field.
12 Jun 2019,  George Bullivant

Warren Haskins looks ahead as he celebrates 50 years in garden centres

12 Jun 2019,  Good to see you are still in fine form Warren! Hope you the business continue to go from...
5 Jun 2019,  Mark

Warning - criminal gang targeting garden centres and nurseries in W Yorkshire

12 Jul 2019,  Police have caught the guy, but for another crime, but some of the goods in his van. Career...
21 May 2019,  George Bullivant

Wyevale calms fears of administration

24 May 2019,  Speculation regarding the possibility of Wyevale entering into Administration coupled with the...
21 May 2019,  Chris

Large pot supplier

12 Jun 2019,  Large pot specialist Also drop ship direct to your customers
23 Apr 2019,  Shopfittings

Can anyone recommend a company for shopfitting?

23 Apr 2019,  Try Resolution Interiors contact Paul Bissell on 07725352284
23 Apr 2019,  Liz

What are people doing with their plastic and cardboard waste?

23 Apr 2019,  Hi Liz, I might be able to help.....Smart Garden Products started to bale our cardboard waste...
9 Apr 2019,  P S Billingham

Help and advice regarding service disruption needed.

11 Apr 2019,  When we had a similar problem some years ago we contacted Bruton Knowles and they acted as an...
23 Mar 2018,  George Bullivant

Blue Diamond opens East Bridgford with more sites in the pipeline

4 Apr 2019,  I am getting used to the new garden centre in East Bridgford but still do not like its layout....
26 Mar 2019,  George Bullivant

Family announces the death of Mike Dunnett

28 Mar 2019,  George, I just heard this very sad news. Condolences to Carole and the whole family. Mike was...
11 Feb 2019,  George Bullivant

Caulders buys 2 garden centres from Dobbies

28 Mar 2019,  Caulders have given existing Dobbies cardholders a 6 month free card - allowing them 12...
20 Mar 2019,  

Robin retires after 39 years at Wyevale Nurseries

21 Mar 2019,  Robin, Congratulations on your retirement. It was a pleasure to have worked with you, all be...
18 Mar 2019,  George Bullivant

Massive fire at Birmingham garden furniture warehouse

19 Mar 2019,  So sad wishing you well, shame on the Lofa member!
17 Oct 2018,  Gardenforum

Westland acquires Gardman Group

18 Mar 2019,  To Sad Sherlock, the answer to where all of Gardman stock has gone, well try Peacocks Auction...
14 Mar 2019,  GIMA

Love Your Garden product request

Love Your Garden, the popular ITV garden makeover programme featuring Alan Titchmarsh, is returning for another series this year. Each episode regularly receives in excess of 3milllion viewers and presents a great opportunity to get your products featured on prime time TV.

17 Jan 2019,  George Bullivant

How do you prepare for a No Deal Brexit?  You can’t afford not to.

11 Mar 2019,  This is from DEFRA with regards UK certified seeds: "• " This means that in the event of...
21 Feb 2019,  

Nova appoint Julie McLean & Andy Moore as their Midlands & NI agents

23 Feb 2019,  Congratulates Jules. They are in safe hands!
21 Feb 2019,  Cheshire Gardener

What is wrong with growing things in peat?

Westland re-launch New Horizon peat free compost. Every time I ask an expert; "What is wrong with growing things in peat?" I get a different answer. Wildlife habitat destruction, greenhouse gas release, etc etc. Surely growing plants consume CO2, so growing plants in the best possible medium (peat) is a good thing. Transporting coir fibre half way around the planet doesn't sound very green to me! Unless someone can convince me otherwise, I'm going to stick with peat based compost from the UK...
15 Jan 2019,  Chris

Garden centre event ideas?

15 Feb 2019,  I can run smartphone photography classes for you if you interested, e-mail...
8 Jan 2019,  George Bullivant

The lessons of 2018 and a late Christmas

10 Jan 2019,  The lessons 2018 is a really good read. Thank you.
16 Dec 2018,  Charlie

What is happening at SOLEX?

