6-Months Control of Box Tree Moths from Solabiol®

Company: SBM Life Science
  • Solabiol® BUXAtrap® Box Tree Moth Trap
  • Solabiol® BUXAtrap® refill

Box tree caterpillars, the larvae of box tree moths, can be devastating, defoliating box plants almost overnight.  Having first arrived in the South of England in 2008, the moth has since been slowly creeping north. 

Consumers who need a solution to this devastating pest can turn to Solabiol® BUXAtrap® Box Tree Moth Trap from SBM Life Science; an effective all-in-one pheromone trap certified by the INRA institute.

Box tree caterpillars are difficult to spot, living deep in the tight boxwood foliage, and the moths are not active in the day.  It means it can be difficult to spot the problem before it is too late.  Solabiol® BUXatrap® can provide an early warning; moths appearing the trap means caterpillars are present and need to be tackled. 

Since its launch in 2016, there have been other box tree moth traps brought to the market, however none of which have the longevity that Solabiol® BUXatrap® offers. With no water or glue band and just one charge of pheromone lasting three months, the reusable BUXatrap® offers up to 6 months control with little maintenance required.  Pheromone refills are also available. 

To break the life cycle of the box tree moth BUXatrap® can be used between April and October, so be sure to speak to your local sales representative so that you are stocked up and ready for the season ahead.  

For more information about this product or any others within the Solabiol® range, please visit www.solabiol.co.uk

Solabiol® is a registered trademark of SBM Developpement. BUXatrap® Box Tree Moth Trap is a registered trademark of Koppert, France.

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