New HorizoN™ 2019 triples the goodness with BIO3™

Company: Westland Horticulture

One of the most exciting breakthroughs in growing media for many years – a new product produced from three natural and sustainable ingredients that is indistinguishable in performance, appearance, smell and texture from 100% peat based products – is launched at GLEE by Westland Horticulture.

BIO3™ (pat. pending) is a revolutionary new material containing a unique natural material BIO-fibreTM . BIO3™ is the result of £35 million of investment over 18-years and is an unprecedented breakthrough in peat replacement technology, further reinforcing Westland Horticulture’s dominant role in the UK growing media market.

BIO3TM combines 3 key natural ingredients:

  1. Our new BIO-fibreTM which locks onto plant roots for fast and effective nutrient transfer
  2. Westland’s patented 5th generation, West+ TM wood fibre delivers optimum soil structure and air flow
  3. Coir+ a premium standard that stores and releases moisture and nutrients.

Widespread grower and consumer trials comparing competitor peat free and 100% peat blends, showed BIO3TM to be the top performer across a broad spectrum of common bedding plants*, and was preferred by 90% of consumers.**

Westland is able to guarantee consistency, as BIO3TM contains no green waste***

For 2019, BIO3TM will be exclusively available in Westland Horticulture’s New Horizon TM range:

  • New Horizon All Plant Compost (40l £5.99 & 60L £6.99) – A premium multipurpose compost suitable for seed sowing and potting
  • New Horizon All Veg Compost (50l £6.99) – An enriched vegetable compost suitable for seed sowing and growing hungry cropping plants
  • New Horizon Tomato Planter (Medium £4.99 – An enriched tomato planter featuring a new way of planting to enable deeper roots and easier watering.

In 2016 Westland were brand leaders in peat free with a 25% market share. Our continued support of New Horizon has resulted in an impressive growth figure of 51% YTD in 2018. **** Poised for even more focus, Westland expects these new composts to significantly disrupt the entire UK growing media category, and for the 1st time enable all consumers to access the benefits of BIO3TM.


* - Westland growing trials 2018, comparing competitor peat free and 100% peat blends, showed BIO3TM to be the top performer across a broad spectrum of common bedding plants.

** - Westland consumer research 2018, sampled consumer reaction (n=200) to the appearance, texture and smell of BIO3TM , over 90% preferred  BIO3TM vs a 100% peat mix.

*** - UK Green Waste comes from a variety of sources including Household green bin recycling. This results in inconsistent chemical and physical characteristics, potential physical and chemical contamination, and makes it currently unsuitable for use as a reliable ingredient in compost. Westland Horticulture is the only growing media company in the UK, who guarantee not to use green waste, and allows Westland to offer a compost consistency guarantee.

**** - GFK Growing Media Management Report May 2016, GFK Growing Media Management Report July 2018

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