Celebrate Poinsettia on Poinsettia Day – 12 December

Company: SBM Life Science
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Retailers can make the most of Poinsettia Day with a themed sleeve for their existing Baby Bio® display; it’s a great way for retailers to remove the risk of out of season stock.

Few things say Christmas more than a beautiful, striking poinsettia. With their vivid scarlet and green colours, they bring the festive spirit into our homes, making it the traditional Christmas plant. Native to Mexico, they have been used to celebrate Christmas since the 17th Century.

Baby Bio® is celebrating this year on National Poinsettia Day – 12 December – by running a ‘week of winners’ on its Facebook page! Every day, one lucky person will win a pack of four Baby Bio® Houseplant drip feeders, perfect for helping poinsettia flourish through Christmas and beyond. And to celebrate properly, on National Poinsettia Day there will be three winners!

Baby Bio® Houseplant Food is suitable for poinsettias, Christmas trees and other Christmas plants. The themed wraps are waterproof, which means the displays can be located outside amidst the Christmas trees or inside with the poinsettia, helping drive link sales.

Baby Bio® is a registered trademark of SBM Développement.


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