Rewild your garden and protect our pollinators with Bee Friends® with Nature

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As the urgency to protect our natural environment grows, so does the movement towards rewilding our gardens. G Plants’ innovative gardening range, Bee Friends® with Nature is designed to make gardening for wildlife easy and enjoyable for everyone, no matter the size of your outdoor space. This comprehensive collection not only enhances the beauty of your garden but also plays a crucial role in protecting and nurturing precious pollinators and supporting native wildlife.  And with World Bee Day taking place on 20th May, retailers cannot miss out on the chance to contribute to the preservation of these vital creatures by incorporating these G Plants’ wildlife-friendly options in-store.

Gardening for wildlife is not just a trend—it’s a necessity that’s capturing the attention of the UK public. Bee Friends® consists of expertly designed seeds to attract and sustain native wildlife and pollinating insects, making it easy for you to contribute to conservation efforts. Whether you have a garden, balcony, patio, or windowsill, our range allows everyone to participate in wildlife gardening.

The primary aim of the Bee Friends® range is to protect and nurture pollinators, which are crucial for the health of our ecosystems. Our wildflower seed mixtures contain scented flowers that attract beneficial insects across the seasons, ensuring continuous support all year round. We also offer night-scented varieties that attract night-flying insects, vital for nocturnal creatures like hedgehogs, bats, and badgers. Larger leaf varieties, such as Nasturtium, provide ideal conditions for egg-laying insects and caterpillars, while the leaves and stems hold water and seeds feed wildlife at season’s end. As plants die back, the dried foliage offers valuable nesting materials for wildlife, promoting a healthy cycle of life in your garden.

For wildlife-loving consumers, our planters are designed for outdoor use and can withstand various weather conditions, ensuring longevity and reusability. Our propagation kits include everything you need to grow from seed, making the process simple and accessible—just add water! Seed bombs and shakers are perfect for children and those who find handling small seeds challenging, making planting straightforward and fun. Seed shakers can be sown in the spring to bloom and self-seed the following year.

Retailers can join the movement to protect our pollinators, support native wildlife, and create sustainable habitats today with our unique Bees Friends product portfolio:

The Honeycomb Wildflower Bucket (RRP £10.99) or Trough (RRP £14.99) is perfect for gifting and contains scented flower varieties that attract beneficial insects all summer long. For those looking to add a burst of colour to their gardens, the Nectar Rich Pollinator Pot (RRP £12.99) features vivid flowers chosen specifically to attract pollinator insects.

The Wildflower Pollinator Pot (RRP £13.99) is another excellent choice, offering a selection of scented blooms that draw in beneficial insects. Our Fragrant Herbs Grow Set (RRP £9.99) includes flowering herbs like mint, lavender, and rosemary, combining beauty with utility and attracting various pollinators.

For year-round gardening, the Two Season Year-Round Grow Set (RRP £9.99) provides blooms such as Viola Helen Mount and Godetia Dwarf Mix, ensuring your garden remains attractive to pollinators throughout the seasons. The Jute Bag Seed Starter Kits (RRP £7.99) make growing sunflowers and strawberries fun and accessible for everyone, regardless of their gardening experience.

Our Seed Bombs Jute Gift Bag (RRP £8.99) offers a simple and delightful way to beautify your garden—just scatter the 35 included seed bombs and watch as they bloom. For eco-conscious gardeners, the ECO-Pack Seed Bombs (RRP £6.99) and ECO-Box Seed Shakers (RRP £4.99) are perfect choices. These products, available in varieties such as Rainbow Garden, Summer Sunshine, Wildflowers, and more, are made in-house by G Plants and cover up to 37m², ensuring no waste and maximum impact.

Daniel Howarth, Managing Director said: “Rewilding your garden has never been easier or more rewarding with our Bee Friends with Nature range. By choosing our range, retailers can tap into the growing wildlife awareness trend and offer homeowners solutions that will beautify their outdoor space while significantly impacting the environment and helping halt the decline of pollinating insect habitats.”

G Plants also provides retailers with complimentary and strategic in-store displays to promote Bee Friends® Seed Shakers, Seed Bombs, and BEES® Seed Mats, helping to enhance product visibility and customer engagement. Retailers can choose from various stand options, including stands with video screens requiring mains power supply and stands with header board POS. G Plants, in partnership with Gem Merchandising, will offer regular maintenance and product merchandising, with an option for monthly servicing to ensure optimal presentation and functionality.

Retailers interested in stocking G Plants' Bee Friends ® range are encouraged to contact the G Plants Sales team at or phone 01254 790350. For more information about G Plants and its product range, please visit

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