Evergreen Garden Care launches all new, all natural lawncare

Company: Evergreen Garden Care


To meet the demand for natural lawn care products, the UK’s leading garden care company, Evergreen Garden Care (www.lovethegarden.com) and their leading brand Miracle-Gro are delighted to announce the launch of two new products, new Miracle-Gro Evergreen Natural 4in1 and Miracle-Gro Thick’R Lawn.

New Miracle-Gro Evergreen Natural 4in1 is a 100% natural version of Miracle-Gro Evergreen Complete 4in1, the No 1 Lawn care brand in the UK market (GfK, Total Panel Market, YTD June 2020). With the demand for more sustainable gardening solutions increasing, the innovative launch from Evergreen Garden Care is natural, pesticide-free, and available in 100% from plant based recyclable packaging. The formula doesn’t compromise on quality, delivering first visible results in seven days and taking only four weeks for lawns to become 50% greener. Weed seeds may be present in the soil and can remain dormant until conditions are favourable for germination. Others can be dispersed by the wind and land in the lawn. The unique combination of 100% plant based nutrients of Miracle-Gro Natural 4in1 will prevent the growth of new weeds. The natural fertiliser helps to fight moss. The first effects will be rapid and visible after only 2

The second new launch to Miracle-Gro’s portfolio is Miracle-Gro Thick’R Lawn. Designed and proven at Evergreen Research Station to make lawns 50% thicker after just one use and in just one month, the fertiliser will nourish grass for up to three months and improve the pH of the soil. Thick’R lawn is made from 100% natural materials and is available in recyclable packaging. The new product delivers first results seen in just seven days.

Evergreen Garden Care Senior Category Manager, Pery Mitsiou comments: “Listening to the new and developing consumer demands, our aim as innovators in the category is to develop products which meet their needs. Years ago, all-natural gardening wasn’t something considered when launching new products in the garden care industry, or even across the wider market. Whereas now, we are committed to paving the way for our sector with eco-conscious products that meet the needs of growing trends.”

  • Miracle-Gro Natural 4in1 is available in 85m2 (RRP: £16.99) 175m2 (RRP: £29.99) and 260m2 (RRP: £39.99).
  • Miracle Gro Thick’R Lawn is available in 80m2 (RRP: £12.99) and 150m2 (RRP: £24.99).

To find out more, visit www.evergreentrade.co.uk

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