Hero Eco Bags - manufactured using landfill plastic waste

Company: Eximex UK Ltd

We are proud to present our Blue Planet friendly product which is Hero Eco Bags - Manufactured Using Landfill Plastic Waste. We believe that we are the only company that has developed this unique concept of using waste from landfill for bin bags production. We are confident that this bag is the strongest polythene bag comparing to others in the market and it does not split and tear easily. We do sell in FSDU delivering directly to your warehouse!

HERO ECO BIN BAG – GREEN Innovation Manufactured Using Landfill Plastic Waste

The Blue Planet Effect continues to be in the forefront of consumer buying behaviour and should not be underestimated.

The timing is perfect to introduce the new sustainable bin bags.

We would like to introduce Hero Eco Bags using the concept of sustainably minimising plastic waste on landfill sites. Every ton of material removed from landfill and used again in Hero Eco Bags is a positive contribution toward reducing the amount of plastic that will potentially become micro plastic which could pollute in the future. Hero Eco Bags will also satisfy people concerns about helping the environment.

We are assured that this bag is the best polythene bag on the market, and it is not easy to split and tear. It is suitable for garden use, DIY and both indoor and outdoor activities. We think that this is the opportunity for us to introduce possibly the best refuse sack for garden users in the UK.

Our company, Eximex UK Ltd, is solely owned by King-Pac Industrial, the largest manufacture of polythene bags in Asia and supply directly into the UK market.

Please consider giving our products a try.

If have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via this email Phakarat.psw@eximex-inter.com or give us a call 01142134405.

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