Town & Country expands product range with three new additions for Summer

Company: Town & Country
  • Stretch-Fit Gauntlet Gloves
  • Casual Cloggies®
  • Small Sweep Eco-Rake
  • Casual Cloggies® display with POS

Town & Country is excited to announce the expansion of its gardening range with the addition of three new products for summer. These innovative products are designed to complement the existing lineup, providing gardeners with even more options to tackle their summer tasks efficiently and comfortably.

Casual Cloggies®

RRP £9.99

Sizes UK3 – UK11

The Casual Cloggies® now available in a soft grey option to compliment the successfully launched Teal, is perfect for those looking for an unstated, stylish choice. These slip-on slip-off shoes feature a contoured shape, slip-resistant sole, and a moveable supportive heel strap, providing a perfect blend of style and functionality. Designed for the warmer weather whilst still ensuring feet are protected during outdoor tasks - a must-have for all summer tasks.


Stretch-Fit Gauntlet Gloves

RRP £14.99

The Stretch-Fit Gauntlet Gloves expand on Town & Country’s extensive glove range and popular promotional lines. These gloves feature long cuffs for enhanced coverage of hands and forearms and are made from microfibre Leather & breathable Spandex, offering more comfort and flexibility for various gardening tasks than other protective styles such as leather gauntlets. With their superior protection, they are great all-rounders for general pruning, gardening and are particularly useful for pricklier shrubs. This latest addition comes in a classic grey and petrol blue colour combination, and available in three sizes, Small, Medium & Large and are available in a bespoke eye catching and informative display unit.

Small Sweep Eco-Rake

 RRP £7.99

The Small Sweep Eco-Rake adds to Town & Country's hugely popular eco-friendly range. Made from recycled and sustainably sourced materials, this rake features a smaller 14cm head for easier raking of confined or difficult-to-reach areas, making it perfect for narrow paths, beds, and borders. It is significantly more accessible than a standard leaf rake and is great for clearing narrow places without disturbing or damaging small and delicate plants.

At Town & Country, sustainability isn't just a trend, it’s integrated into everything they do. In addition to the Eco-Rakes range, a wide range of eco-conscious products designed to minimise environmental impact are available. From gardening gloves made from recycled ocean plastic waste, tools made from recycled plastics to wellies made from repurposed old wellies, Town & Country is committed to providing sustainable solutions for every aspect of gardening.

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