Population of box tree moths in South East explodes

Company: SBM Life Science
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After receiving an explosion in the number of calls to its customer advisory line asking about box tree moths this week, SBM Life Science is advising garden centre retailers to stock up on Solabiol® BUXatrap® Box Tree Moth Trap.

“The number of calls about box tree moths to our customer advisory line has suddenly spiked,” explained David Gale, Garden advisory at SBM Life Science. “The majority are coming from London and the South East, suggesting it’s a significant problem in the area. Our advice to garden centres is to warn their customers about the risk, tell them how to spot the problem and stock up on Solabiol® BUXatrap® now so there’s an effective solution available immediately.”

The recent warm weather has provided perfect conditions for a rapid expansion in the population of box tree moths. Box tree caterpillars, the larvae of the box tree moth, can be devastating, defoliating boxwood plants almost overnight.

A pheromone trap that offers season long control (up to three months), Solabiol® BUXatrap® breaks the box tree moth’s lifecycle by trapping the males. The reusable Solabiol® trap provides this biological control with little maintenance required. Solabiol® BUXatrap® pheromone refills lare also available.

Box tree caterpillars are difficult to spot, living deep in the tight boxwood foliage, and the moths are not active in the day. It means it can be difficult to spot the problem before it is too late. Solabiol® BUXatrap® can provide an early warning; moths appearing the trap means caterpillars are present and need to be tackled.

If you need advice or think you may have an infestation of box tree moths and their larvae then contact our experts on the Consumer Advisory Line: 0845 345 4100 or email at uk.gardenadvice@sbm-company.com; www.solabiol.co.uk.

Solabiol® BUXatrap® contains pheromones.
BUXatrap® is a registered trademark of Koppert, France

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