Greenkey at Glee with eco style doormats

Company: Greenkey Garden and Home Limited

Greenkey Garden & Home are launching a new range of doormats crafted from recycled car tyres. These mats have an attractive nylon flock surface to rid mud or dirt from shoes.

Greenkey have taken a stand at GLEE specifically to launch their new range of ECO friendly doormats. The Greenkey ECO Style doormats are manufactured from old disused car tyres and have an attractive nylon flock abrasive surface, ideal for getting dirt residue from your shoes.

Stand No. at GLEE Hall 19 C35

Supplied with an optional display stand the colour of the mats is protected against UV light deterioration and the longevity of the rubber backing is excellent. The mats have deep channels to accommodate mud and dirt and can simply be hosed clean.

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