Tom Chambers announce major business upgrade for 2019/2020

Company: Tom Chambers
  • Oswald Bird Table
  • Squirrel Stop! Squirrel Proof Feeder
  • Chartwell Seed Feeder

Following tremendous growth throughout all areas of their business, Tom Chambers has announced significant investment in their business to support its UK manufacturing operations. The wood shop manufacturing space has been increased by a third and many new staff have been employed. The installation of new state of the art machinery including a new bird food packaging machine has enabled the output of packed bird food to be doubled.

The increased production facility has enabled Tom Chambers to launch a fantastic new Birdcare collection for 2019/20. Additions to the handcrafted tables include the Oswald table with owl etching detail and the Warbler bird table with cute bird design. The Ingleton slate roof bird table is perfect for any size garden with shaped sides to add detail and a rustic, heavy duty base. The new Bird Temple bird table features a chunky, log style timber with handcrafted finial and shaped edging.

A new range of wooden feeders at great price points includes the hexagonal Charlton Seed Feeder and the Lavenham hanging table with genuine slate roof. Also added is a new range of tubular feeders in an on trend grey finish, for seed, peanut and fat balls. New promotional feeders with display bins include the Seed and Peanut Lantern feeders and the Super Perch Feeder.

New food blends include the new Multi Seed and Nut Mix packaged in the much loved red top extra fill bag. This blend includes premium ingredients sunflower hearts and kibbled peanuts which will attract the widest variety of garden birds. This is available in a new compact display crate.

Following the superb sales of the Squirrel Resistant Cage, Tom Chambers have launched the Squirrel Stop! Squirrel Proof Feeder. This very clever and practical feeder has unique ports which close instantly when the weight of a squirrel lands on the feeder. Squirrel Stop is presented in a full colour box with a display bin to maximise sales. Also included in the Squirrel Proof Category is the new Squirrel Baffle which can be used with hanging feeders and with Tom Chambers Bird Stations.

For over 50 years Tom Chambers has been recognised for its quality workmanship, products, service and value throughout the industry. The increased manufacturing space and capacity, together with the larger workforce will ensure that their enviable reputation will continue into 2020 and make certain that demand for Tom Chambers products can be met in full.

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