9 Feb 2019,  Further to my comments 21-December I am pleased to confirm positive news on both the points...
3 Dec 2018,  

New appointments bolster The Stax Trade Centres sales teams

5 Dec 2018,  Well done Richard, Hope all goes well.
3 Aug 2017,  George Bullivant

HTA warns garden centres on deadline for expired gift vouchers

30 Nov 2018,  It is incomprehensible to me why in periods of inflation such as we have had for the last 80...
12 Nov 2018,  George Bullivant

Westland expresses confidence in Gardman sales team UPDATED

18 Nov 2018,  We have just taken delivery of our first Gardman order in 15 or 16 months. Frankly we had...
19 Oct 2018,  George Bullivant

Gardman agents draw confidence from Westland meeting

28 Oct 2018,  Looking at the availability on Gardmans website its a struggle to make up an order with the...
10 Oct 2018,  Jan

B2B tagging systems - has anyone else experienced problems, if so any comments, or any recommendations on other systems.

19 Oct 2018,  Hello, I am sorry to hear you have had problems. We here at GCS are specialist in providing...
8 Oct 2018,  David

B & Q night time replenishment staff to be made redundant.

B & Q night time replenishment staff to be made redundant will not "improve customer shopping experience" this is just a cost cutting exercise. These people must think we are stupid! Why can they not just tell the truth? B & Q previously have said that they do night time replenishment for safety reasons as fork trucks and Joe Public do not mix and that various accidents and deaths had happen in store involving fork trucks!
2 Oct 2018,  George Bullivant

Hillier claims to be the first to grow in Taupe pots

4 Oct 2018,  Come on - get the facts right. “Carbon black pigment free”?? Just stick to Carbon...
1 Oct 2018,  George Bullivant

Burford dispels rumours of closure

4 Oct 2018,  Great News as you are one of the best garden centres in the country . I always visit your...
19 Sep 2018,  Sarah Daniel

We are looking at replacing our epos system, who would you recommend?

21 Sep 2018,  Hi Sarah Will you need nursery production software as well?
14 Sep 2018,  Nigel

What was your experience at Glee?

1 Oct 2018,  We had a great show, very busy particularly on the first two days. Rob is right, the lighting...
20 Jul 2017,  

Do you like your own coffee?

26 Jul 2018,  And don't forget the old adage: dirty toilets = dirty kitchen !
5 Jul 2018,  Neil

Any advice with companies that recondition and repair oil tanks?

I have a metal bunded heating oil tank, seems solid, no leaks. Has been left unused so some surface rust and dusty rust inside. Small quantity of oil left inside when garden centre closed several years ago. Can anybody help with companies that recondition and repair oil tanks.
12 Jun 2018,  George Bullivant

Steve Millington joins Tom Chambers

12 Jun 2018,  Congratulations Steve, glad to see you have stayed in the industry. Catch up soon I am sure.
1 Mar 2018,  George Bullivant

Ascential puts its exhibitions up for sale

12 Jun 2018,  We have asked and asked and asked for Autumn Fair and GLEE to be merged for one decent sized...
12 Jun 2018,  Neil Gow

If there is a supplier out there with outdoor furniture stock available or another retailer who has bought too much who wants to share with us?

5 Jul 2018,  Give us a ring we have stock of one of the best Garden Furniture products in the country. Ask...
23 May 2018,  George Bullivant

At the end of April garden centres were -10% down for the year

25 May 2018,  Some are now ahead of last year.. just 😜 with record breaking plant sales thanks to great...
24 Apr 2018,  George Bullivant

Steve Millington leaves Tildenet

18 May 2018,  Steve, all the very best and look forward to seeing you soon
2 May 2018,  

Durstons’ Dan takes up a position on GIMA Council

18 May 2018,  Good luck and we look forward to developments within GIMA!
9 Mar 2018,  Gardenforum

British Plant Fair closes the door

16 May 2018,  I agree this is a great shame as we always looked forward to seeing what was new.
14 May 2018,  Neil

Has anyone looked at the retail prices of Scheurich pots in your local Wilkinsons store recently?

