Nova Outdoor Living is happy to announce new customer Court Farm Garden Centre

Company: Nova Outdoor Living

Nova Outdoor Living is pleased to announce that they have acquired a new customer in the form of Court Farm Garden Centre.

Court Farm is a family run business that was founded in 1967. The garden centre offers a customer-focused approach and is keen on offering products that keep a garden well-maintained. Court Farm offers a family-orientated business with products and services that are suitable for everyone and ensure their garden centre is child-friendly.

Nova is extremely excited to have acquired Court Farm as a customer as they feel their family-orientated values are aligned with their own values to create products that are designed to bring joy to all households and are not only cost effective for customers but also for consumers.

“Thanks to our brilliant agents we have acquired Court Farm Garden Centre as a Nova Customer,” commented Director, James Whiteley. “We are pleased to announce that consumers will be able to find Nova products in Court Farm Garden Centre from spring onwards.”

Court Farm Garden Centre will stock some of Nova’s core garden furniture range and has also taken advantage of Nova’s parasol and stand pallet deal, as advertised on Gardenforum. Nova is pleased that Court Farm has not only seen the pallet and stand deal as a great introductory offer but has also been confident enough in Nova’s product range to order some core furniture items, too.

Court Farm Garden Centre is located in Worcester Park and is open for consumers to visit 7 days a week.

For those interested in Nova’s introductory offers and potentially stocking Nova’s furniture, the firm recommends contacting your local agents or speaking to Nova’s sales manager, Ian Read.

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