Easily control safe shopper numbers with NEMS 

Company: Nimlok

Control safe shopper numbers with NEMS queue management solution

With the requirement for retailers to ensure to ensure safe occupancy levels, businesses have had to adapt to self-manage store entry admission typically using a member of staff at their door to direct clients in.  NEMS (Nimlok’s Entry Management System) helps businesses eliminate the need to deploy an extra member of staff to manage safe shopper numbers.  

Out of Box, Plug & Play Solution

In its simplicity, NEMS is an out of the box plug and play system counts shoppers in and out of the store. The sensor collects count data, which it then updates in real-time the integrated digital signage, advising shoppers how long their estimated wait time and when they may enter. 

The outbound screen displays a thank you message and again using the stores live data, advises shoppers the quietest/ shortest wait periods to consider for their next visit. 

The free-standing unit makes it compatible with any store entrance layout (Kit options available) and is designed to work around existing infrastructure such as anti-theft readers.

Internally the devices and sensor are connected to each other and the system utilises cloud technology where retailers can centrally review live data and activity trends to guide future planning.

For additional shopper safety, the system is equipped with an audible alarm and flashing light that is triggered if someone enters before they are allowed to, enabling your store staff to intervene.

NEMS Features

  • No wiring or professional installation
  • Plug & Play 
  • 4G cellular data collection & transfer 
  • Real time digital signage updates & reporting 
  • Audible alarm & flashing light 

See NEMS Demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvXCpteljjM&feature=youtu.be 

NEMS Lite Edition

Expanding the NEMS family, NEMS Lite was designed to support smaller stores where less than eight customers can be safely accommodated in-store at any one time. NEMS Lite offers a simple, low cost solution, that works by store staff operating a traffic light signal, controlling shopper access via a remote control.  

It’s available in a totem format or to help save further space, a window mounted display.

See NEMS Lite Demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLdzl0q2R3I&feature=youtu.be 

To learn more and see demonstrations visit: 



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