Have any garden centre retailers looked at the retail prices of Scheurich pots in your local Wilkinsons store recently? If not I suggest you do, you are in for a bit of a surprise as we were. If you want to contact me via a non public forum then please do.
18 Mar 2018,  The Garden Centre Association

Statement from The Garden Centre Association regarding Gardman

18 Mar 2018,  Following the devastating arson attack on the new Gardman Warehouse  facility earlier...
12 Mar 2018,  

Hozelock announce their saleperson of the year

14 Mar 2018,  Passion for his customers passion for his company...leads to increased sales.
12 Mar 2018,  New Log Supplier

Any recommendations for companies that other garden centres use for their logs.

18 May 2018,  We've used Green Olive for a couple of years now and have to say the quality and range is...
8 Feb 2018,  George Bullivant

Dobbies insists Marshall is still their chief executive

1 Mar 2018,  Has he actually gone? What is happening?
23 Feb 2018,  George Bullivant

Gardman says service levels will be restored before Easter

24 Feb 2018,  Sorry Gardman, but I think the damage has been done. We're still waiting for a top up order...
7 Jun 2017,  George Bullivant

BGC wins permission for a massive new garden centre at East Durham

21 Feb 2018,  Sad day for British countryside! The British countryside and the wildlife it supports is being...
7 Feb 2018,  Rob

Full colour plant label printers contact details.

Full colour plant label printers Does anyone have contact details for the company marketing the new full colour plant labels where you can print garden centre name and price on them. Gedney Bulb co have just started to use them, and I'm very impressed
2 Feb 2018,  Mark

HTA Gift cards - any advice on selling without an epos system

2 Feb 2018,  Mark, We having been using Cardspot for a few months now and finding it pretty easy, and...
18 Jan 2018,  George Bullivant

Service pushes Woodlodge sales over £20m

20 Jan 2018,  Woodlodge would certainly be in the handful of names at the top of our best supplier list. We...
19 Jan 2018,  Chris

Gardman failing to deliver

23 Feb 2018,  In reply to Terry's' post. We were a loyal Gardman stockist for many years but have been...
13 Jan 2018,  Neil

Adding Value to your trip to the GCA Conference.

Adding Value to your trip to the GCA Conference. If you are heading off to the GCA Conference at Stratford upon Avon next weekend 21st January why not pop into Fresh @ Burcot Garden Centre on your way. We are less than 30 minutes drive from Stratford, in rural Worcestershire, nestling near where the M5 and M42 join. Postcode for your sat nav B60 1PW. Pick us up on your way home if it suits you better. Hope we may see some of you. Nicci, Neil and the team at Fresh.
16 Nov 2017,  

T&M's most experienced new product development team EVER!

11 Jan 2018,  Well done T & M, keep up the good work, produce & value, EXCELLENT!
10 Jan 2018,  Paul

Luton body vans that take Danish Trolleys

11 Jan 2018,  Hi we use Renault master van manufactured by Trucksmith in Devon. We use a ramp to keep...
4 Jan 2018,  Steve

How many in the horti trade have suffered break in's in the last couple of months?

How many in the horti. trade have suffered break in's in the last couple of months? Should we be talking to each other as a way of raising awareness?
3 Jan 2018,  Jamie

Where can I buy Tree Fern in containers?

4 Jan 2018,  I believe Allensmore Nurseries does these. Tel 01981570221
1 Jan 2018,  George Bullivant

New Year OBE’s for Colin Squire and John Athwal

3 Jan 2018,  Congratulations to both Colin and John. Two very worthy recipients, true businessmen who still...
6 Dec 2017,  David Hedges-Gower

Why Are Lawn Care Product Sales Down?

6 Mar 2018,  We have been using Greenkey for our lawn care for over 4 years now and never had trouble...
29 Nov 2017,  Neil

Can any garden retailer out there suggest a good distributor of appropriate magazine titles

10 Dec 2017,  Neil, we got that fed up with WWMD's replacement that we have given up with magazines. Not...
16 Nov 2017,  Andy

Ron Strachan

1 Dec 2017,  Andy, Have only just seen this - So sorry to here of Ron's Passing, I first met him in the...
9 Nov 2017,  Paolo Arrigo

Antonio Carluccio

As you may know, I have personally been working closely with Antonio the last couple of years promoting his book on Italian vegetables in the framework of our Italian seed brand, he supported us both at the Chelsea Flower show and at our stand at Borough Market with his presence this year and I met with him at his house just recently, with my accordion!

