Tomato 'Veranda Red' launch at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park

Company: Burpee Europe

'Veranda Red' is a unique new development in compact bush tomatoes. This new variety,  launched on Pennard Plants display at the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show has the following attributes.

•    A dwarf tomato with taste
•    Suitable for a range of pot sizes from 2 Litre (1 Plant) to 25 Litres (3 or 4 plants)
•    Requires no canes or supports
•    Good resistance to disease including potato blight
•    Early ripening, starts to produce a crop in mid-July from a mid-April sowing
•    Seeds available from Pennard Plants

'Veranda Red' is a new development from the Burpee Europe breeding programme which is ideal for smaller patio pots. This variety has travelled a long journey with its breeder Simon Crawford who explained that he has been working on this concept since breeding Red Alert which was introduced in 1983 and Tumbler which was introduced in 1990.

Selection of parent plants took place in multiple locations, including just outside Madrid, Evesham in Worcestershire, East Yorkshire and The Netherlands. Simon commented, "This is a significant breakthrough in adding flavour to this class of dwarf bush tomatoes, I am pleased with the outcome and hope that gardeners will enjoy this variety during the coming years."

When discussing the development of varieties with other breeders, such as Markus Kobelt from Lubera, we agree that it often surprises us that the creative endeavour in plant breeding is not given the credit it is due. The design and implementation of a garden may take a year but a new variety of tomato may be 10-15 years in the making, an apple even longer. We seem to struggle to celebrate the introduction of new varieties and it may be difficult to separate the claims from the reality but I believe that 'Veranda Red' is a good solid variety that will stand the test of time.

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