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Company: Aquaja

Aquaja is an internationally operating company, based in the Netherlands, with more than 20 years of experience in customized shop fittings for the display of livestock.  In the past few years Aquaja has implemented many innovations in their products. Aquaja will ensure that the customer can use sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Besides the energy-savings our solutions can also save a lot of money.  Customers are often not aware of the possible savings with sustainable solutions. This money saving can increase a lot through the years, which we can show in our unique savings calculation programme that we offer customers. 

 There are still customers who use fluorescent light, while LED lighting can save around 20% without loss on output. Aquaja offers high-quality LED lighting for all our products. We work together with the Dutch supplier HVP Aqua, with whom we have developed our unique private label lights. This lighting has been specially adapted to fit the wishes and needs of the consumers of our units. Besides LED lighting Aquaja can provide the customer with many more saving solutions, such as energy-saving air pumps. An important and easy way to save on your energy costs is to work with filtration on air lifters instead of regular aquarium pumps. One of our unique and most spectacular energy-savings solutions is to use a unique heating system. This heating system is comparable to a floor heating system. Instead of heating the aquarium water using the regular heating elements, which use around 200-300 Watts a piece, we install heating tubes under the aquariums. By using the air lifters, LED lighting and our unique energy-savings heating system you can save 40% to 60% energy!

Besides offering these solutions to new customers, of course we can help our existing customers too. For existing customers, we also can offer energy- and money-saving solutions to replace older products. 

For more information about our energy saving solutions please see our website! 

If you are interested please feel free to contact John Bowen, the face of Aquaja in the United Kingdom since 2016. You can contact John on his mobile (07873-426254) or his e-mail (

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