Reopening your retail store: Step two – sanitation & portable hand washing/sanitisation stations

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  • Penguin Foot Operated Sanitiser Dispenser
  • The H-Wash station from Cleaner Retail
  • Ramsol hand sanitisation unit
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  • Ramsol 500ml Aerosol

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the benefits of frequent and thorough hand washing to stop the spread of the virus have been well documented. However, within a retail environment direct access to soap and water is limited, which is why Cleaner Retail – a new one-stop-shop offering everything retailers need to safely reopen to the public – has curated a comprehensive collection of pop-up hand washing stations and sanitisation solutions.

Pop-up (portable) hand washing stations (H-Wash)

Available for use both front and back of house, these self-contained ‘pop-up’ stations provide everything needed to maintain hand hygiene within a retail setting.

Requiring no plumbing or electricity, Cleaner Retail’s Hand Wash Stations, or H-Wash, come complete with soap, paper towels and a waste bin. The water is foot pump-activated by the user. Each unit can hold 45 litres of water, enough for 225, 20-second hand washes.

Made from 70% recycled lightweight plastic, these hand washing stations can be easily located throughout the shop floor, including outdoor areas, as well as within warehouses and stockrooms to ensure staff comply with the highest possible hygiene standard. The lightweight nature means they can be easily relocated to ensure that areas of high footfall are targeted.

Additional Cleaner Retail hand washing stations for smaller spaces and for use in delivery vehicles complete the offering, offering 225 and 25, 20-second hand washes respectively.

Cleaner Retail offers bespoke branding for all H-Wash units, based on a minimum order quantity of 25. Prices start from £204.00 with delivery available within seven to 14 days.

Sanitisation solutions

Clean hands stop the spread of Covid-19 but sanitisation of surfaces and surrounding areas is the next step in ensuring a clean and safe environment for staff and customers alike.

Cleaner Retail has turned to leading experts, Ramsol®, for its sanitisation solutions. Ramsol®’s Water-Based Sanitiser Disinfectant Spray - available from Cleaner Retail in both 22 litre and 500ml containers, with the latter benefitting from same day dispatch - contains active biocides, specifically designed for the cleansing and disinfecting of hard and soft surfaces, as well as electrical products making it ideal for offices and tills, and is also food safe.

The Ramsol® spray is a revolutionary mist spray designed to sanitise and disinfect difficult to reach and intricate areas with full surface coverage. The ingredients within this product deal rapidly and effectively with an extensive list of bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds. The speed of application and effectiveness of Ramsol®’s Disinfectant enables retailers to increase the speed of service, improve the customer experience and minimise downtime, whether wiping trolley handles or ensuring a fast-moving customer flow at the hand sanitisation units.

Coming soon to Cleaner Retail will be a number of portable, design-led hand sanitisation stations featuring Ramsol®’s disinfectant solution. Benefiting from 1,200 applications, each of these portable hand sanitisation units, available in a range of customer colours and finishes, are perfect for use on the shopfloor, offices, restaurant and hospitality settings.

Cleaner Retail’s Scott Thomas said: “UK retailers will have to prove that they have taken the necessary steps to meet government requirements regarding hygiene and sanitation in order to reopen. Hand washing and ensuring optimum cleaning processes have been met will be key to this. With our hand washing stations and Ramsol®’s disinfectant, retailers can feel confident that they are hitting the mark and can pass this peace of mind onto staff and customers.”

NEW to Cleaner Retail – Penguin Foot Operated Sanitiser Dispenser

Cleaner Retail is pleased to confirm that the Penguin Sanitiser Dispenser has been added to its product offering.

Manufactured in the UK, these design-led, portable sanitiser dispensers, are non-captive meaning any liquid or gel sanitiser can be used. With a maximum capacity of 5 litres, sanitiser can be dispensed using a foot operated mechanism and stand at 1m high. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, the Penguin Sanitiser Dispenser comes in powder coated black or white as standard, with customisable colours available on request. Priced at £298 + VAT.

Further information regarding the government’s advice for use of hand washing stations in the workplace can be found here.

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