Nova searching for agents in Scotland & Southern Ireland

Company: Nova Outdoor Living

Following on from Nova Outdoor Living’s announcements of appointing agents in East Anglia, the South West, the Midlands, Northern Ireland, the North East and the North West, the wholesalers have revealed that they are still seeking representatives in Scotland and Southern Ireland.

Nova is looking for agents to represent their products and great offers to customers in Scotland and Southern Ireland. The firm believes that this is a fantastic opportunity for agents to join the Nova team and work with the growing business at this exciting stage. Having just launched a vast product selection and released their price list, Nova is keen to reach customers all over the UK and is calling for agents from Scotland and Southern Ireland to represent them in these areas.

“We are looking for hard working, well-established agents, ideally with a large customer base in these areas,” revealed Director, James Whiteley. “We are extremely proud of what we have to offer with Nova and believe our exciting product range and enticing offers will speak for themselves when agents meet with customers, but we need the help of people that these customers know and trust, which is why we are looking for well-liked agents in these areas.”

Nova Outdoor Living says that the ideal candidates will have over 5 years’ experience selling within the garden centre and furniture industry, a proven track record and pre-established relationships with key decision makers.

Nova has plenty of great deals to offer agents and feels that their rates are competitive allowing all parties to succeed in the partnerships.

Interested parties can arrange a meeting with the Nova team and should contact or call 01268 578770.

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