Launch of Summer 2020 – It’s all about Pollinators!

Company: G Plants

With Glee just around the corner, G Plants have launched their 2020 brochure of summer flowering lines, available for delivery from January.

G Plants new brochure is filled with new growing gifts, easy gardening lines and season long grass seed, why not visit G Plants stand at Glee or Spoga+gafa to see the full range and ask about the best deals for you.

GLEE Hall 8 D92-E93

SPOGA Hall 9.1 E33 (Gardenex Pavilion)

Launching at Glee is the new Bee Friends® ECO Box seed shaker video unit, ideal for garden centre sales. A beautiful Bee Friends branded wooden display filled with 400 retail units priced at £4.99 / €5.99 RRP, with video unit playing an easy instruction guide with footage of wildflower gardens from G Plants’ flower trials, where the consumer can see flowers filled with butterflies and bees.

Many retailers have already expressed the power of the Bees® video units from stocking G Plants Bee mat display in their stores and garden centre’s.

MD Alex Reihl said: "In 2006 we launched Shake n Rake®, our first Pollinator Friendly product with 100% plastic free packaging.

In the early years the idea of attracting Bees & Butterflies and their caterpillars that come with them into the garden was not one that was received to well, however today’s consumers are embracing the push to help endangered pollinators and buy less plastics. With over 6 million packs sold throughout the UK, Europe & North America the outlook for the range is set to expand so lets continue the push for Eco gardening with the new Video merchandiser to send the message".

For more information, please contact G Plants Ltd at
Or download the latest brochure visit

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