Smiemans builds biophilic greenhouse for Innovation Campus Planon

Company: Smiemans Projecten

Mid November Smiemans Projecten will start the construction of a glass structure that connects two office buildings of the Planon head office. The greenhouse construction with a gutter height of 8 meters is used as a workplace, recreation room and showcase for their products. The biophilic design of EdenParks, where the connection with nature is central, is energy neutral.

Planon Software, the global leader in innovative software for property management and facility management, has 17 branches around the world. They have asked EdenParks from the start to develop a plan in which they create an inspiring place that provides energy, is a healthy working environment and is also a showcase for customers.

It is known that glass constructions can be used for countless purposes. Smiemans Projecten mainly builds glass constructions that are accessible to the public, such as garden centres, botanical greenhouses and exhibition centres. Because glass facades give a lot of natural light and transparency to an office building, Smiemans is also going to be building an atria on the new office building for VB, an internationally operating company.

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