4 Nov 2017,  Neil Gow

Colin Petty and wife Nina pass on their best wishes

We had a visit from Colin Petty and wife Nina earlier in the week. It was great to show him around Fresh @ Burcot Garden Centre, and to serve him lunch. A name possibly better known in the DIY sector more than the garden retail one, but after many years as Editor and Publisher of a trade magazine in that sector, it was great to see him and catch up on news and views. He asked me to pass on his best wishes to all in the industry.
31 Oct 2017,  

LBS Horticulture in administration

3 Nov 2017,  Been left not knowing if I will receive my order which is paid for, phoned on Wednesday to ask...
27 Oct 2017,  soft fruit grower

Is LBS going into administration

31 Oct 2017,  The company is in administration. This is confirmed on their website -...
23 Oct 2017,  George Bullivant

MEP’s call for complete ban on household use of glyphosate

24 Oct 2017,  It sounds like it may be good that we look like coming out of the EU so we can keep a garden...
5 Oct 2017,  

Boyd Douglas-Davies awarded the HTA Pearson Medal

6 Oct 2017,  Well deserved Boyd, well done!
21 Sep 2017,  

Tony Dedman, garden product stalwart retires after 48 years in trade

28 Sep 2017,  Have a happy one Tony. We have many good memories over the last 40 years,and it was a pleasure...
18 Sep 2017,  Neil

The weirdest things customers have asked us!

On a wet afternoon in September, while we have our cuppa, we are having a conversation about the weirdest things customers have asked us in the last week. We thought it might make a not too serious item for you to run on your coffee shop, even if it is our tea shop!
1. Do you sell wine glasses?
2. Do you sell ping pong balls?
3. Do you sell fox urine?
4. Do plants get constipation?
Oh and by the way, the answer on fox urine was "we are still training them to aim...
14 Aug 2017,  Stephen Pickering

Stephen Pickering Rest in Peace

17 Aug 2017,  A real gentleman of the garden industry who I dealt with for many years with S&J. RIP...
7 Aug 2017,  Chris

The Garden Expert series

13 Nov 2017,  They are now under the Penguin brand at Random House publishers, not sure how they distribute...
1 Aug 2017,  Michele

Town & Country Sale

4 Sep 2017,  T & C was a lovely company to deal with. This disruption is likely to spoil things in the...
21 Jun 2017,  George Bullivant

Steve Pitcher joins Homebase / Bunnings

27 Jul 2017,  Great to hear Steve, looking forward to meeting up again in the near future ..
17 Jul 2017,  George Bullivant

Wayfair becomes an important route to market for Solex exhibitors

20 Jul 2017,  4 Seasons Outdoor can confirm that SOLEX 2017 is the best platform for us to build...
11 Jul 2017,  Mark yates

HTA Regional Business for Yorkshire & North East

12 Jul 2017,  Hi Contact me on 07850 721429 if you want to discuss.

Andy Whelan, HTA

12 Jun 2017,  

Grange strengthens marketing team with two new appointments

6 Jul 2017,  Well done Rob !
29 Jun 2017,  George Bullivant

Steve Guy hopes to remain within the garden industry

6 Jul 2017,  Good luck Steve on your next venture , I am sure you will be back soon ..kind regards as...
26 Jun 2017,  George Bullivant

Alistair Lorimer loses his fight against cancer - Updated

5 Jul 2017,  A great loss to the industry. Alistair was extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, supportive...
26 Jun 2017,  George Bullivant

Garden centres are still significantly ahead in 2017, despite a lull in May

28 Jun 2017,  No houseplant boom? Maybe that's because the vast majority of garden centres devote so little...
18 Jan 2017,  George Bullivant

UK growers scoff at Dutch views of Brexit

27 Jun 2017,  Brexit will be a disaster for our industry which was predominantly for remain. So much seed...
27 Jun 2017,  Andy

No evidence of houseplant boom...

