No mess, no waste, no fuss with GARDENA’s new range of planting mats

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GARDENA's new range of Planting and Trimming Mats. For potting, repotting and topiary trimming. Dirt free. The perfect addition to planting up Summer bedding and planters.

Finally, it appears as though the British Summer has arrived, the perfect time brighten up your pots and hanging baskets and inject new life and colour into the garden.

GARDENA understands passionate gardeners and is committed to creating innovations that enhance their gardening experience. 2019 is no exception as GARDENA launches its new range of perfectly practical planting and topiary mats, for potting, repotting and topiary trimming. Dirt-free.

The easy-to-use GARDENA planting mat range is made from a strong, durable, waterproof textile which is easy to clean, fold and store away in a handy storage bag.

All planting mats have edges that can be adjusted with push buttons. Both the medium and large mats have convenient handles for easy transportation around the garden, as well as a sealable opening in the centre of the mat which assists with effortless emptying after use. The large mat also features a built in knee cushion for extra comfort while working on the ground.

The GARDENA Topiary Trimming mat has an adjustable collar, which allows you to adapt the mat around the pot or plant stem, ensuring all cuttings are collected as you shape your topiary. When finished, loosen the collar and fold up the mat containing the trimmings for easy disposal onto the compost heap.

With an RRP of £9.99 - £24.99 across the range, these simple, yet practical planting mats are set to be a big hit with passionate gardeners in the UK this Summer. Available in a practical, attractive, slimline retail display the planting mat stand can hold four of each of the small, medium and topiary mats and two large planting mats.

GARDENA has launched its Battery Garden shears this year. A great all-rounder for trimming shrubs and topiary, with perfect ergonomics for easy handling, lightweight and compact for easy storage. Combine this cordless shrub trimmer with the GARDENA Topiary Trimming mat for effortless pruning.

GARDENA also has a complete range of gardening gloves and hand tools to assist gardeners in creating blooming beautiful baskets and pots this season. All our gloves are made from non-toxic materials, and are comfortable to wear with a durable, breathable material. The Gardening and Soil glove, which is perfect to accompany your repotting duties, has a water-repellent latex coating, which keeps hands dry and clean and offers and optimal grip.

For more information about the range of GARDENA planting mats and gloves, head to, or to find out more about the planting mats point of sale contact / or speak to your local GARDENA sales agent.

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