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Boughton Loam Ltd have partnered with prominent agricultural consultants Indigro Ltd to launch EcoGro SuperSoil, an enhanced natural topsoil with outstanding characteristics and performance.

SuperSoil is a new natural topsoil that appeals to the premium Customer.

Research shows that high value Customers are looking to buy high quality soil products. Products that not only produce great results but are eco-friendly.

These premium customers – especially those interested in climate change, the environment and their food – visit garden centres for their expertise, ideas and inspiration. EcoGro SuperSoil will help attract these high-value customers and help position retailers differently from competition.


About EcoGro

The EcoGro partnership originated from both companies shared ethics, passion and capability for natural, sustainable products, that deliver superior performance & environmental excellence.

SuperSoil builds on these characteristics to provide a natural topsoil that meets BS3882 standards for a compliant and reliable topsoil, but also delivers additional environmental, sustainable, nutritional, biological and water dynamic benefits vs manufactured soils when used as a growing medium.

Below are some of the key features and benefits of SuperSoil:

  • Quality Assured – 100% natural ingredients + 100% traceability
  • Environmental Excellence – 100% Natural, Green, Eco Friendly & Sustainable
  • Compliant – Meets current BS3882 standards but delivers superior performance
  • Nutrition – significantly increased nutritional content, retention & output
  • Water Dynamics – absorbs, retains and releases moisture in a controlled and efficient manner
  • Carbon Friendly – captures and absorbs carbon from the atmosphere
  • Physical Properties – balanced, consistent, workable and durable texture
  • Biological Activity – increased biological profile and performance

The benefits of SuperSoil vs a manufactured soil and other growing media really is eye opening. Don’t just take our word for it though, EcoGro can quantify the multiple benefits that using SuperSoil will provide. A full product specification and supporting analysis is available on request.


About Boughton and Indigro

Boughton Ltd – An acknowledged specialist and market leading supplier of topsoil, growing media, specialist loam blends and landscaping products, with over 30 years of successful delivery to the industry U.K. wide.

Indigro - Prominent agricultural consultants utilising a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable agronomists and soil-scientists with the technical expertise to maximise soil and crop performance.

SuperSoil excels across most landscaping and gardening projects, providing enhanced growing, quality plants/crops and attracting affluent eco conscious garden retail customers.  

To arrange a meeting and discuss SuperSoil in more detail please contact us.

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