Nova Outdoor Living announces new parasol base pallet deal

Company: Nova Outdoor Living

Following on from the release of their parasol and stand pallet deal, Nova Outdoor Living has released a new parasol base pallet deal.

This parasol deal is ideal for accompanying the parasol and stand pallet deal, or can be a standalone deal, and consists of 48 15kg parasol bases. The deal has worked in promo and RRP prices which allow customers to make a high profit margin and takes all the stress out of ordering.

“Having spoken to customers, the one thing that jumped out at being important for them is to know that they are going to make money on an item and not have to stress about whether they are competitive on the market or trying to calculate costs,” highlighted Director, James Whiteley. “So, to remove this stress we have worked out prices that place our customers at a competitive position within the market and also make a good profit.”

“Everything from placing the order, to receiving the pallet of parasol bases, to selling the products should be easy for our customers, and therefore we feel this parasol deal is excellent value,” revealed sales manager, Ian Read.

For customers or businesses interested in Nova’s parasol base pallet deal the firm recommends contacting an agent in their area that represents Nova or making contact with Nova directly as they will be happy to assist.

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