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It is easy to keep stocking the same products but when the desire to try something new strikes it can often be a confusing time for many retailers. What if we make the wrong choice? What if they don’t sell? Should we be committing ourselves to such large order numbers? These are just some of the questions that might be asked. One company that is cutting through the noise and offering retailers the chance to ‘test’ new product introductions is Premium Christmas Trees with its innovative trial pallets.

With Christmas tree styles and trends changing in line with consumer demand, the need to offer more choice is becoming ever more a reality for garden centres. Whether it is offering trees which have a clear and distinct environmental message, or meet the needs of smaller contemporary living spaces, discerning shoppers want a tree that ticks a lot of boxes. Before retailers had to juggle lots of stock and stockists, but that is now a thing of the past. Premium Christmas Trees’ trial pallets enable retailers to take in smaller stock quantities, allowing them to see which varieties and sizes work best for their own customer demographic, all backed by low prices, high quality and low-commitment orders.

For the 2020 season, Premium Christmas Trees has introduced four new trial pallet offers for garden centres – Premium Nordmann, Traditional Nordmann, Fraser Fir and the innovative Premium Nordmann Slimline.

They also have some great trials on a new wreath range, and pallets of 25 pot grown trees.

Premium Christmas Trees’ Sophie Holt said: “Our trial pallets are a great way of testing the success of new lines amongst customers, without having to commit to large stock quantities. We have previously run trial pallets with customers and have found that over 95% of them return the following year with increased orders. It is this level of success that we want to roll out to our wider customer network as we are so confident in the functionality of these trial pallets.”

Online order fulfilment

In addition to offering trial pallets, Premium Christmas Trees also provides an unrivalled drop-ship online ordering system for customers who are unable to commit a large footprint on the shop floor to house real Christmas trees and accessories during the festive season. This need to optimise online sales has also become ever more prevalent in recent months as many consumers have turned to the internet to provide a safer and truly socially distanced shopping experience during lockdown.

Maximising freshness and customer satisfaction, Premium Christmas Trees hand select trees for each individual customer based on size and quality specifications. Packaged in a special transport bag, each tree, wreath and garland is delivered with complete care instructions on the date selected by the customer via a third-party courier service.

For more information regarding Premium Christmas Trees’ Trial Pallet offers, as well as its online order fulfilment, please visit the newly updated website or call the company on 01257 793748 to discuss your tree requirements for Christmas 2020. There is a dedicated team of sales experts who can be in touch or come to visit retailers nationwide.

A special video regarding Premium Christmas Trees’ online order support can also be viewed here.


Learn more about Premium Christmas Trees’ market-leading offering here.



Don’t miss Premium Christmas Trees’ expanded support for retailers this festive season

During recent months, Premium Christmas Trees has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to update and improve its retail support tools, to ensure that retailers are armed with everything they need to quickly and easily secure stock and help drive sales of Christmas trees either instore or online. Updated services include:

  • New website
  • Price freeze
  • New POS support
  • Video merchandising support
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