Houseplant of the Month, Spring in the Garden & Easter

Company: The Flower Council of Holland

During these unprecedented times, the Flower Council will continue to share a message of hope and continue to inspire consumers with our wonderful products. We will continue to herald in the spring, share plant-filled content, tips and DIY projects, and inform our readers of the Houseplant of the Month every month on

Our aim is to keep plants top of mind and to make sure customers are still buying plants for their homes and gardens if they are still able to, or to look forward to filling their spaces with green again soon. You can join in and continue to inform and inspire your customers by sharing and using our content, images and information.

Peace Lily: Houseplant of the Month, May 202o

The peace lily, also known as Spathiphyllum, will be featured as the Houseplant of the Month in May. If you’d like to draw your customers’ attention to this houseplant, you can use the POS material that we have developed for you, images and information free of charge.

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Garden plants on this spring

Chances are that we will be spending a lot of time in and around our own homes in the coming months. What do you do when you have a small garden or just a balcony or patio, but you wish for some greenery? At we give consumers tips to make the best of their space with outdoor plants.  

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Easter will continue to share inspirational ideas for a beautiful celebration spent at home this Easter. Flowers and plants can still steal the show and we have articles bursting with DIY tips to help your customers create a showstopping Easter table.  Share these ideas with your customers to help them brighten up their celebrations by bringing the happiness and joy of springtime indoors.

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Let Hope Bloom

The Flower Council will continue to share a message of hope through our 'Let Hope Bloom' campaign. The campaign has already been shared far and wide, and you can also share download all the image and video materials which you can find here.


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