No evidence of houseplant boom... 2 things might help explain this: 1) The growth in houseplant sales is amongst younger customers, often buying online. This demographic aren't natural garden centre shoppers. 2) The most popular plants are cactus, succulents and novelty plants. These are under-represented in many centres. As are some of the more innovative added value products that are associated with them. Is there more you can do to attract these customers?
25 Jun 2017,  Annie

Flopro damaged stock - do Crest have a quality control issue?

28 Jun 2017,  I have been the stockist of Flopro for the past two years and I can say that I have had very...
19 Jun 2017,  Lizzie

Advice on plant returns policies?

20 Jun 2017,  I've worked at a number of Garden Centres in the past, and their plants returns policies have...
7 Jun 2017,  George Bullivant

Wesfarmers says further investment in Homebase depends on successful pilots

13 Jun 2017,  After speaking to some floor staff at Homebase, it is very obvious that they are completely...
5 Jun 2017,  Terry

Where are Crest?

5 Jun 2017,  Alive and kicking! We have deliveries every week and regular contact from the team there....
27 May 2017,  Chris

Is anybody else experiencing difficulties with compost deliveries from Westland Compost?

5 Jun 2017,  I have also heard of lots of companies being let down on their compost deliveries, some garden...
13 May 2017,  George Bullivant

Mail says ‘insect-friendly’ plants are laced with pesticides that poison bees

15 May 2017,  Hi Nick, while we agree that news sites should check sources, the story here is the...
6 Mar 2017,  George Bullivant

South African herb specialist Margaret Roberts has died

2 Apr 2017,  Moms passing is an enormous loss for South Africa, gardeners worldwide and especially our...
10 Mar 2017,  Alan

Nicholas Marshall is back in the industry - great news!

31 Mar 2017,  I am not so sure as I think the industry is changing and the challenge to take Dobbies...
6 Mar 2017,  Sam

Does anyone have a 'Mini' Snowglobe for sale?

We have used a snowglobe as our visitor attraction over the last three years, but it is now due for replacement. Does anyone either have one they are looking to sell off, or know anyone selling one? Ideally we would be looking at a 'Mini' Snowglobe, which is just over 3m in height. Sam Bosworth Bosworth's Garden Centre
24 Feb 2017,  Anne

What are people's opinions of epos systems and what do people recommend?

6 May 2017,  Anne, what did you go with in the end?? I am looking to replace our manual tills with EPOS -...
8 Dec 2016,  

Crest continues to grow

18 Jan 2017,  Great to see Crest growing. Best of luck to them, many good people there and personally old...
18 Jan 2017,  George Bullivant

Wyevale’s new website is central to its multi-channel plans

18 Jan 2017,  Funnily enough it appears to have crashed so cant log on for any help or advice .
4 Nov 2016,  George Bullivant

Bunnings to pilot 10 warehouse stores

3 Jan 2017,  Great news! As a long time user of Bunnings when I was living in Australia (Geelong, Vic) it...
13 Dec 2016,  George Bullivant

Wilko want to create more of an open door policy

19 Dec 2016,  Not just Wilko that ignore you, all Garden Centre Buyers/ Mangers also totally ignore you as...
8 Dec 2016,  Mike

Any Pre Smart era Chapelwood stockists having problems with Chapelwood stock selling at crazy prices? Smart responds...

18 Jan 2017,  I won't be buying Chapelwood again. Simple as that, as a buyer - I'm simply sick of the...
2 Dec 2016,  George Bullivant

Hare Hatch Sheeplands looks set for a long fight with Wokingham

2 Dec 2016,  We have always had a good relationship with WBC. Maybe that's because we applied for planning...
18 Nov 2016,  

Glencrest Seatex and Katie Blake expansion

21 Nov 2016,  Another one? Congrats.
10 Nov 2016,  Hannah Cooke

What price would you put on a new barrier product for slugs and snails?

14 Nov 2016,  It all depends on the actual product and what items you will be competing with. Have a look at...
10 Nov 2016,  John Peters

Gardman continue to clear stock to its in house amazon store.

