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Agrumi is a wholesale nursery supplying a huge range of garden centre quality plants at competitive prices. We are renowned suppliers of specimen, ornamental, and architectural plants, all forms of topiary, and evergreen screening plants from 1 to 6 metres.

Chichester Trees and Shrubs Nursery

There is still plenty of colour and action on the nurseries, despite us moving into October.

We have some stunning Clematis still packing the buds and flowers, with Guernsey Cream shining a light into these overcast days with her iridescent, glowing white flowers.

Miscanthus Yaku-Jima is in full glorious flower, and is a wonderful addition to a border that needs a stocky, squat 100cm tall grassy presence.

Country Herbs & Plants

We see ourselves as niche growers, specialists in herbs with a few peripheral crops for interest. However, we are probably the largest herb specialist supplying the UK Garden Centre sector. Scale gives us certain advantages in what is a competitive industry and world but we remain a niche, family business which with 25 years under our belt is very much looking ahead at the next 25 years.

Dingley Dell Nurseries

Our wide range of hardy shrubs and climbers is grown to a uniform and consistent high standard to please both Garden Centre buyers and the more discerning Landscaper.

Hawkesmill Nursery

Looking great this week - Geums, Cirsium atropurpureum and Lupin Gallery.

Kernock Park Plants

Erysimum 'Winter' Collection - If you are looking for colour, you’re in the right place! Perfect for spring containers, these neat and compact plants range from rosy reds and golden yellows to bronze, copper and even purple tones!This series has been specificly bred for their neat and compact shape, with tight spikes of flowers sitting low above there bluish green foliage. Their first flowers open in late February and they will flower continuously until the end of May and beyond…

Seiont Nurseries

After a busy summer we are still busy shipping Evergreen Shrubs and Perennials for Autumn potting accross the UK and Europe.

Many of these lines we are also selling in to retailers for use in Autumn planters, displays and vertical walls. Ferns, Heucheras and Grasses are the most popular!

We are also busy taking orders for Spring delivery.


We are an international, independent and family owned company with headquarters in Muenster, Germany. Since 1925 - now in the hands of the third generation - Volmary stands for an innovative and tradition-conscious vegetable and flower growing company making the world more colourful.

The name Volmary ® stands for quality seeds and best seedlings.

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