Presenting the new Webb 20V Cordless Tiller

Company: Handy Distribution

We are pleased to announce that the new Webb 19cm 20V Cordless Tiller With 20V 2ah Battery & Charger is now available.

The Perfect tool for tilling your existing vegetable patch or flower bed. The Webb WEV20TIL Tiller saves you time and effort in the garden taking the strain away from weeding and soil preparation, giving your back a break from digging with a fork and spade.

Powered by the 20V 2Ah battery, the Webb tiller makes light work of cultivating soil for anyone. Its robust blades churn compacted soil and the loop handle design is ideal for directing the tiller in between planting and borders.

Environmentally-friendly with minimal maintenance costs, cordless power allows you to work away from a power source making it more accessible for tending to end of garden vegetable patches and allotments. 


Handy Distribution

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