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Garden furniture specialists, EKJU, are making great strides into the 2021 season by making a major addition to their UK sales operations. June saw the set up of the EKJU UK Ltd company, and now they have assembled a vastly experienced sales team from the gardening industry to help grow sales in the UK market. The EKJU sales team will be tasked to generate new stockist’s with UK Garden Centre’s, selling an extensive range of quality Garden Furniture and Grow Your Own products.

Based in Latvia, EKJU is one of Europe’s biggest manufacturers and exporters of timber Garden Furniture and have been supplying products into the UK for several years. Their products are constructed using northern European FSC Pine and Spruce that is ideal for use on Garden Furniture due to its high density and durable qualities. Well known products in the range consists of top quality Picnic Table’s that seat from 4 to 8 people, Relax Chairs, and a variety of Table Sets. There is also a wide variety of Planters, Raised Beds and Grow Your Own accessories to choose from.

Egons, Klauss, Juris & Uldis were the founders of EKJU, who had a vision to create Garden Furniture that is crafted with the care and attention needed to ensure the product lasts as long as it takes to regrow a new tree. Since 1992 the company have adopted this ethos throughout the organization sourcing from only FSC certified forests and upholding their founder’s high standards.

The new UK sales team covers England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and consists of specialist sales agents that have been selling into UK Garden Centre’s for many years. This involves specialist agencies that have worked for the biggest distributors in the industry, as well as sales specialists in the garden timber industry. This strengthens the EKJU team, which now has dedicated resource and a logistical network in the UK, in order to supply gardening retailers of all sizes.

EKJU Sales & Marketing Director, Laura Galzone said “The UK market is extremely important to us and many of our designs are ideal for the UK consumer. The new sales team is a major development for the company and represents our desire to work with British gardening retailers. We are excited about the season ahead and what we can achieve together”

UK Garden Centre’s can now look forward to a high quality reliable range of timber products. They will also find a supplier that take’s the upmost care and attention in every stage of production, using extensive knowledge, techniques and state of the art machinery to ensure consistently robust designs and smooth product finishing.

To book an appointment with your local EKJU sales representative, please see an accompanying colour coded map which shows by region contact details. If you want to know any general information about EKJU then you can contact EKJU Sales & Marketing Director Laura Galzone at laura.galzone@ekju.lv or click here to view the EKJU catalogue to browse the product range.

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