The HTA consults before deciding role of new DG

The HTA will not rush to find a replacement for David Gwyther. The new president is taking time to consult with her board and senior members of the team at Theale on the future of the association before deciding what they want from a new director general. See more... Read more

How to increase profit without massive investment

The GCA conference will look at ways to increase profit without massive investment. There will be examples from the best in garden retail and inspiration from experts such as Dr Hessayon, Michael Heppell, Jim Gardiner of the RHS, Mario Dolcezza, Andrew McMillan and Clare Rayner. See more... Read more

Little sign of snow before Christmas

Wiseweather suggests that the drier, sunnier theme to the weather seems set to continue through December, with little sign of snow for most of the country. See more... Read more

Looking for a non-executive director? Try Imperium

A new recruitment agency dedicated to finding non-executive directors, main board directors and chairmen has been established as a sister company to More People. See more... Read more

HTA Garden Gift Card goes on sale

The HTA's Garden Gift Card has hit the racks of Sainsbury's and should be selling in WH Smith and Clinton Cards before Christmas. 400 garden centres are taking part. See more... Read more

Titchmarsh to reveal Garden Re-Leaf activities at Garden Writers lunch

On Nov 30th the UK gardening press gathers for a huge lunch, where Alan Titchmarsh is to take to the platform to tell the audience of national, trade and local garden writers about Garden Re-Leaf Day. The organisers are asking urgently for examples of activities they can include. See more... Read more

Attract younger gardeners with a football resistant garden says HTA

One third of the garden buying is done by people under 45 years old, but their approach is very different to older gardeners. The HTA is publishing a report showing how to engage the younger, often novice gardener. See more... Read more

GIMA breakfast addresses time management

The next GIMA business meeting brings together two growing garden centre chains with one of the county’s leading independents. There will also be a report on the next 5 years for garden retail by Mintel and a working breakfast looking at better time management. See more... Read more

Garden Re-leaf Day gathers momentum

With 6 months before the inaugural Garden Re-leaf Day, it is already set to make a big impact with over 500 outlets, The Sun and major suppliers backing the event. See more... Read more

RHS Begins Construction of New Research Facility

The Royal Horticultural Society has started construction of a state-of-the-art Field Research Facility at its garden in Wisley, Surrey to carry out plant disease and pest focussed investigation. See more... Read more

Meet the companies set to face the Angels

Which are the companies to face the Glee Garden Angels and what are the questions they will pose them? Common themes are: what do they need to do to get garden centres to take their products? Where should they be made? Should they use agents? What POS support is needed? How do you make a profit? See more... Read more

Unsettled weather set to continue through September

The unsettled weather seems set to continue through September, but it should be warmer with rain slightly above average, particularly in the west. See more... Read more

July brings a halt to falling sales

Plant and catering sales helped to stop the decline in sales at garden centres. Smaller centres fared better than the destination centres and the South East did less well than the North. See more... Read more

Garden Re-Leaf Day to kick-start the 2012 gardening season

Garden Re-Leaf day is planned as the gardening version of Comic Relief, a fun way to get people to start gardening in 2012. Already 120 companies and a number of celebrities are backing the idea. See more... Read more

Garden Futures will seek to understand the customer of the future

The HTA’s 2012 Garden Futures Conference will look out over London from the spectacular Millbank Tower. This should add perspective to discussions about the garden centre customer of the future. See more... Read more

RHS to invest £27m in modernisation and innovation

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has leased one of its London Halls to Westminster School. The £18m raised plus a further £9m expected from a major fundraising campaign, will be invested in a substantial programme of innovation and modernisation. See more... Read more

GCA plans to work with other trade associations

The GCA has released a 5-year strategy. The headline will be ‘Better Standards, Better Business’ as the association actively seeks to expand garden centre membership and work with other trade organisations. See more... Read more

Chepstow garden centres move into cloud computing

3 West Country garden centres have opted to operate their EPOS systems using the concept of cloud computing, installed by G7. It reduces the cost and increases security. See more... Read more

Applicants sought for horticultural scholarships

The David Colegrave Foundation is inviting students and newcomers to the industry to apply for scholarships so that they can benefit from the latest learning both here in the UK and overseas. See more... Read more

'Visit a new Dobbies' says Malcolm Scott

Last week's planning conference revealed why Malcolm Scott believes Dobbies have a formula that will be a challenge to other garden centres. See more... Read more

BOPP and RHS form closer links with the HTA

Two moves demonstrate the HTA’s growing influence. BOPP has agreed to join the umbrella organisation and the RHS is collaborating more closely with the HTA on plant trials. See more... Read more

No sign of snow in November forecast

The forecast for November from Wiseweather suggests a generally warm month, with below average rain. But there may be some ground frost in the second week in Southern areas. There is no mention of snow. See more... Read more

Catering and farm shops prop up garden centre sales

After taking a bit of a hammering during May, June and part of July, garden centre sales appear to have stabilised during August and September. But bulb sales were down for the second year. See more... Read more

Woking Show to close after 33 years

This July’s Woking Show was the last. The group of growers behind the show has concluded that changes within the industry mean there are better ways to promote their businesses. This is the second regional plant show to close this year. See more... Read more

Garden Futures – An event not to miss

There are a few places available for next Wednesday’s HTA Garden Futures event. During such uncertain times this is a day to hear top bankers and business leaders from inside and outside the industry predict what might happen next. See more... Read more

Settled weather to last for sometime especially in the south

Wiseweather predicts predominantly settled weather in the south for October. Scotland and N. Ireland will see more in the way of fronts carrying blustery rain that might affect the west later in the month. See more... Read more

Nervous optimism at Four Oaks

There was plenty of evidence at Four Oaks that retail buyers are cautious about Christmas and about over-wintering too many plants. There was the biggest ever number of overseas exhibitors at the trade show. See more… Read more

Garden centre values have fallen by as much as 15%

Quinton Edwards says garden centre prices have fallen by between 10% and 15% and continue to fall. As a result it expects fewer transactions next year. Nursery prices, however, appear more resilient. See more... Read more

Titchmarsh looks for innovative garden items for new ITV series

GIMA’s support for ITV’s Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh is leading to further opportunities to place product on daytime TV. See more... Read more

HTA issues security advice to members in light of civil unrest

With the rioting and looting that continues to affect London and major cities throughout the country, the HTA has advised members to implement certain security measures in an effort to protect their businesses. See more... Read more

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