British garden hose manufacturer expects bumper season in 2021

Company: Copely Developments

Copely Developments, a British manufacturer of hose, tubes, and profiles, has recently extended its Eden Garden Care range in time for spring 2021, with a hose solution for every type of gardener.

After a tumultuous year, Copely is expecting a boom in demand for garden equipment come Spring 2021. Local lockdowns and social distancing have seen more people outside and enjoying their gardens than ever before. While winter has forced most people back inside, for the time being, come springtime consumers will be looking to invest in their gardens, after being unable to in the spring and summer of 2020.

Eden Garden Care is a range of hoses and accessories aimed at both amateur and semi-pro gardening applications, and these new additions build upon the success of this product brand since its launch around two years ago. Copely has an established reputation for making reliable hoses right here in the UK.

The range includes four hoses, each with a unique design and level of durability. From a standard green hose, ideal for the casual gardener; to more heavy-duty hoses with toughened durability, for professional landscapers; to space-saving alternative hoses, for smaller gardens. To complete the full set, a range of accessories are available, including spray guns and connectors. These complement the Eden Garden Care range but are also compatible with all standard watering equipment.

Of the refresh, Steve Walton, Copely’s Plant Director, said, “All of our products are made in Britain and when creating this range, we wanted each product to represent the quality that the Made in Britain label stands for. We’re pleased that we’re now able to provide the public with a fresh range of gardening products that will help them to further enjoy their gardens this coming Spring.”

Whilst there has been a growing demand for gardening equipment, there’s also been a demand to buy British. As buying British not only includes a quality product, but also easier communication, shorter delivery times, and bespoke manufacturing capabilities.

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