New take anywhere hose guide from Darlac

Company: Darlac

Darlac, known for precision cutting tools and useful garden equipment, have added a new “Take Anywhere Hose Guide” to their irrigation range which is available from Spring 2018.

Darlac feel this gadget has a great future as it allows the smooth running of a hose over long distances and can be used vertically or horizontally. Made from high quality heavy plastic, the Hose Guide mounts on a corner or flat surface and is complete with suitable fixings. Simply attach it to the house, fencepost, garage or shed.

Commenting on the new addition, Darlac Director Tim Jeffries said: “This Take Anywhere Hose Guide is a great sales opportunity for our stockists and offers a quality product to the consumer at an affordable price. The packaging makes the purpose clear – the Hose Guide will take the problem of kinked hoses away for gardeners and make it much easier to run a hose around the garden. It’s a perfect complement to our very popular Take Anywhere Tap”.

“The suggested retail price is £8.99 with an attractive introductory trade price, making the product highly competitive against other hose guides” Tim continued

Details are obtained from Darlac sales agents or direct from the company – or 01753 547790

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