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This season sees the national launch of a truly exceptional and innovative product; we present The Willow Wand®.

Fresh from success at the GIMA Garden Press Event, where the invited Media voted it an award in the Best New Product category, this unique introduction requires a tiny footprint but generates huge interest and sales per square metre.

Every Willow Wand® is a hand-crafted piece of living art. Elegant and visually stunning, it will become the magical centre-piece of any garden, patio or outdoor space it graces. Expertly selected whips of living willow are hand-crafted into a visually striking symmetrically woven stem by our master weavers. Rapidly topped by an easy to maintain topiary crown, this new concept in plants is perfect for small spaces and larger gardens alike, as the height of the decorative standard stem remains fixed, and customers simply trim the crown to any desired shape. With huge ‘grow your own’ appeal the plant is sold as a hardwood stick cutting and being willow is exceptionally easy to establish and maintain: miraculous development to a full crown is possible in as little as 6 weeks from planting!

Plant it, water it, watch it grow

The Willow Wand® is already attracting major interest across the U.K, with prestigious retail outlets such as Barton Grange Garden Centre placing repeat orders to meet customer demand.

Since its introduction to the UK, The Willow Wand® has featured in show gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show, created a buzz at Gardener’s World Live, and is now hitting headlines in the national and gardening press. With full, high quality PoS and marketing materials and excellent online presence to support sales, demand from customers is perfectly set to take off, and generate superb margins for retailers. Available in 4 sizes, from ‘bonsai’ to nearly 1m overall dimension, with high quality care labels and FSDU.

For more information, please email orders@willowwand.co.uk or phone Simon Read on 03301200604


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