6 Mar 2017,  Gardman are continuing to sell almost 4,000! Current stock lines on their amazon store over...
4 Nov 2016,  George Bullivant

Obama flatworm found in Oxfordshire garden centre

10 Nov 2016,  Trump flatworm?
8 Nov 2016,  Mark Yates

Has anyone else been told they are no longer allowed to sell Calor Gas?

10 Nov 2016,  We have now resolved the issue with calor.
17 Oct 2016,  George Bullivant

Who pays for the cost of Brexit?

20 Oct 2016,  Nothing to discuss here. The end user will pay.
27 Sep 2016,  Nurseryman

Are you ready for the National Minimum Wage increase this weekend?

Apparently the National Minimum Wage for under 25's rises this weekend 1st October, from £6.70 to £6.95 per hour, for those aged under 25 who were not increased by last April's National Living Wage. This has been badly advertised and communicated, and we have only just found out from our Labour Agency and a quick Google search here Especially important for all seasonal apple, pumpkin and...
19 Sep 2016,  George Bullivant

Innovation and trends at Glee

20 Sep 2016,  Condense the show to two days maybe. I would agree that the exhibition has been firmly on the...
16 Sep 2016,  Steve

How was Glee for you?

23 Sep 2016,  GLEE is still not the show it could be. Garden centres are not well served by shows which only...
19 Aug 2016,  

Stuart Gooden leaves Planters Garden Centres and moves to pastures new

24 Aug 2016,  Good Luck Stuart, not so sure the South West will be "easier"!!!
29 Jul 2016,  George Bullivant

How Perennial helped over 1200 people last year

29 Jul 2016,  Many thanks for running this article. One of my main concerns as Chairman of Perennial is the...
22 Jul 2016,  Neil

Hanging Basket Hotel?

25 Jul 2016,  I'd not heard of hanging basket hotels, so at the very least it provides a great PR story ;)
21 Jul 2016,  Robbie

How are you making the most of the Pokemon craze? Does your centre happen to be a Pokestop or a Gym? Do you or your staff use the app yourself?

16 Aug 2016,  Garden Centres are missing a trick if they don't engage with the Pokemon craze. This game is...
7 Jul 2016,  George Bullivant

Will prices rise with a volatile exchange rate?

11 Jul 2016,  We will almost certainly be increasing our RRP in the near future for mail order and may have...
24 Jun 2016,  Gardenforum

What will be the impact of the vote to leave the EU. Will prices rise? Will UK growers benefit? How will your business be affected?

30 Jun 2016,  If all the scaremongers stopped stirring and got on with looking after their customers and...
9 Jun 2016,  

Durstons announce National Sales Manager

11 Jun 2016,  Hope it goes well Jerry!
12 Feb 2014,  

Award nomination for HTA apprentice

31 May 2016,  Nice to known about HTA. Please I will like to known about the HTA Apprentice programme.
24 May 2016,  George Bullivant

News from the aisles of Chelsea

24 May 2016,  My wholehearted congratulations to Peter Seabrook for pulling off an exhibit at Chelsea...
15 Jan 2016,  George Bullivant

Business as usual as Wyevale buys Woodcote Green

19 May 2016,  We have used Woodcote Nurseries for at least 50 years, from the days when there was just one...
17 May 2016,  GC Advice Centre

Plantarea changes

The days of vast ranges of A-Z plants seems to be gone, plantarea's have changed into promotion beds and hot spots, selling seasonal looking good plants of a limited range in large volumes.

4 Feb 2016,  George Bullivant

Poundland launches £1 gardening range by Charlie Dimmock

15 May 2016,  I have bought two clear Charlie bulbs and they are brilliant. Good value for money and I...
12 Apr 2016,  George Bullivant

Dobbies sale speculation mounts - UPDATED

3 May 2016,  What price Dobbies? With overseas interest and several Billionaires probably prepared to...
15 Apr 2016,  George Bullivant

Why didn’t someone ring me to sort it out?

