A multitude of new pet foods, treats and petcare items to be exhibited in British pavilion at Zoomark

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Italy continues to be a popular market for British suppliers of a wide range of pet products:

23 companies will exhibiting in the British group organised by the PetQuip export association for the seventh time at Zoomark.

New product innovations will be displayed across most areas of the pet sector.  Pet foods and treats take high priority in the list of exhibits with new veterinary formulated varieties, tinned and wetfoods, grain-free natural dog foods, locally sourced fish treats, new bones with human grade flavouring, gluten-free sausages, new dental ranges of dry foods and meat-free and vegan chews.  Two unusual and innovative products are new lickable frozen yoghurts for dogs and ostrich based dog treats.  Included in other pet product sectors are the latest chicken coop accessories, de-stress and calming sprays and wipes, shampoos and balms, cat and dog repellents and aquarium products.

For the benefit of visiting buyers, PetQuip is also organising and manning a British pet product industry information stand (Hall 26, Stand B37) and will be offering a free UK product sourcing service to overseas buyers.

Exhibitors and products:

Benevo Vegan Pet Foods (Hall 26, Stand B19) is exhibiting Pawtato Ocean Treats: environmentally conscious chews that are not only entirely meat-free and vegan, but are made with sustainably-farmed spirulina, wakame and kelp seaweeds.

GET OFF – Blumen International Ltd (Hall 26, Stand C36) is launching its new Natural range of products that are based on natural ingredients to care for a pet’s home environment.  The range includes seeds that allow pet owners to grow their own herbal additive for small animals and birds as well as a selection of natural dog calming products

Broadreach Nature (Hall 26, Stand B31) is launching a new daily digestive support food for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.  There will also be new digestive treats and specialist veterinary- formulated Fibiotic-Pro, which is a Probiotic Fibre Blend for daily use.

Canagan, Piccolo and Symply Pet Foods (Hall 26, Stand B11-C16) is a UK specialist in grain-free dog food and is expanding its Dental range of dry food, which is specifically aimed at improving dental health

Cath Kidston (Hall 26, Stand B25) is the latest licensed collaboration for Pet Brands, the UK designer and manufacturer of accessories and treats for pets and wild birds. 

ChickenGuard (Hall 26, Stand C24-C26) is the manufacturer of one of the world’s most innovative chicken coop door openers.  The company is showing its newly launched Locking Door Kit that is compatible with all versions of the ChickenGuard door opener

Eden Holistic Pet Foods (Hall 26, Stand B35) is showing a range of foods and treats for dogs and cats.  They include an air-dried range of treats with 70 per cent meat content.

Forthglade (Hall 26, Stand C35) is showcasing its award-winning Complete Grain-Free wet range of natural pet food.  Included in the range is a new sardine recipe that contains sweet potato and vegetables.

Frozzys – Lickable Frozen Yogurt for Dogs (Hall 26, Stand B29) is exhibiting a new lickable frozen yogurt that is a healthy and nutritious treat for dogs. The treats are low in calories, low in fat and lactose free.

Hugo Kamishi (Hall 26, Stand C18) is showing its designer aquarium products that include ornaments, fish tanks and accessories that change with the seasons and allow new colours and themes to be experimented with throughout the year.

JR Pet Products (Hall 26, Stand C11) is showing its 100 per cent natural range of innovative dog treats, including a new Ostrich range.  The treats are naturally rich in nutrients, hypoallergenic, very high in protein and have less than three per cent fat. 

Lily’s Kitchen (Hall 26, Stand C17) is showing its new ‘Woofbrush’ expert dental chew that is made with natural ingredients.  Thanks to its clever spongey texture, the chew gets down to the gumline to wipe away plaque, and it is all due to ingredients like parsley, coconut oil and fennel.

Little Big Paw (Hall 26, Stand B23) is a multi award- winning brand and is launching a new range of dry cat foods and also wet multipacks.  The company is well placed to meet the increasing consumer demand for premium quality, natural, grain free, hypoallergenic cat foods. 

Meatiful (Hall 26, Stand C34) is displaying its range of hypoallergenic and gluten-free products including healthy and tasty sausages.

Mr Johnsons / Dog Gone Fishin’ (Hall 26, Stand C20) is showing its Dog Gone Fishin’ range of dog treats that are made in Cornwall in the South West of England.

Nutriment Ltd (Hall 26, Stand C31) is exhibiting its new Support range of raw food products for dogs.  There are five items in the range: Light, Low Purine and Phosphorus, Liver, Kidney and Recover.

PATS 2019 and AQUA 2019 (Hall 26, Stand C33) is promoting its trade exhibitions for the pet and aquatic sectors. 

Pet Remedy (Hall 26, B17) is exhibiting its clinically proven, natural de-stress and calming products that are designed to help all pets in stressful situations such as when moving to a new home, travelling, training, separation, bonding, party season and  grooming. 

PetQuip (Hall 26, Stand B37) is the International Trade Association of Pet Equipment Suppliers. The PetQuip team assists and promotes the development of international trade in the pet equipment sector, providing a catalyst for business contact between manufacturers, suppliers and international buyers around the world. 

Podium Pet Products (Hall 26, Stand C32) is exhibiting its selection of 100 per cent natural shampoo bars, balms, candles and coat oils for pets, including a number of vegan options. 

Simply2 Pet Products (Hall 26, Stand C27) is showing its ranges of non-slip backed fleece bedding, including a new charcoal with pink and white paws design that is both stylish and practical.

TastyBone (Hall 26, Stand B33) is showing its wide range of bones that are made from 100 per cent virgin nylon and have been tested on the most vigorous of chewers. 

Tribal Pet Foods (Hall 26, Stand C23) is showing its clean, wholesome and natural, super premium dog and cat food that consists of fresh meats, with no meat meal. 

Yakers Himalayan Dog Chews (Hall 26, Stand C30) is exhibiting its dog chews and crunchy snacks that are made from the finest Himalayan yak milk. 

Companies wishing to learn more about the comprehensive range of services offered by PetQuip to British manufacturers and exporters of petcare products should contact the association on:

telephone:  +44 (0) 44 1959 565995   or   fax:  +44 (0) 1959 565885

e-mail: info@petquip.com  or visit the PetQuip website on www.petquip.com

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