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Of the services I provide, new product development is amongst the most frequently requested. I've developed a road map process to take client ideas from the drawing board all the way to garden retail shelves. Once the bare bones of the product development process are complete, I then go on to help flesh out the project with a marketing plan

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When Osmo Products approached me to help develop a new technology I had to adapt my regular new product development process substantially because there is no existing retail category and there are no serious competitors. It's rather like beginning with a completely blank sheet of paper. Conventional wisdom tells us to be cautious about launching new products into new categories, but in this case I made an exception. 

Mr Dam is a unique compact and lightweight super-absorbent devise that expands quickly to form an impervious barrier to hold back flood water to a depth of around 9cm. It's ideal for protecting homes and outbuildings from rising flood water. Retail prices start at around £5.99 

Consumer education will be a critical success factor for Mr. Dam so we commissioned a series of short video's to explain the benefits of the products. 

The Mr.Dam range includes a number of products for indoor and outdoor use, all are based around the same clever super absorbent technology and represent completely new sales opportunities for retailers. 

The same technology has been deployed in domestic products which deal with all the problems with water in and around fridges and freezers. 

All the products will be available in shelf ready merchandisers. 

We have created separate one page presenters for each individual product  to deliver all the critical trade information on one sheet

It's  been fascinating and great fun to work with Osmo Products. They have a unique technology and some great ideas, I've really enjoyed helping them to bring the whole project to life and make it into a strong and compelling commercial proposition for retailers. 

If you are planning a business development project and you'd like to discuss how I might help, please get in touch for a no obligation chat.

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