New RHS-endorsed leaf rake from Burgon & Ball: Lightweight, durable and extremely effective

Company: Burgon & Ball

Burgon & Ball has launched a new RHS-endorsed Leaf Rake to allow gardeners to effortlessly gather leaves and other debris from lawns – year after year.

The new design has been created to meet the need for a superior alternative to plastic leaf rakes, which can become brittle and break after just a few years of use.

The plentiful tines are flat, allowing the gardener to gather the leaves, rather than stabbing them, and are constructed in rust-resistant stainless steel to stay bright for years to come. A stress distribution bar prevents the ultra-springy tines from twisting, keeping them in the perfect position to collect all kinds of debris, while the square shape of the head is perfect for getting into all those awkward corners.

A smooth lightweight handle in FSC®-certified ash is just that little bit longer than might be expected, helping avoid stooping and backache, and a leather hanging strap keeps things tidy in the shed.

This rake will allow retailers to offer a high quality and durable alternative to plastic tools. Designed to retail at £34.99, the new leaf rake carries a lifetime guarantee, as do all Burgon & Ball RHS-endorsed stainless steel tools.

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