Henry Bell & Co (Grantham) Ltd launches recyclable packaging for its Wild Bird Food Range

Company: Henry Bell & Co

Henry Bell, the family-owned and leading quality pet and wild bird food producer, is unveiling a recyclable packaging for its new Henry Bell Wild Bird Food range which will hit stores nationwide next month.

Sustainability and reduction of single-use plastic is at the forefront of businesses and consumers’ mind. Henry Bell estimates that over 10 million packs of bird food, largely from unrecyclable materials, are sold in the UK every year. As a result, the company wanted to develop a design that was both eye-catching but also mindful of the environment. It approached Tyler Packaging, a specialist supplier of paper and plastic packaging who were able to provide an innovative recycling solution.

Thomas Lee, Managing Director of Henry Bell comments: “At Henry Bell we’ve been committed to sourcing and producing quality products that respect the environment. Developing a recyclable packaging for our new wild bird food brand ensures we lead the conversation in the category. We hope to inspire our customers and the growing number of ethical consumers to follow us on our recyclable journey.”

The material used across the food range - from bags of 1kg, 2kg, 4kg and 12.55kg bags and 500 gr, 1 kg and 2 kg pouches - is polyethylene single source polymer laminate, a structure developed exclusively by Tyler Packaging which is easy to recycle as it can be re-granulated back into its original form. Furthermore, it also protects the integrity of the elements inside each bag.

“After years of research we’ve engineered a packaging with a mono structure that is easy to recycle and also satisfies requirements around functionality. We’re delighted to see Henry Bell Wild Bird Food range launching our eco-packaging solution to the UK market.” says Adam Kay, Sales & Technical Director from Tyler Packaging

Henry Bell Wild Bird Food launches in July 2019 across the UK in garden centres, pet shops and mainstream retailers.


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