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Suttons embraces the Grow your own Revolution with its fun and easy to grow new vegetable varieties for 2021 and brings focus to a selection of perennials that pack a punch! ... All of this introduced into their famous and easy to shop A-Z range, without the need for additional stands as Suttons appreciates that right now space is a priority. For those with that little bit of extra space and customers that want to ‘try something different’ Suttons continues with the exciting James Wong collection, as well as the GIMA award runner up ‘Predators and Pollinators’ stand. 2021 also sees the second year of the ‘Grow Salad this summer’ collection - a stand designed for those who have recently found the joy of crop-growing in their own gardens.

With the focus on easy to grow varieties many of which have been inspired by the best sellers of 2020 sees Suttons introduce a further 21 varieties to the A-Z in vegetables and fruit which have a multitude of culinary uses, store well or can be preserved to extend their shelf life.

Leading Suttons New Introductions is striking Swiss Chard - Peppermint with its pink to white two-tone stems, this will add an air of sophistication to vegetable plots, flower borders or upcycled designer container others perfect for adding colour to veg plot and plate, (code 160381 - £2.99). Others adding a splash of colour are Tree Spinach, (code 178437 - £2.99) with shocking magenta growth tips and Mizuna - Red Empire Strikes back in a starburst of colour (code 161256 - £1.99).

Mixed lettuce Seed proved a real favourite this summer during the lockdown period with Suttons customers purchasing 102 thousand packets of lettuce seed, enough to sow a staggering 22 million lettuces on this variety alone! So continuing the concept of a grow your own mix of salad leaves and extending the choice in this area sees Suttons introduce Native British Leaves - Urban Forager Mix (code 167976 - £3.99) Bring the countryside to your garden with packed with uniquely British flavours like Salad Burnet, Garlic Mustard and Sheep's Sorrel, perfect in borders, window boxes or containers and adding flavour and crunch to salads is Garlic Kale (code 166121 - £2.99).

Herbs have stood out as another top selling seed category for Suttons with ninety-nine thousand seed packs sold during the lockdown period, with Coriander being the top performer selling 14 thousand seed packs! This year’s highlights include Lemon Balm Mandarina (code 164383 - £3.49), a Lemon Balm with an orange zest! Makes a great addition to the herb garden or add to patio pots, with alluring fragrance and attractive foliage and flowers that bees can’t resist, produces herbal remedies and a super-relaxing drink. Also introducing a new staple in kitchen herbs there is Parsley Grune Perle (code 142054 - £1.99) and Hyssop Blue will add unique floral flavour to salads or chopped as a garnish or used as bouquet garni. (code 165185 - £1.99).

New and both sustainable and edible there’s Luffa Seed (code 170434 - £2.99) cook like courgettes when young and tender or let them mature and use them to scrub your pans - or back! Children will love it! other exciting child friendly introductions include mild flavoured Brussels Sprout - Brodie F1 (code 153247 - £3.49) and bringing variety to the veg patch is Patty Pan Greendisc F1 (code 178887 - £3.99) and Broccoli - Gemini F1 (code 152144 - £3.49) to deliver crops with multiple culinary uses keeping mealtimes healthy and interesting too.

Fueling the fun is Sweet Corn - Snobaby F1 (code 180208 - £3.99) a crop it small or let it grow vegetable, perfect for stir fries and Thai curries or leave the cobs to mature for a popcorn frenzy! Simply sow, grow, crop and Pop! New Pea Proval (code 192996 - £2.99) brings exceptionally early crops of deliciously crisp, sweet flavoured peas. Can be used fresh or frozen and sown successionally providing large yields for months.

Gardeners took delight in sowing half a million Gardeners Delight tomato seeds from Suttons during lockdown! Ever highlighting that the nation are avid tomato growers and therefore Suttons are proud to introduce two new blight busting tomatoes to their popular Crimson Family, existing varieties include, Crimson Crush, Crimson Blush and Crimson Cocktail with new for 2021 Crimson Cherry F1 (code 182443 - £4.49) which is full of flavour, sweet tasting and has a satisfying tang and Crimson Plum F1 (code 182442 - £4.49) a fabulous cooking variety and perfect for making luscious tomato sauces!

In addition to these also new is British bred Veranda Red (code 182511 - £4.49) the versatile dwarf tomato with big flavour! perfect for patio growing and produces the most delicately sweet flavour that you would expect to get from a greenhouse grown vine variety.

Turning up the heat sees the introduction of new chillies, Chilli Longhorn F1 Living up to its name, with fruit up to 25cm long! (code 156046 - £3.99) and Chocolate Habanero perfect for Jerk sauce (code 156186 - £3.99).

Unsurprisingly, Suttons have headed to the mountains to bring you some exciting new additions to their 2021 fruit range to fill the garden with flavour and tantalise the taste buds these are sure to be a loved by both gardeners and cooks alike.

Pick fruit from your doorstep with Wild Blueberry (code 179177 - £3.99) and Mountain Cranberry (code 179178 - £3.99) perfect to forage from your back door, add to bowls of breakfast cereal or create delicious sauces and preserves.

There’s 15 new and exciting varieties of flower seed, including cottage garden favourites, ‘must have’ annuals and the pick of perennials from seed for year after year colour, scent and interest to fill both garden and home – whilst keeping the wildlife happy too!

The pick of the perennials sees introductions of Dodecatheon - Shooting Star Mix (code 113248 - £2.99) and Viola – Freckles for colour and interest (code 136806 - £3.49) also packing a punch is Coreopsis Sunburst (code 110906 - £1.99). Finishing touches can be found with Idaho Blue Eyed Grass - Moody Blues (code 106050 - £2.99) which makes a potted centrepiece for a garden table and Calendula Dandy provides a touch of finesse for salads (code 107138 - £2.49).

Top selling flowers for 2020 include Sweet pea Sublime so Suttons are thrilled to introduce another new and exclusive variety this year with Sweet Pea - Supersonic (code 134251 - £3.49) An improved and compact ‘Jet Set’ type with a delectable fragrance and exceptionally long flower stems making it the ideal sweet pea for cutting. Others full of interest for both home and garden include Echinacea - Sundress (code 113240 - £4.99) and uniquely shaped Echinacea - Doubledecker (code 113241 - £4.99).

Cottage garden favourites include Poppy - Amazing Grey (code 128389 - £2.99) Experience love at first sight with this gorgeous annual poppy. Other cottage companions include Astrantia (code 103603 - £4.49) and Inula orientalis - Grandiflora (code 118500 - £2.99).

Cosmos - Tip Top Picotee Stand out in style with the tallest and one of the prettiest of cosmos (code 111364 - £3.49). And additional new variety Cosmos - Tango (code 111274 - £3.49) in vibrant orange hues is also delightful and sure to tempt.

Rounding off our flower introductions is Rudbeckia ‘Chim Chiminee’ (code 130185 - £3.49) Mary Poppins would say that the uniquely 'bristled' petals like a chimney sweeps brush are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’! The blooms, in an array of rich autumnal colours, appear over several months from summer until late autumn.

Hilary Cutler, Suttons Commercial Director said “We are delighted to be bringing some new varieties into our easy to shop A-Z seed stands for 2021. Seed has never been more popular… Experienced and new gardeners alike are always seeking out something NEW! In a challenging year where we have had to meet an exceptional  increase in demand – it’s been equally important to keep looking forward and develop our ranges for our retail partners as seed has even more of a focus in any garden centre.”

For any further information on all the new seeds at Suttons log on at or contact  Tel: 01803 696400

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