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Simply pottering around your plot, nurturing plants and being lost in the moment can be very relaxing, providing time for mindful contemplation. But gardening doesn’t have to be a lonely or solitary affair, with great benefit derived from bringing people together to talk gardening, sharing their gardening experiences and the crops and flowers they grow.

Encourage your customers take part in gardening socials like talks, workshops and clubs in September with support from the ‘Gardening is Good for You!’ campaign, supported by National Garden Gift Vouchers.

Togetherness has great value for our mental wellbeing, relieving boredom and providing opportunities to interact with others.

Joining a gardening club and enjoying talks and events at a local garden centre brings like-minded gardeners together. They’re a place to share gardening ideas and experiences as well as learn valuable skills and discover exciting new plants.

More community gardens are popping-up around the country too, providing opportunities for people to garden together and share produce, improving their levels of activity, physical, mental and social health.

Many groups also run shows that bring people together to celebrate growing and creative achievements. They may run outings to beautiful gardens and events where you can enjoy a day out in great company, making new gardening friends.

Whether swapping seeds, seedlings and spare plants, passing on problem solving advice, growing and gardening with others, or gifting beautiful plants to friends, by sharing a love of gardening we’ll all be growing together.


Plants are the perfect gift, whether for family, friends, to celebrate birthdays and special occasions, or as a treat! Garden centres and nurseries are full of beautiful plants this month, some with meaningful and personal names, so why not start your customers and their friends off on their own gardening adventure.

Promote plants carrying seasonal colour, fruits and berries such as Chinese Plumbago (Ceratostigma ‘Forest Blue’ AGM), long-flowering Alstoemeria, Bluebeard (Caryopteris), Hydrangea, Hebe, Camellia sasanqua ‘Versicolor’, Pansies, Violas and Heathers.

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