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Efficient watering solutions from GARDENA. The GARDENA Micro-drip system uses 70% less water than conventional watering. Saving water, time and money and promoting healthy plant growth.

At GARDENA, we are passionate about conserving water resources, and over the years have developed a number of innovative, water-conserving garden irrigation solutions.

The GARDENA Micro-Drip System waters directly at the plant root, and uses 70% less water when compared to conventional watering methods. The patented “Quick & Easy” Pipe connection technology allows for fast assembly of the system and is easy to loosen if required.

Available in ready-to-use Starter kits, as well as individual components to custom build according to your garden irrigation needs

Micro-Drip system Flower Pots (Art.13001)
  • Starter set for 7 flower pots and 3 planters
  • Precise watering of pot plants and planter troughs using drip heads to regulate the water flow
  • Art.13002 includes a Flex water control
Micro-Drip system Planted areas and kitchen gardens (Art.13015)
  • Starter set for 40m2 of flower beds
  • Flexible spray nozzles ensure efficient watering promoting healthy crops
  • Delicate watering for young seedlings and plants
Micro-Drip system Hedges and rows of plants (Art.13010)
  • Starter set for 25m of hedges
  • Root watering with pinpoint accuracy using irrigation lines
  • Can be installed above ground or underground
  • Art.13012 includes a Flex water control

The range has been supported in a number of leading gardening publications this Season, as well as information POS instore solutions.

To find out more about the GARDENA Micro-Drip System range please contact or 07384832274 or 07710302241.

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