Unprecedented demand is taking a toll on staff

Bedding growers are being forced to take steps to manage unprecedented order levels as a result of soaring garden centre sales.  Neil Grant says Ferndale sales are now in front of May last year.  Read more

HTA intensifies call for grower rescue package

With Scottish garden centres not opening till after May 28, the HTA has intensified its call for a Dutch style grant to support British growers. Read more

Nursery deliveries from Farplants

Covid-19 summary - Comments from reopening day

Comments in the media give a flavour of the first day back.  ‘They are doing a clean sweep’, ‘We have written off 30% of annual turnover’, ‘Lots of problem troubleshooting done today’, ‘Opened to a queue of keen gardeners’. Read more

Masked at Dobbies at Cadnum

No date from Northern Ireland for garden centres

The Northern Ireland administration has said garden centres will be in the first group of retailers to reopen, but it has not indicated when this will be. Read more

English garden centres finally get permission to reopen

English garden centres will be allowed to open from Wednesday says Government. Read more

Dobbies at Swansea that opened today

Re-opening of English Garden Centres in doubt UPDATED

Tonight’s announcement on Coronavirus from the Prime Minister made no mention of English Garden Centres reopening. We may have to await details released to Parliament 3.30pm tomorrow if there is to be a go-ahead. Read more

Welsh garden centres to re-open on Monday

First Minister, Mark Drakefield, has announced that Welsh garden centres can re-open on Monday provided they can ensure the two metre social distancing rule. Will English garden centres follow? Read more

Covid-19 roundup 6th May

Garden centres should be prepared to open next week; Barclays back two leading independent garden centres; Juggling WFH, home schooling, child-care, basic husband training… Read more


Safe Trading rules for when garden centres re-open

The HTA has published a Safe Trading Guidance to be signed by all retail members, which limits the number of customers in store, defines the products that can be sold and outlines procedures to be followed. Read more

Can garden centres afford to re-open?

With the time approaching that garden centres are likely to be permitted, with restrictions, to open, some garden centres are asking if they can afford to open. Read more

Homebase begins to lift Covid-19 lockdown

On Saturday 25th April, Homebase says it will be trialling the opening of 20 stores, with strict controls in place to ensure shopping is safe for everyone. Read more

How long can Government continue to discriminate against garden centres?

Almost 150 B&Q stores have re-opened selling plants and gardening items. How long can Government continue to discriminate against garden centres, when 70% of the public say they would feel comfortable there? Read more

Scottish minister says garden centres and nurseries can sell via mail order

The Scottish Government has aligned its advice with the rest of the UK and encouraged garden centres, nurseries and plant growers to sell plants and garden accessories via mail order. Read more

Hopes fade of garden centres opening before the May bank holiday

Hopes for a resumption of trading by garden centres before the next bank holiday are withering. So, the HTA is asking growers for evidence to build the case for compensation from Government. Read more

Covid-19 update 16 April

Although Garden centre premises are closed, the switch to home delivery is leading to long delays and frustrated customers, but also to acts of generosity. Read more

Desch Plantpak has donated plastic to make visors for the NHS

Sales surge as garden centres reopen

Garden centres are reopening to big increases in average spend from pent up demand.  Stock shortages are already showing.  But there are concerns about the autumn. Read more

Safety measures at Dobbies, Havant garden centre

No opening yet for Scottish Garden Centres

Despite optimism over the weekend for an announcement that Scottish garden centres would be allowed to reopen, they will remain closed until at least the 28th May. Read more

Garden Centres in N. Ireland can open from Monday

First Minister, Arlene Foster, has announced that garden centres in Northern Ireland will be permitted to open again from Monday 18th May. Read more

Minister underlines need for safe opening of garden centres

Lord Gardiner says, “It is vital all garden centres implement strict social distancing and I urge businesses to use the Government’s extensive guidance and the HTA’s Safe Trading Guidance.” Read more

Garden centres do not have to open on Wednesday

The HTA cautions garden centres to take a thoughtful and considered approach to reopening and not to open until they are ready. Read more

Queues at B&Q when they reopened

Welsh Garden Centres re-open while UK garden centres wait expectantly

Welsh Garden Centres reopen today, under Coronavirus guidelines. English Garden centres might hear today, when the background paper to the PM’s broadcast is released, if they can re-open. Read more

Doddies, Swansea reopens

English garden centres to reopen on Wednesday

The BBC has quoted a senior government source saying garden centres in England will be allowed to reopen on Wednesday, if they comply with social distancing. Read more

HTA eases its safe trading guidance for garden centres

In the hope of an early re-opening of garden centres, The HTA has eased its safety guidance, no longer advising a ban on non-garden related goods. However, cafes should remain closed. Read more

HTA seeks to resolve click & collect ‘Catch 22’

The HTA has asked Government to resolve the click & Collect ‘Catch 22’ where garden centres are allowed to provide the service, but people are not allowed to travel to collect non-essential items. Read more

MP’s write to minister to support growers - UPDATED

A group of MP’s have written to George Eustice calling for compensation for growers and for garden centres to re-open.  At PMQ’s the Foreign Secretary acknowledged this is an important area. Read more

The Gardens Group donates surplus stock to charities, hospitals and schools

The Gardens Group is putting excess stock to good use in support of key workers and everyone doing their bit to stay home throughout the lockdown, donating unsold plants to carers, hospital staff and teachers. Read more

Garden centre sales fall 31% in March

Figures just released by the GCA, show that garden centre sales fell 31% in March. Most centres closed from March 23rd or soon after due to the Coronavirus. Read more

haskins' Snowhill Garden Centre opened in March

DIY & Gardening forecast to be down more than -12%

BHETA has reduced its forecast for DIY and Garden sales in 2020 by -12.1%.  But, it says, the sector is better protected than some.  It projects 2020 sales will fall from £11.4bn to £10bn. Read more

The HTA sends vital survey to all UK growers

With no date set for the reopening of garden centres the best hope for the survival of growers’ businesses rests with the Government providing a compensation scheme. But it is asking for more data. Read more

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When garden centres resume trading...

When garden centres resume trading in the UK, how will they preserve social distancing? Gardenforum looks at what measures will need to be considered. Read more

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