Keep calm and carry on

During the GIMA Awards evening there was a presentation to Richard Bence, Garden Re-Leaf Day announced a huge increase in funds raised and there was Brexit advice from the GIMA president. Read more

Chris Ramsden, Peter Utting, with Linda Petrons and John Ashley of Greenfingers

Consumer confidence shaken by Brexit vote

The GfK Consumer Confidence Barometer has shown its sharpest drop in 21 years, leaving home, living, DIY and grocery sectors particularly vulnerable. Read more

Turn old stock into gold for Greenfingers

Old stock donated by Scotts, Wyevale Nurseries and Wyevale Garden Centres has raised £2,300 at auction for Greenfingers. The charity is asking any company with unwanted stock to donate it to Turn Old into Gold. Read more

Adam Dunnett at Wyevale Nurseries

GIMA golfers raise thousands

Glorious sunshine shone all day at the Telford Golf Resort where 20 teams of garden suppliers and retailers took a break from the season to play a round and raise funds for charity. Read more

Spencer Goodall drives for his birdie

May puts a bounce back in sales UPDATED

Sales figures reveal May was a good month and helped put centres back on track for the first five months of the year. Some chains were up 25% in May. Read more

March sales were up 5.6% says GCA

Official figures from the GCA show sales were better than expected in March.  The South-East did least well.  Scotland and Ireland fared best. Read more

Garden re-Leaf has already raised £57,000

With £57,000 already pledged for Greenfingers, Garden Re-Leaf is on the way to raising £100,000. Here’s a round-up of events around the country. Read more

Boyd Douglas-Davies at the end of his Plant-Athon

Scotland up, while the South is down - mostly

The warm wet winter and cooler spring has produced a big variation in performances.  But generally business at Scottish garden centres seems to be up while many (not all) Southern garden centres are behind last year, especially if sandbagged against flooding. Read more

Can garden centre restaurants continue to grow?

This is one of the questions discussed in the latest fact sheet issued by Malcolm Scott Consultants. It also gives the example of Fairways GC which has permission to be built in Green Belt near Coventry. Read more

Tillington tops £200m

The Tillington Group that pools the buying power of some of the country’s top garden centres has broken into the £200m turnover band. Read more

Restaurants and gifts kept tills ringing in January

Restaurants and gifts kept tills ringing in January as the dull, wet January delayed the purchase of plants, seeds and bulbs. But it was not an even picture across the country. Read more

Ugly veg to raise funds for Greenfingers

Matthew Appleby and the publishers of his new book The Children’s Garden have promised 20% of the royalties to Greenfingers. The book includes projects such as the Ugly Veg. Read more

How can we engage future generations through disruptive technology?

Watch a live debate with leading influencers on Garden Tags, a new blog site for gardening writers and gardeners, on the eve of the Garden Press Event. Read more

“The days of Garden Centres being as they are, are over”

“The current model of retail won’t last,” says Ken Hughes. Read why and some great ideas from the GCA conference. Read more

Ken Hughes

Garden Wise and Barton Grange are the top GCA garden centres

Barton Grange made it five in a row beating Bents and Burston by the narrowest of margins to be GCA large destination Garden Centre of the Year.  Garden Wise was named garden centre of the year. Read more

Anne Radley, Joanne & Gillian Bertram of Garden Wise, with GIMA's Vicky Nuttall and Julian Winfield,

Plant areas are scary places to visit

The HTA Plant Retail conference was held at the spectacular Ball Colegrave Grounds in Oxfordshire. Trends for the future included urban gardening and why the smart phone is at the heart of change. Read more

Will prices rise with a volatile exchange rate?

With the £ dropping to below $1.30 during yesterday’s Solex garden furniture trade show, Gardenforum asked suppliers how and when prices might be affected. Read more

Stay of execution for glyphosate - UPDATED

EU grants an 18 month extension for glyphosate based products as the Health Commissioner expresses concern that that member states could not accept EU commission proposals. Read more

Health Commissioner V Andriukaitis

Brexit vote creates great uncertainty

Brexit vote has created uncertainty about exchange rates and in the minds of consumers, even though nothing changes legally for 2 years. Read more

Challenging time for retailers despite online boost in May

According BRC / KPMG retail sales lifted in May after 2 flat months, but they warned that it's still a challenging time for retailers. Read more

Cold weather holds back spring sales

The strong start to May will have consigned the woes of April to history for many retailers. That will make reading of the April figures from the Garden Centre Association easier. Read more

St Peter's Garden Centre Worcester looks ready for business

Why didn’t someone ring me to sort it out?

Who is holding back the business and who is getting it right. Derek Bunker of Altons Garden Centre tells suppliers at GIMA. Read more

Derek Bunker

Has TV publicity started a revival in houseplant sales? 

Garden centres are reporting several noticeable trends such as:- the strength of garden furniture sales and the revival of houseplants, but will the referendum hit sales? Read more

The National Living Wage comes into force

The National Living Wage comes into force on April 1st.  Garden centres differ on how they will recoup the extra costs. Read more

Parliament votes against changes to Sunday Trading regulations

An alliance of Labour, Scottish Nationalists and 26 Tory rebels defeated Government proposals to devolve decisions on Sunday trading hours to local authorities. Read more

Sunday Trading debate likely to be controversial

Sunday Trading is likely to be controversial with MP’s as it is debated in the House of Commons on March 8th and 9th, both for its substance and for the way the Government has added it to the Enterprise Bill. Read more

We’d have to comply with new EU regs even if the UK votes ‘No’

If the UK leaves the EU, it would still have to comply with the new plant health regulations being introduced later this year, says MEP as she outlines the timetable for the new legislation. Read more

Angela McIntyre MEP with Raoul Curtis-Machin

Sunday Trading to be debated in parliament in the next fortnight

Zoning presents a possible threat to out of town retailers as Government proposals to relax Sunday Trading Laws are added to the Enterprise Bill. Read more

New Yankee Candle scam – More Calls UPDATE

Retailers have been receiving bogus calls seeking to place big orders for Yankee candles, paid for with cloned credit cards.  THIS SCAM IS STILL HAPPENING. Read more

Cultivation Street calls on garden centres to name their ambassadors

“We need to dispel the myth that garden centres are the place for experts,” said David Domoney. He is calling on every garden centre to nominate their ambassador and so build a network of mentors to help people and communities who would like to start growing. Read more

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