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Company: Burgon & Ball
  • Wonder Weed Puller
  • Wonder Weed Puller

There’s a Wonder-ful new way to eliminate weeds in lawns this summer! The award-winning Wonder Weed Puller from Burgon & Ball is an ingenious new idea for easy weeding, with an addictively satisfying ejection mechanism to consign weeds to the waste.

Winner of the GLEE New Product Award for Tools and Machinery and also now a finalist for Chelsea Product of the Year, the Wonder Weed Puller makes short work of weeds in lawns, and is a must-have tool for every lawn owner. Designed to be used standing up, without bending or stooping, it really takes the backache out of tackling weeds in lawns.

To remove a weed from the lawn, simply insert the Wonder Weed Puller’s three rust-resistant stainless steel prongs into the ground to surround the weed root, rotate through 360 degrees, and pull to remove the weed with its root intact. It couldn’t be simpler!

But it’s the weed ejection mechanism which makes this new weeder so very satisfying to use. A plunger, operated by pushing a chunky button on the handle, jettisons the weed, roots and all, into barrow or trug for disposal. Result: weed-free lawns, without even getting your hands dirty.

Extremely lightweight thanks to its aluminium shaft and robust polypropylene handle, the Wonder Weed Puller is delightfully easy to carry round the garden.

With packaging and point of sale to complement Burgon & Ball’s best-selling Weed Slice, the new Wonder Weed Puller is a perfect partner for the established sales phenomenon. Together they allow retailers to offer a complete weeding solution for beds, borders, lawns and gravel.


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