New Super Slice from Burgon & Ball: Super-fast weeding for today's gardens

Company: Burgon & Ball
  • Burgon and Ball Super Slice
  • Burgon and Ball Super Slice
  • Burgon and Ball Super Slice

There’s a new way to tackle weeding this summer, with the launch of the new Super Slice from Burgon & Ball. Super Slice is superb at weeding in contemporary garden finishes, and is also ideal for speedy weeding of larger areas.

Hand forged in Sheffield, Super Slice is a highly effective weeder with an extra-wide head for rapid weeding. It extends the effectiveness of the best-selling Weed Slice, effectively tackling weeds in additional areas of the garden and even the allotment.

The arrow-shaped head is an impressive 23.5cm in width, and makes short work of weeding in larger areas. Skimming just below the surface, the high carbon steel head slices through weeds with minimum soil disturbance, cutting on the push and the pull stroke to get weeding done in half the time. It’s ideal for tackling larger weeding tasks, such as veg beds or even allotments.

It is also particularly effective at weeding in the contemporary surfaces used in today’s gardens, such as aggregates, which can prove a challenge for some other weeding tools. With these finishes increasingly featured in gardens as part of the trend for outdoor living, Super Slice is set to offer the weeding solution gardeners have been looking for.

Super Slice has been designed to retail for £29.99. A compact stand with eye-catching integral POS is available, created to complement the stand of the top-selling Weed Slice, for a complete weeding solution in beds, borders and decorative aggregates.

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