Yep. Still do them!

Company: Green Magic Co
  • Adjustable POS stands for laminated signs
  • Wood and plastic chalk stakes

Green Magic looks forward to welcoming back old customers and the company has many new lines, as well as all the old favourites.

Q: “Before our centre was bought up, we always used Green Magic frames. Do you still do them?”

A. “Sure. Our outdoor holders which fit laminated POS are still best sellers. Twenty years since we invented them, our durable frames are proving they are definitely not single-use plastics.”

The spokesperson from Green Magic elaborated: “We also have budget options for people who require the lowest price, but outdoors these don’t cut it. Although we’ve expanded and diversified a lot, garden centres will still find all the specialised POS display products they need.”

The company has many new lines. For those wanting to project an eco-friendly image their new wooden chalkboard stakes help reinforce a sustainable local-provenance message. Equally, today they are a leader in LED poster lightboxes - for that high-end look, with added night-time appeal. Their range is indeed diverse.

Green Magic looks forward to welcoming back old customers. These days it’s all online at – as well as offering friendly advice on the phone (01489 896999) as usual.

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