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Company: Durston Garden Products

When it comes to supplying compost, there’s no better company you can rely on than UK based Durston Garden Products Ltd.      

Located in Somerset, the company supplies a wide selection of top quality growing media products to independent garden centres and retailers. Its range includes everything from Multi Purpose to Seed and Cutting Compost, Farmyard Manure and so much more.

At this years GLEE the company rolled out its entire new look and identity as the brand took on a new make-over. The company also used the show as an opportunity to promote the fact that its sacks into which its compost is packaged are 100% recyclable, and urged other manufacturers to follow suit. They did this in a rather quirky way by dressing a model in a recyclable compost bag, and it has to be said she looked pretty amazing!

Durstons has a well established presence in Somerset as a family owned British business, and produces up to 12,000 bags of compost a day. Its growth has been steady over the years but it’s fair to say that since the introduction of its state-of-the-art facility some eight years ago, the business has taken on a new life and sales have grown significantly.  It’s a brand that is particularly popular with the independents as retailers looking for a more personal touch find the level of customer service exceptional. It’s also a company that prides itself on its environmental responsibilities which it takes extremely seriously and in particular Land Management. The company knows only too well the impact of peat extraction, and has stringent work practices in place to work to; and whilst the carbon issue may well be a valid point on some raised bogs, at Durstons peat is only ever extracted from land that was drained centuries ago by the monks of Glastonbury Abbey so the carbon has already been released. In fact the company has created magnificent wildlife habitats by giving straight back to nature the land which has already been exhausted.

Durstons is one of those great British family business success stories which we all like to read about and is now being managed by fifth and six generation members of the Durston family.

It prides itself on its Britishness and doesn’t export overseas which makes it quite unique. A uniqueness that the company truly believes will give it an advantage going forward, and hopefully encourage more retailers to support British business.

For details about stocking Durston garden products you can call Durstons on: 01458 442688 or visit the website:

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