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Company: Aquaja

Aquaja is pleased to present the Economy Line aquarium unit. This complete aquarium rack is built from high-quality anodized aluminum and it is the perfect budget-friendly solution for your aquatics department. Besides that the Economy Line by Aquaja is exclusively available in the United Kingdom!

The Economy Line by Aquaja has 3 levels (of tanks) divided into 2 compartments, each fitted with a Hamburger Matting Filter. The unit comes with LED lighting, airlifters & an air pump and is plug & play!

Available for just £999.



Economy Line by Aquaja
  • Dimensions: 115 x 40 x 215 cm
  • Layout:2-2-2+1 (3 levels of aquariums with 1 level shelf space)
  • Filtration:Hamburger Matting Filter (per compartment)
  • Price: £ 999- (ex works)

The Economy Line by Aquaja is a plug & play aquarium rack and is equipped with:

  • Water supply with hose-fitting adapter for easy water refreshments
  • Energy-efficient and silent air pump with airlifters per compartment
  • Hamburger Matting Filters
  • LED (SMD) lighting
  • 4-way water-proof socket per aquarium level
  • Glass cover-slides
  • Anodized aluminium frame with flap doors in front & levelling feet
  • Storage space with sliding doors
  • Plug & Play: Ready for use within 15 minutes!
Hamburger Matting Filter

In the Economy Line by Aquaja aquarium rack we use one of the most effective, yet easy to maintain, filtration systems available: the Hamburger Matting Filter. Each compartment has its own filter with a high-quality and silent airlifter. We use black filter foam, which corresponds to the black sidewalls and which gives the aquarium unit its modern look and feel.

Are you interested to find out more about the Hamburger Matting Filter theory?

Interested? Contact us!

Are you interested in this unique, UK-exclusive and budget-friendly aquarium unit? Please contact our UK sales representative John Bowen.

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