26 Apr 2016,  I also have 40 years in horticulture and worked for Derek many years ago here is a man who...
13 Apr 2016,  

Blue Diamond’s Stuart Whalley is promoted to Head of Product Development

13 Apr 2016,  Well deserved promotion. I worked with Stuart for a number of years in Country Gardens and...
1 Apr 2016,  George Bullivant

The National Living Wage comes into force

3 Apr 2016,  We should pay people decent wages or close down. No wonder nobody wants to join our industry.
29 Mar 2016,  Ben

Has anyone noticed that the Gardman website has all of their trade pricing for consumers to see!!

25 Apr 2016,  There are still trade prices showing on some product categories even without the trade login -...
15 Mar 2016,  George Bullivant

Garden Centre Retail decides not to repeat Future Lines again next year

17 Mar 2016,  Not surprised. You have to ask yourself - do we really need another trade show?!! I love the...
4 Mar 2016,  Neil Gow

Phil Kimberley - funeral details announced

11 Mar 2016,  Sad news .I worked with Phil for about 15 years and it was a pleasure and a privilege he was a...
9 Mar 2016,  George Bullivant

Parliament votes against changes to Sunday Trading regulations

9 Mar 2016,  Yipee! While change to trading laws is definitely needed I am so glad to see Parliament does...
10 Feb 2016,  George Bullivant

Sunday Trading to be debated in parliament in the next fortnight

8 Mar 2016,  As someone who lives near a busy retail park I am not in favour of longer opening hours where...
22 Feb 2016,  

An outbreak of Xylella would mean a 5 year ban on plant movements

23 Feb 2016,  I sounds to me that there should be an immediate ban on ALL imports from Europe.
22 Feb 2016,  

Long Service Award celebrations at Forest Garden

22 Feb 2016,  Poor old staff don't even get a name check!
8 Feb 2016,  George Bullivant

Government bureaucracy could lead to nurseries dumping trees says HTA

8 Feb 2016,  If there is a shortage of plants we import them, so why don't British growers export their...
3 Feb 2016,  

Delamore Gear charity 10k run

3 Feb 2016,  I think it is brilliant that the staff at this company are doing something which is so worth...
22 Dec 2015,  

Alyson takes on GCA inspector’s role

24 Dec 2015,  What about the time changing Tong Garden Centre?
4 Dec 2015,  George Bullivant

Wyevale starts 25% off Christmas sale

11 Dec 2015,  On a similar matter is anyone else puzzled by the Wyevale statement on GTN Extra that the peak...
24 Sep 2015,  

Which independent garden centres are expanding?

13 Nov 2015,  We specialise in offering different retail products to attract customer interest. As they say...
8 Sep 2015,  George Bullivant

Westland explains what Sinclair brings to the group

11 Sep 2015,  I totally agree with Suzanne, well said.....about time it was explained a bit more than what...
2 Apr 2015,  George Bullivant

Garden centres will lose £12 million on Easter Sunday

8 Apr 2015,  We have lost thousands of pounds by having to close easter sunday, a combination of sunny warm...
12 Mar 2015,  Pat Manning

Bayer loses libel action over pesticide harm to bees claim (Updated)

16 Mar 2015,  The key point to understand about this judgement is that relates purely to freedom of speech....
24 Feb 2015,  

Scotts to spend £7.5m on four TV adverts

2 Mar 2015,  This is great to see, great investment, shouting the gardening cause, hitting a wide and...
26 Jan 2015,  

Hagedorn axes Martin Breddy

28 Jan 2015,  I always liked Martin it will be a shame that he is no longer around
20 Nov 2014,  

Bosmere celebrate Debbie’s 25 years

12 Dec 2014,  Congratulations Debbie.
9 Dec 2014,  Gardenforum

Chelsea Fringe goes worldwide

10 Dec 2014,  Good to see that the Fringe is spreading.
8 Dec 2014,  George Bullivant

Wyevale buys one of the first garden centres

9 Dec 2014,  What a shame, another interesting and slightly quirky garden centre gets swallowed by...
1 Dec 2014,  George Bullivant

Contact 2015 looks at Growing Opportunities

2 Dec 2014,  Love the idea of the workshops run by Tim Clapp. Should be an interesting event to attend.