Presenting the new Webb Quiet Garden Shredder

Company: Handy Distribution

The NEW Webb Quiet Garden Shredder WEESS is a great value garden shredder with a powerful 2800W motor that will shred garden waste material of up to 45mm in diameter with its quiet gear crushing system.

Offering range-topping power from a 2800w motor and boasting a large 45mm cutting-capacity, this high-performance mains-electric shredder will take the pain out of reducing piles of garden waste by 10:1  This quiet drum style shredder is a joy to use and substantially quieter than normal impact style shredders.

The wide hopper inlet allows fast feeding of large amounts of material and the heavy-duty gear system uses a cutting and crushing action to reduce material making it suitable for composting or mulching.

Whether you have old or freshly cut material, this is the shredder for you. Its gear crushing system is self-feeding and quiet, with reverse facility if it blocks.

Handy Distribution
For more information visit: email or call 017933 333220.

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