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Company: Westland Horticulture

Kent & Stowe’s product innovation is always driven by consumer research, to identify the big challenges gardeners face every day. Feedback from consumers this year showed that people need more from their gardening tools – and that the trowel is the most relied upon gardening companion, often used for a variety of purposes. Kent & Stowe have used this insight to create a brand new trowel, a game changer that fills a multitude of functions and takes this traditional tool to the next level.

Introducing The Capability Trowel, inspired by the work of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, one of England’s greatest gardeners. The Capability Trowel has been designed in his belief that in gardening everything could be improved. Made from high quality stainless steel for excellent rust resistance and minimal soil adhesion, the Capability Trowel is a must have in every gardener’s shed.  It features a serrated edge for weeding and opening compost bags, a pointed, sharpened tip to make light work of planting in any type of soil, a depth scale for accurate planting and a hammer for inserting canes and posts. This durable and versatile tool boasts a 20-year guarantee for gardeners.

Kent & Stowe have also created a free-standing display unit, making this ultimate gardening companion easy to merchandise and educate the consumer in-store.

The Capability Trowel partners well with the Kent & Stowe Luxury Leather Water Resistant Gloves. These gloves are made from high quality, soft and supple leather with a special coating that allows water to glide off. They are perfect for heavy-duty gardening tasks such as weeding, even in wet conditions. Made to last, they are double stitched all round and include a keystone thumb, a section of fabric sewn separately, to minimise wear and tear at the glove’s weakest point.

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