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The new Flopro Classic Hose Reel launched at GLEE has hit the market with 30,000 units being given away absolutely free of charge at garden centres across the country. The new Flopro Professional range of top-end watering equipment which has addressed a gap in the market has been extremely well received and the YoYo lightweight expandable hose in bright new packaging continues to grow.

The £2m Flopro Classic Hose Reel giveaway will be launched to the public in conjunction with the Sun newspaper on Easter Saturday 2019 with substantial editorial coverage. The promotion is thought to be the largest ever giveaway in the garden industry with gardeners simply collecting vouchers and visiting their nearest participating centre where they will receive their brand new hose reel at no charge. Almost ⅔ of the 30,000 free reels have already been allocated so retailers are encouraged to register as a participant as soon as possible.

Flopro hit the market at GLEE with the new Flopro Professional range of watering equipment aimed at the gardener who likes to use the best. The range includes reels & carts, Tricot reinforced ATS™ hoses, spray guns, connectors and sprinklers.

The Professional Tripod Sprinkler has been particularly appreciated by owners of larger gardens. Covering an area of 415m² (23m diameter), the sturdy metal construction with adjustable weighted legs is exceptional value at around £40.

The YoYo demonstration unit at GLEE created lots of interest. The YoYo hose is a practical heavy-duty garden expandable hose, simply turn on the tap and watch as it fills with water – the hose extends to twice its length and once the water drains away, it retracts back to its original size. It does not twist, kink or tangle, it comes ready to use with one hand flow control Multi-Jet Spray Gun and all connectors to connect straight to the tap. It even has an in-store video display unit and is available in 4 sizes – 8m, 15m, 20m and 30m.

Flopro bursting with innovation, volume sellers and impactful display solutions.


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